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  1. My MP3Tag settings; This way I remove all tags except for ID3v2.3. The method I use is - Edit -> Select all -> Edit -> Cut -> Edit -> Paste. This removes all tags and then writes fresh ID3v2.3 UTF16 which works perfectly for all my MP3 files/players including Poweramp.
  2. Some great tunes I grew up with. Beach Boys / Greatest Hits
  3. I thought I was paying attention... Haven't heard of a plan for a V4 of Poweramp??
  4. You can use a USB cable, connect your phone to the PC. Once connected, on the phone you will need to tell Android that the connection is allowed to do file transfer. My phone is not recognized by my PC so I use an app called AirDroid which then allows me to transfer files either to or from my PC through a web browser.
  5. The Queue will do exactly as you want. In your settings go to Library -> Queue -> On Queue End - select Stay in Queue... (I also set Start Playing Queue - After the current song). To put an album in the Queue just long press the album and a pop-up will be displayed and you can select Queue. Then hit the ">>" in the Play to advance to the first song in the Queue. If you are listening and decide to add another album to play after the current album you can go into your library categories and add to the Queue by long pressing a Folder, Album, Song, or even add a whole Album Artist. A c
  6. After the Gold Rush is a great album! I've been a Neil Young fan since Buffalo Springfield, especially Buffalo Springfield - Again (1967).
  7. Giving the most recent Eagles (2007) another spin. I'd give it 4 of 5 stars.
  8. I have it enabled for both Artist and Album Artist using the semi colon as a delimiter since that's what I've used for years in LMS on my home stereo system. Seems to work perfectly. I got rid of the AC/DC exclusion because I don't use a single front slash as a delimiter so AC/DC works just the way it is without needing special handling. Thanks @maxmp !
  9. Since all my music is structured "Artist/Album(s)/Tracks" and I typically am an Album type person I use the Folders option and list in reverse order by file system date to see a listing of recently added albums. I do it this way because there is no way to get the "Recently Added" category to list by this same criteria. Now if we had the ability to rename categories I would remove "Recently Added" and then rename Folders to "New Music".
  10. This is kind of Pop/Rock with a hint of Country... Very good!
  11. Also if you maintain your master library on a PC you can do this with Foobar2000 and there's also a setting that will keep the files in the same order that they exist in the playlist. "%list_index% %title%" in the "File name pattern" in the "Copy to" within "File operations".
  12. Do M4A files with a single genre show correctly? If not it sounds like Poweramp doesn't currently support genre in M4A files at all.
  13. I believe Logitech Media Server (LMS) does this correctly and as far as tagging goes MP3Tag is fully capable of creating tags of multiple Artists / Album Artists.
  14. Another treat for your Pop/Rock ears. Furr - Blitzen Trapper
  15. And I see you use the Material skin. For the home stereo type system LMS can't be beat!
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