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  1. Everything is fixed thanks Max
  2. Please ignore my previous post reinstalling Poweramp fixed crashing. But still there's one 100% reproducible crash in about section https://drive.google.com/file/d/1onQBkKdFqYfFRIMIirbPxgQO5yOL_udh/view?usp=drivesdk
  3. Thanks for the update @maxmp new track animation really good. But after the latest update Poweramp constantly crashing specially when accessing settings if I enable/disable track animation come to now playing screen it crashed, also if I click on about section in settings it crashed as well. There are few other settings category which causes crashing like a full rescan triggered crashing but not everytime. I sent you some of the crash report through email Device: Redmi note 4, miui 10 (, android 7.0
  4. I also noticed high battery usage on my Redmi note 4 (Miui Qualcomm version, I use Poweramp everyday for atleast 3+ hours at night, yesterday night I forgot to turn off Poweramp it plays music whole night today @ 7Am I turned off Poweramp and the battery is at 52% it was fully charged last night. I know my device is almost 2 years old but I still get 1 and a half day of battery life on my daily usage and it also includes almost 3+ hours of Poweramp session. I did not notice any heating battery drainage is definitely increased a lot. I already disabled of Chromecast since first t
  5. Hi, if you are interested in new features like visualisation, new audio engine, new surround sound effects etc then you can install this last Poweramp V3 alpha build it will no longer receive any further updates so as the V2 stable builds but the alpha built is extremely stable + it has New V3 stuffs and it will run on older android ROMs. Please note skin is not supported in alpha built if skin is your priority install v2 instead https://forum.powerampapp.com/files/file/23-Poweramp-alpha-build-709-uniapk/
  6. The solution is in your bug report if you want to built-in music fx disable DVC otherwise it will conflict with the audio & this is not a new thing I'm using Poweramp since 2012 I remember when I enable DVC + music fx( sound alive) on my s3 it distorted like hell. Now Poweramp v3 has several audio output options & DVC become more optimised and polished that's why your only hearing minor cliks/craks here and there. If you really think Xiaomi music fx is more superior than Poweramp you can use it but you have to disable DVC. I use Poweramp on my Redmi note 4 uses it's hi res o
  7. Which output your using? Miui version? try to increase the buffer size. Something is not right in your device im also using Redmi note 4 infact two of them and I don't have these issue I'm using default buffer size btw & it's super stable
  8. Thanks for the update Max🙏 I don't use Chromecast (cloud streaming is my preference) that's why I disabled it but if I enable it to the main screen I can't see the icon I'm asking this because of curiosity what is main screen?
  9. @blaubär & @andrewilley thanks for your response As @blaubär suggests customisable zooming lvl would be the best solution Look what I can achieve using custom adjustment
  10. Taller album cover doesn't fit in on my display I have 16:9, 1080p screen My other player works fine Poweramp is my main player but it looks bad
  11. Your right I also can't find it on play store I think he removed them from play store. But after a Google search I found this screen shot of KitKat skin
  12. You're using skin designed for Poweramp v2 which is no longer supported Install new skins which is designed for Poweramp V3 there are many of them (Free + Paid skins) Old skin design for v2 will not work on Poweramp V3. Use this one the best and most customisable skin out there The same developer has a lot of other skins which gives colourful and funky look as well
  13. I am experiencing a strange issue which is repeatable on my phone but not easily. If I enable Crossfade all songs (Every settings in this section is default except enabling Crossfade) then play songs from folder hierarchy/album category (every other categories work just fine) with visualisation on in faded control mode & I changed tracks too fast then the next song is playing but in now playing screen + the mini player shows the previous track & it stays like this all the time until track was finished or I changed song manually then it behaves normally. Also one thing I want to me
  14. Poweramp already has "The Best" sound quality ever. Dolby Atmos, Dolby Digital, Max Audio etc etc these are software audio fx and they sound average, flat and super boring. Poweramp is the only music player on Earth which turns any headphones to a mini hi-fi shelf system. Use the equaliser I'm sure you'll be satisfied
  15. Are you sure you installed it from official sources like from here in the download section or from Google Play? Because I've seen similar posts(multiple times) like this & they were using hacked version of the app.
  16. Some new presets martin__flexi_smooth_spectrum_analyser_mono_16_channels_bipolar_03.milk spectrum demo.milk
  17. Those are standard milkdrop presets I did not create them I'm using them for a long time recently I've seen so many post about coloured sceptrum that's why I posted them here. I'm sure there's a lot more of them but shorting them out from a 50k+ package is like a huge pain in back Have a look at this if it's work for you, this is a classic style colour spectrum didn't work for me though http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?t=379933
  18. http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=263823
  19. Download herehttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1Padu_dB4smByWzUMVLarFIXiyRKt_LnM/view?usp=drivesdk
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