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  1. This happens all the time. Usually after a phone restart it will correct, but it shouldn't do this! I have all my music on a 256GB MicroSD card in my phone. I attach the phone to my PC via USB and use File Explorer (Win 10 Pro 1909) to copy a new album to my phone. Then do a full scan. Scan sees the new folder, the artwork in the folder and the number of songs in the new folder, it just doesn't see the songs. Here's a screen shot after 2 restarts of the phone that shows the new album, album cover, song count, etc, just can't see the songs. Album in question is top of list. Android 9 Moto x4 PA 864
  2. The last few days I've been on a Classical bent. Today it's Antonio Vivaldi.
  3. I use a single folder for multi-disc sets. Tracks are file system named; Disc 1 01 <track title> Disc 1 02 <track title> ... Disc 2 01 <track name> ... Then in my tagging I just set disc number to the disc number and the track to the track number with identical Album names and it gets treated as a single album with all tracks in the correct order from both a music player application and a file manger view.
  4. Sounds like your album song sort method is set to alphabetical rather than by track number.
  5. Do you use just the Artist tag? You should be able to do this using the Album Artist tag. For your Bruce Springsteen, The Clash and The Who albums should have both Artist and Album Artist set to these artists. In the Dance Tunes folder leave the Artist tag as you have it set. In the Album Artist tag set all 100 songs to be Top Dance Songs (and maybe set the album name to Top Dance Songs for the songs in this folder). Then when you go into your library via the Album Artist method you should have just 4 listed, Bruce Springsteen, The Clash, The Who and Top Dance Songs.
  6. +1 Several requests for this. Logitech Media Server also supports this using either \\ or ; as artist seperator along with WMP. My Artists and Album Artist tags are already ready for this feature update.
  7. I'm no seeing v864 on the beta path.
  8. Was hoping multiple Artist / Album Artist would show up in 862, but I won't give up hope.
  9. PA 862 - Android 9 - I see no data usage by the PA app. Have you set for PA to look for album art or download album art from the internet or something like that?
  10. If you'd like to merge files to ensure they are played together here's a link you might find interesting; https://windowsreport.com/combine-audio-files/ This would be perfect for the "Medley" from side 2 of the "Abbey Road" album.
  11. You could put the 2 songs in a playlist and select the playlist rather than the 1st song.
  12. +++!!! This is a very good request! I'm also a big queue user for what sounds like many of the same reasons. If there were a setting to shut off the "default" mode of the way PA works and give the queue total control - things like Play Next", "Play Next Album", "remove Album" (ability to remove an album in the queue). The current database seems to have all kinds of additional function over what android or any other Music player for Android has and I believe it's mostly code vs devining more fields and then code to use them.
  13. I have over 20,000 songs on my phone and use full rescan almost exclusively. Like you I've had many occasions where I've copied new music to my phone over a USB cable and the rescan will not pick them up. Sometimes the rescan will see the folder and give a song count, but if you drill into the album, there's no songs. When I have this problem I've found that restarting the phone will correct whatever the problem is and another rescan will pick up all changes I've made.
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