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Poweramp ReplayGain & Tags


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Hello Poweramp forum,
lately I was messing arround with ReplayGain tags for my music collection. I use MusicBee to analyse my average audio level and write properly ReplayGain Tags to my FLAC files. But I do not know how Poweramp treat those Tags. I created three copies of a song. The first one has no ReplayGain Tag, the second has a tag to "in/decrease" the volume to 0 (-89dB) and the thrid has an increase of +6 (95dB). All tracks have the same loudless, when the ReplayGain is turned off. After I enabled the ReplayGain function, all tracks had different loudless volumes. In my settings every pre-amplifier was set to 0, for tracks with and without ReplayGain tags. So my track without the ReplayGain tag should have the same loudless like my tag with the +0 replayGain tag, but the track without the gain is much louder. Why? Can someone explain to me how this setting work? I am new to the audio world and don't have much experince, so my apologize if I made here some mistakes. Thanks for reading. 

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ReplayGain defaults to adjusting the peak level to about -14dB below 100% digital maximum from memory (to allow headroom for effects, EQ, etc). It it not about making music louder, it's about trying to keep the peak levels the same between different tracks. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ReplayGain . You can push the target level up again in Poweramp by the way, in Settings > Audio > ReplayGain > RG Preamp, but go too far and you risk distortion.


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Hi! I know it might be a bit late to write about this, but could Poweramp include scanning audio files and apply ReplayGain tag to a track, if it lacks one? That would be tremendously helpful. 

Support for multichannel AC3 and DTS sound would be a nice bonus (Neutron Player has it, also scanning for Gain, but not applying to the track). :)

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