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  1. tdas777

    Multiple Artists

  2. tdas777

    Multiple Artists

    Hi, Does the current Poweramp support multiple artist separation? Yesterday I tried with those characters you mentioned; it was not detecting.
  3. tdas777

    Listen to Mic, while playing music

    Yes... It did.
  4. tdas777

    Multiple Artists

    I tried below characters as separator in artist field of mp3 file, none of them are considered as separator in Poweramp. , ; / // I use itunes on PC, I'm looking for that character which will be taken as separator both in itunes and Poweramp. Any thoght?
  5. tdas777

    Listen to Mic, while playing music

    Today I tried one app. Petralex hearing aid... Not liked...
  6. tdas777

    Listen to Mic, while playing music

    Yes I saw that... It should be more like a mix of mic input and music
  7. Hi, It would be great if Poweramp supports listen to mic feature just like windows. We dont have to pull out our earphones if someone come to us and talk. It will be helpful while commuting/or at home. What do you guys think?
  8. tdas777

    EQ bars values

  9. tdas777

    Volume percentage on playback screen

    Yes, i saw that too. That post is asking for volume button on eq/sound adjustment screen. In general, playback window is the default screen. So, if volume percentage is shown in a small portion of space in playback window, it would be helpful to check the volume without multiple clicks.
  10. tdas777

    Volume percentage on playback screen

    Yes, i saw that post... But a slider would take lot of space...
  11. Hi, Wouldn't it be awesome to include the current volume percentage somewhere in playback window, upon touching that a small popup with + and - button will show, which can be clicked to adjust the volume, click by click or continuous. Thanks
  12. tdas777

    "Year" as view in Library

    Well, it will sort the items by year, but it will not show/list different years as categories...
  13. tdas777

    Library - Year Sort