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  1. This is kind of Pop/Rock with a hint of Country... Very good!
  2. Also if you maintain your master library on a PC you can do this with Foobar2000 and there's also a setting that will keep the files in the same order that they exist in the playlist. "%list_index% %title%" in the "File name pattern" in the "Copy to" within "File operations".
  3. Do M4A files with a single genre show correctly? If not it sounds like Poweramp doesn't currently support genre in M4A files at all.
  4. I believe Logitech Media Server (LMS) does this correctly and as far as tagging goes MP3Tag is fully capable of creating tags of multiple Artists / Album Artists.
  5. Another treat for your Pop/Rock ears. Furr - Blitzen Trapper
  6. And I see you use the Material skin. For the home stereo type system LMS can't be beat!
  7. This can be done with the Queue. You can set the Queue to Stay in Queue when done. Add your one song to the Queue, play it and the player will stop when the song ends. The ultimate enhancement would be to Stay in Queue even after the queue has been cleared (for those of us that prefer working in the Queue vs the "normal" way PA works).
  8. There's plenty of discussion on multi- Artist/ Album Artist tagging in the Feature Request section, don't know what else can be added to what's already been discussed. Maybe you should check those threads and see if you have additional input to what's already been discussed.
  9. 890 wasn't there earlier. I now have it and things appear to be working correctly now.
  10. The volume on my bluetooth using version 889 - Android 9 - Moto x4 resets to a low setting every time I disconnect from my car. When I reconnect and turn up the volume the volume "Jumps" up and down. Fixed by changing volume from 30 steps back to 16 so I've now lost some granularity in volume control.
  11. With 889 the bluetoooth volume reduces when I connect to the car. I turn the volume back up and the volume starts "jumping" up and down.
  12. I put this in Alternative Rock, of course Genres are somewhat subjective. Bottom line is it's a great listen.
  13. Agree that there's no alternative on Android. I've been running LMS for my home stereos since 2008 and it's always supported multiple Artist / Album Artist since I've been using it so that's when I updated my tags to take advantage of that support. For on the go music I used a Creative Labs Zen Vision M w/60GB drive with a cassette adapter to use in the car. When I got my Android phone I initially used the Google Play Music app which I found lacking in capability until I found Poweramp which comes closest to the functions I've been spoiled with in LMS for many years.
  14. I'm not aware of any on Android, but Logitech Media Server (which is available for Windows, Mac, most all Linux and Raspberry Pi systems) fully supports multiple artists in both the Album Artist and Artist tags for MP3, FLAC Vorbis or any other format.
  15. I don't totally agree with this as this really comes down to personal preference. In the case of compilation albums like the Time Life series of 60's rock I agree that Various Artists is correct for Album Artist since each CD in the series is just a collection or songs by different artists for each year of the 60's. However using the particular album The Union which is a collaboration between Elton John and Leon Russell I prefer this album with both artists with delimiter in both Album Artist and Artist tags. Of course this is a personal preference and you might choose to have Album Artist set
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