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Found 12 results

  1. Hi everyone. Bild 1.1.7 Poweramp Spectrum Kit is available in Google Play. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.powermilk.spectrumkit Major changes: - peak support (spectrum 1 2) - rounding support (spectrum 1 3 6) - management of peak parameters (bars_peak_height, bars_peak_spacing, bars_peak_delay, bars_peak_accel, bars_peak_color_t, bars_peak_color_b) - temporarily removed bars_mode 7 (no support in Poweramp 905) - new menu - new starting song - sort "by name"/"by date" on "open"/"save" screens - push notification about the readiness of the gift - new icons - numbering in the market of the "number of open" / "total" visualizations - ordinal numbering in the market when viewing - notification of available new visualizations in the market - minor fixes For spectrum visualizations, the editor is the main application, new visualizations will appear in it first. This applies to app "spectrum" "club" "fire" "ice" "nature" "modern" "cloud". I advise you to purchase a complete package of all visualizations in the market, all future visualizations will also be available. Many unique visualizations have been added to the market: FREE: EXCLUSIVE: FIRE: ICE: NATURE:
  2. The recent versions of Poweramp works best in android tv, it's the best music player for android TV so thanks for that But there is issue with visualization on TV, when I turn on full screen visualization and press "OK" key or any other key, the visualization doesn't fade and controls doesn't come back. To solve this I have to use mouse and press once with mouse and turn off visualization. And another issue with TV is with the forward or backword of music, we can't forward a track (by 5seconds or something) by pressing those fordward and backward button, coz that button isn't pressable directly. It can be pressed with only a mouse. And that's it, rest all is awesome af. Thank you soo much 🙂 Here's a photo - https://telegra.ph/Poweramp-tv-visualizer-issue-10-27 Edit: even the pause button doesn't work on tv. I'd love if you fix that
  3. One day I was researching alternative ways of viewing(milkdrop) the play store and I found Project M, and I stopped to see the presets there, I found some interesting and the app itself works well. but like most (if not all) apps it worked best based on the volume of the music, and I noticed that some presets are synced to the beat of the music and I liked those presets, so much so that I googled and downloaded and took the Poweramp. but they are all messed up and didn't work like in Project M, I would even say inferior. I've tried the preview options in Poweramp itself, but it's not the same thing as Project M.
  4. I'm sorry if this has been asked before but is there any possible way to play Poweramp's visualizations on a pc or projector? Thanks!
  5. Poweramp can detect processing and output latency, which is visible in Audio info. So it would be nice to have an auto visualisation delay feature based on the total latency (dsp+output). With current PA, I have to check the latency for every format and apply it manually.
  6. Hi guys. I'm sorry if this was posted before. Is there any way to export a visualization to video? Like for any specific song I'm using unlocked Poweramp on Android Samsung s10e Thanks!
  7. Some visualizations is very nice, I guess is good idea use like a live wallpaper.
  8. Would love to see all the awesome visualization on my infotainment screen when playing via Android auto.
  9. Please add another location to show visualization on replacing album art. (The current options are pretty ugly. ) Please also add options like transparency, location and aspect ratio to adjust the visualization, each, individually. Below is a concept video of the new location. 1440_60_52.92_M-VidRotate.mp4
  10. Hiii Guys... Please Request For : Invisibility Visualization In The Visualizer Equalizer Button & Displaying Several Repeat Option Buttons & So On In The Notification UI Section ... 😁🙏☺ https://www.dropbox.com/s/40mo4vjog46ckyt/SAVE_20190815_035748.jpg?dl=0
  11. Please max, can you input visualizations like this app? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.daaw.avee.lite We love visualizations with this style
  12. please just tell me how to turn off this ..... I'm searching since weeks, but can't find it in settings, maybe because I use some incomplete translation? thx a lot! mICHael
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