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  1. Thanks a lot for answering! Too bad I hope Android next versions will allow it!
  2. Hi everyone! I am currently using a Shanling UA2 DAC with Poweramp, and I was asking if Poweramp team could think of a setting that automatically sets the sampling rates depending on the audio file that is played... It is a bit overkill oversampling to 384 kHz when your next music is 44 kHz and the previous one 384 kHz... The oversampling of "low" files lowers the quality... That could be great if the settings could change automatically, without having to modify oneself. Also, I encountered a problem : could not use 88 kHz, whereas my file was in 88 kHz 24 bits... I had to use 96 kHz to make it work... Not really optimum... :/ Thanks a lot for your answers
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