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  1. Are you sure you installed it from official sources like from here in the download section or from Google Play? Because I've seen similar posts(multiple times) like this & they were using hacked version of the app.
  2. Some new presets Martin - QBikal - Surface Turbulence.milk martin__flexi_smooth_spectrum_analyser_mono_16_channels_bipolar_03.milk spectrum demo.milk
  3. Not exactly spectrum but looks great and colourful amandio c - ondulloscope.milk amandio c - ondulloscope 2a.milk amandio c - ondulloscope 2.milk
  4. Those are standard milkdrop presets I did not create them I'm using them for a long time recently I've seen so many post about coloured sceptrum that's why I posted them here. I'm sure there's a lot more of them but shorting them out from a 50k+ package is like a huge pain in back Have a look at this if it's work for you, this is a classic style colour spectrum didn't work for me though http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?t=379933
  5. http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=263823
  6. Download herehttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1Padu_dB4smByWzUMVLarFIXiyRKt_LnM/view?usp=drivesdk
  7. I think that EQ screen spectrum bar colour can be changed by skin author too Because when Andrew0 made Poweramp default dark theme for the first time that spectrum bar was black/dark greyish It doesn't look good that's why I request him to change the colour to white just like built in skin. But I'm not sure if RGB is possible or not. Maybe a single colour is possible for all the bars
  8. OMG super update I'm a huge fan of visualisation now I can shuffle only good looking presets which runs in HD without lag. Thank you so much 😍
  9. I don't use Cast that's why I voted for cloud but it would be awesome if you add support for one drive as well just like solid explorer. As andrewilley said google music support would be great too.
  10. My equaliser screen doesn't look normal I have a 1080p, 16:9 screen
  11. Thanks it's perfect again 🙏
  12. I also have this only 2-3 of my songs doesn't show album cover but they have embedded ablum cover. I did a full rescan after the last update as I always do after every update but in info screen it says there is no album cover embedded & it download random image from internet. Phone Redmi note 4, latest miui 10 global stable, android 7, non rooted
  13. Newer builds has better sound quality the audio separation, vocal & highs are really good. I have bass heavy earphone & headphones thats why I can clearly hear the difference. To be exact Sony xb90ex & xb920 they often sound muddy if the vocals/highs aren't good enough. I've experienced same thing using sound mods as well but Poweramp V3 is out of this world idk what Max has done to it the audio quality is insane it almost sounds like my friends ath m50x with million times more bass
  14. @Andrew0 Is it possible to change the current custom background( Rainbow Skin's) to something different like this one. Ignore the Poweramp logo only the colour & gradient level I'm talking about, it will look great with rainbow skin
  15. Thank you so much, it's perfect again 🙏
  16. I am experiencing some issues with the latest update of Poweramp Top visualisation panel time out is not working with properly with star rating system but works fine with thumbs rating. I like the new animation on knobs but it makes volume adjustment difficult as I can't see % properly. I know I can use device volume rocker to adjust the volume & I already enabled PA custom volume panel but it's unreliable some time it shows up some time it doesn't That's why I only use the main volume knob 40% for my Sony xb90x & 57% for Sony xb920 Here's a video related to this https://drive.google.com/file/d/1I6jbp6MEPSwRW89LxtNRkS39-i7UDrTv/view?usp=drivesdk
  17. I use spectrum visualisation in fade control mode & I noticed the bars often goes way to high( higher than album cover) I also enable corp aspect it helps but not too much Is there a way to further tune visualisation bars so that it can't go higher than seek bar Here's a example from stellio player
  18. If the visualisation is on & I rate any song (Star rating) the top visualisation panel timeout not working I've set it to 500ms even then it get stuck I have to touch anywhere in the screen then it behaves normally. Poweramp 814
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