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  1. You added "+ and -" button for "tempo" right? So it will be great if you add "+ and -" button for Bass knob, treble knob, balance knob, stereo expand knob and volume knob.
  2. It will be great if you add support for "folder bookmark" so we can bookmark a folder. This option is helpful for those who have dozens of folders like me (i have 40 folders😅). It will be useful for finding particular folder easily. Instead of finding from dozens of folder.
  3. It will be great if you add shortcut button/icon to turn on/off equalizer in control center. So we can directly turn on/off equalizer from control center instead of on/off from app. We have to open Poweramp equalizer app for on/off equalizer. So this is the nice option to directly turn on/off from control center.
  4. @Superleosam yes. It not solving by any tricks. We try almost all tricks. But bug is still there.
  5. I don't know what it really called but when i start playing music in YouTube music or other player firstly bass is low quality bass (type of dumb bass not bass distortion) i need to press "restore defaults" option and than the bass will comes in high quality. This happens frequently and whenever i play song with Poweramp equalizer. I even try to reinstall app, clear data, and even turned off "dvc" but that bug is still there. I also used "wavelet" app but i don't face any bugs in "wavelet app".
  6. @maxmp i tried that you said. But still facing that audio crackling bug. I even clear app data , even reinstalled Poweramp equalizer and also. I factory reset my phone but still that bug is still there😓
  7. @andrewilley i tried that you told. But still that working only for 5 to 6 hours and after "open sl es" output is automatically turned on☹ ando"hires" audio is automatically stopped.
  8. @Superleosam i think that happens in only Samsung phone. Devloper needs to fix this. Only we knows how much it irritates us.
  9. vidma_recorder_edited_06082022_232629.mp4 Will you add "startup Poweramp icon show"? When we open Poweramp app. Ex: youtube music. It will look just osm. Overall it will increase looks of Poweramp if you add this.
  10. Make it possible to When we press "total time" of song than it will shows "remaining time" of songs in now playing screen.
  11. Add support for choosing different colors of "knob highlight" look there are already 2 colors for "knob highlights" one is "monochromic" and second is "colorful" So it will be great if you add support for "other colors" so we can choose color of our likes. You can add this type of color : red,grey,white,brown,yellow,blue etc. So we can choose color of our choices.
  12. Add support for "Stretch OverScroll" animation in "settings" page also. Means there are no any type of animation in "settings" page so make "stretch overscroll" animation in "setting" page.
  13. @MotleyG device :Samsung galaxy j8 android 10. And yes my device support high res audio output. And also my device have "Samsung Ultra High Quality Audio" support. In past days my Poweramp was support "hires 192khz" but from few days my Poweramp not able to support "hires audio" it only support "open sl es" output even with "hires 192khz" option turned on.
  14. Why don't you make your own video player app? Just like vlc for android app or mx player? It will be great if you build video player app too. You can offer best video quality with forced pixels. And many more options you can add. Look you already have music player that works like 🔥🔥 so in my opinion Poweramp Video Player is best idea🔥🔥🔥🔥 you already have popularity in music player. So in my opinion it's best idea to make video player also
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