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  1. If your looking for this then open your skin settings>player controls>pro button>default no circlr
  2. I agree the difference is minimal & hard to notice. But even then it's slightly better in BP specially for non embedded High quality images or scanned CD covers. Anyway thanks for reply I uninstalled the BP not a fan of it.
  3. Why Poweramp always considered 1 Star or Thumbs Down as low rated. I don't mind if someone use thumb rating system then only 👎 should be considered as low rates. But why only 1 star considered as low rated I would love to see 2 star or 3 star as low rated in Low Rated category. Poweramp is feature packed but I really appreciate if you consider this in the future. May be you could add this in list option where we can change the desired rating like 🌟 to 🌟🌟🌟 should be considered as low rated.
  4. Now I'm uploading non embedded 1500×1500 album covers
  5. I'll upload screenshots, please note these artwork are 1200×1200 embedded image I tagged my music Using Autotagger pro app
  6. As the title says I'm using latest Poweramp v905 & I have enabled 24bit RGB + Increase Resolution Experimental optionsiin album art settings both options working perfectly and I can clearly see the difference. But problem comes after I installed black player ex after setting it up I can clearly see album arts looks lot better on BP if I directly compare it with Poweramp. Idk why but 24bit option works differently in black player. This is not a bug report neither I'm complaining but I'm curious to know is there a way improve artwork quality in now playing screen.
  7. I agree with you because over time Poweramp has evolved a lot & there is so much options to play with even I forgot things at times🤣
  8. Go to Poweramp settings>visualisation & set top panel opacity 0% You can also set ui timeout at lowest if you want, it will hide the top visualisation panel instantly after you turned on visualisation
  9. It's available my Google Play already updated it automatically you can check now
  10. Both Liv skins (White/Dark) has 3 colour accent options to choose from settings it's up to you
  11. Oh sorry my fault didn't notice it, music downloaded from ytm is encrypted & can't play as MP3 I don't use ytm but I have Hungama & Jio Saavn premium they download songs in an unknown file format. But there's a catch if I use built-in mi music player on my device with same hungama account I can rename the downloaded file to .MP3 this way I can play them in Poweramp but the quality is avarage only 128kbps MP3 & some of the songs are not even skipable
  12. The easiest way I can suggest is to build your own App, because Poweramp never ever advertise/promoted it self as a online music player neither it claimed to stream music from Ytm/Spotify or any other streaming platforms. Not in their Google Play Store Description nor in their own Website so my question is to you from where did you get to know that Poweramp can steam music from those streaming services???? Stop being ignorant dude. If you are curious and wanted to know how to stream internet radio stations on Poweramp then I can help You can google search internet radio stations the
  13. You have use third party skins designed for Poweramp V3, there's plenty of them on play store free as well as paid one. My suggestion would be Live Dark if you are looking for a paid skin, the same dev also has a free skin with limited features called Improved Poweramp skin
  14. Awesome update the skin looks perfect now. Only minor polishing is needed I think the size of Tempo Knob is increased a little in latest update for both skins it was fine before. I'm using using 1920×1080p, 16:9 display
  15. I can't reproduce it 🤔 Strange could be device specific
  16. @giannisgx89 Thank you so much for your continued support 🙏 I have one for suggestion for both LIV Black & LIV White skins. Please remove this white/black background under knobs It's not noticeable in Liv dark skin while using black or dark background but quite visible when I use Gradient background
  17. Wow great news thanks for the info Max & I hope it'll come in Poweramp player as well because I can't buy PA EQ it's not supported on my old Android 7 device.
  18. I agree with you the problem is minor & hard to notice but present since the beginning. Thanks for your reply appreciate it
  19. Poweramp v905 Device Redmi Note 4, Android 7 stock miui 11 It's not related to any specific radio station if I launch Poweramp & start playing any radio station from Poweramp playlist/streams category it shows proper song info on the mini plyer but the moment the current song ends Poweramp completely stopped updating mini plyer. But I see all the info on now playing screen & lockscreen/notification panel. I'll upload.pls file as well dance.ogg.pls Psyndora Psytrance.pls retrodance.ogg.pls RDMIX ITALO DISCO 80S.pls
  20. When I stream radio stations Poweramp accurately shows song information on mini player but when the track changes Poweramp stop updating mini player. I can see proper info on now playing screen & lock screen widget but not in mini player. Is this a bug? I'm experiencing this since internet streaming came out in which beta don't remember exactly
  21. @giannisgx89 Hi is it possible to add Album Art Shadow on/off toggle for now Playing Screen. I can see beautiful shadows in library categories but not in Now playing screen in both Liv Dark & white skin
  22. How to put rectangle at the top like built-in presets I've tried to edit some preset using the app but looks like it's not implemented yet
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