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  1. Hi @maxmp, Regarding album art for v3 beta it seems always cropping to rectangular full width, is it possible to have same behavior as v2 stable? some of my album art aren't 1:1 scale sometimes they are in landscape or portrait scale which cropping make those looks weird. Thank You
  2. Hi @maxmp, I found an error on library settings, there is no text or description on one item Thank You
  3. Hi does anyone find at later stage PA3 become really laggy in operations such as: open settings, swipe next/prev, open library, etc? This laggy doesn't affect sound playing. The only fix for this laggy is remove PA from recent task list. Also another found bug, it seems sometimes played song and player UI is out of sync Player UI and notification is out of sync, played song is from notification one
  4. Opss sorry, latest beta isn't available yet, only from play store is the latest beta if you're join beta program
  5. Wow after a long time reading these, I'm glad that Poweramp still progressing and Max replied here hope we can try beta testing soon and hope Max PA3 Frameworks can make his development faster.
  6. Hi, Is it possible to either hide/disable the previous/next playlist on player UI and widget? Sometimes I accidentally click these button instead of previous/next track. Thank You
  7. Is it possible to add subgroup in the playlist ? the subgroup can be folder name / artist name / album name / etc... So that will be similar to screenshot (nova launcher with vertical list), the subgroup is the first letter of apps name
  8. I love latest update which says .pamp files is not used anymore for generating thumbnails but it cause issues when image artwork is not 1:1 in size. Screenshot tells more than words Folder artwork: (Look for Log Horizon folder artwork) Actual Image when music played: As you can see thumbnails in folder artwork are stretched. I think in previous version when it still use .pamp the folder artwork is scaled properly. Details for further investigation: Poweramp version: 2.0.10 build 571-play Device Model: Motorola Moto G (XT-1032) Android Version: 4.4.3 Stock ROM I don't use any cove
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