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Bottlenecked audio pipeline & very significant distorted sound


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Poweramp build number: build-943-bundle-play
Device model: Mi 12S Ultra
Android version: 12
Custom ROM name/version: MIUI
Steps to reproduce: Select AAudio as output and play a music file. You see a constrained audio pipeline like this: 


Also, if you turn on "Float32 Sample Format" in either AudioTrack or OpenSL ES Output, you get very significant distorted sound when the music gets loud.  

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Retitle and minor fixes
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Somehow I now couldn't reproduce the distorted sound part. Though the constrained audio pipeline is still there with AAudio output. I hope we could get full 24bit support. 



Although constrained audio pipeline still exists with AAudio, Hi-res support for MIUI had improved (added AUX Out, in October). I'd say the sound does feel a bit more detailed and is smoother to my feeling. 

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Update on the issue
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