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Poweramp alpha build-705 - Updates for high-res & notifications within old (feature-complete) user interface


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This build includes re-worked Output plugins. Those now share code with Poweramp Beta:

  • updated Direct Hi-Res Experimental Output. Now with support for various Android 7/8 devices
  • added Direct Hi-Res new Direct HD variant. Includes support for LDAC/UHQ BT (up to 96khz)
  • added support for 88.2/176.4/352.8/384khz sample rates (where supported and properly reported by the device)
  • Poweramp now tries to get and show actual device sample rate (except for Samsungs). Some outputs (e.g. USB DAC, LDAC BT) force specific sample rate, despite shown by Poweramp. E.g. Android will accept and report 96khz for BT with AAC codec, resampling audio in the process back to 44.1khz
  • updated and added OpenSL HD output from Poweramp beta-preview (enabled for Android 8+). Includes support for LDAC/UHQ BT (up to 96khz)


  • backported Notifications from Poweramp beta-preview, also updated/polished them for Huaweis, Meizus, Vivos, and some other devices with non-standard notifications
  • backported dithering. Fixes a few cases when dithering is not properly applied


NOTE: for Android 8, Direct Hi-Res is supported on Snapdragon SOCs (e.g. hi-res enabled Asus, Nokia, LG, HTC devices)
NOTE: Direct Hi-Res does not support DVC for Samsungs @ Android 7 (but Hi-Res + DVC is supported by OpenSL HD for Android 8+, or for Samsungs @ Android 5/6)
NOTE: for "absolute volume" BT devices, DVC is not generally supported. You may try to disable "absolute volume" in Android Development settings in this case
NOTE: due to the audio output changes, all output settings are set to defaults







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This is an update

1 minute ago, Daviz00 said:

Max, this build doesn't include the new ui ?

This is an update to the current alpha builds with a few backported fixes from the beta preview.  It's a much welcome update for those of us on 8.1, while we patiently await the next beta releases.

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Many thanks for this update @maxmp!

It's also nice to see the screenshots from the Android P beta.  Hopefully there aren't any (or many) changes in P which cause issues for you and Poweramp.  If not, I'll be far more likely to opt-in to the P beta with the next preview.

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@Jason Adkins, if you download from your phone's browser and try to install directly that usually happens.  Try opening the file from your file manager instead.  If that fails, download from a computer and copy the apk to your phone, then install via your file manager.

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39 minutes ago, tmz said:

@maxmp is the new "find accounts on the device" permission intentional?  If so, what is it for?


It was always there, in uni (==web site) versions, used to unlock full version for given account. Beta has no such permission as it requested when needed, but alpha doesn't have this code (and have lower target API).

9 minutes ago, Doomski said:

I got an HTC 10 running the official android 8.0 but I can't find the OpenSL HD output (it was visible in build 790).

HTC 10 (as Snapdragon based device) got Hi-Res Output instead (though, there are a few HTC 10 variants, so it probably depends).

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41 minutes ago, mpschahal16 said:

Redmi note 3 Android 8.1 no High resolution experimental and no open sl hd available


Though opensl hd was available in preview build

I don't think there is official 8.1 from Xiaomi yet, and custom one should be checked if it contains all the Qualcomm additions (Alchemy-CAF code).

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Thanks Max!

This will allow people who are currently using the 704 alpha release to test the most commonly requested updates, but still within a package that is suitable for daily use. The 790 beta isn't yet close enough to being feature-complete to allow for more widespread testing; it's ironic really, as this 705 build is much more of a true beta release, while 790 is really more of an alpha! :)


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3 hours ago, Jason Adkins said:

It say app is corrupt when i try n download it

Don't try to install from a mobile web browser. Download the file first (personally I always do it on a PC) and only then launch it from a file explorer app on your phone.


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