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  1. I bought a skin app called retro black cassette skin n it won't work for the new build when can I use it again? Maxmp
  2. Does anybody know how many update there is til the last one n will u be able to use the cassete tape skin
  3. Do u leave the beta app for the new update
  4. Aye @Andrewilly that was a serious question where do u come from just deleting messages everybody deserve to ask any question
  5. Ik that Andre I'm ask in when will the update be done in like a month or two cause its been a year without 1 update.
  6. Are u gonna be able to change the background to black or does it have to stay white?
  7. Is That The New Update? App is perfect now. Develop skins don't change menu placements. We want transparent full screen album art like Sony album app (album art displayed as 50% transparent at full screen including navigation bar still controls on top observe attachments) without hiding navigation bar.
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