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  1. @andrewilleyThanks for this tidbit. That works and just as an FYI, I've tested that the BOM is not required and the playlist can have a M3u suffix and still work as long as the file is UTF8. This is consistent with the Unicode spec, in the last paragraph on page 40 it states “Use of a BOM is neither required nor recommended for UTF-8”. www.unicode.org/versions/Unicode9.0.0/UnicodeStandard-9.0.pdf
  2. How do I tell, see attached playlist. The question is song #51. The Ö shows correctly in windows notepad, notepad++ and shows as a hex D6 in a hex editor which is correct for this diacritic letter according to Char Map. Stuff 2.m3u8
  3. @maxmp I have an album in an artist folder ; Blue Öyster Cult\The Best Of Blue Öyster Cult This album shows up in Albums, Album Artists, Folder Hierarchy and Folder view of Library just fine. I have a playlist that references a track in this album and that entry is ignored. There seems to be a problem with the diacritic character Ö from the playlist to the actual folder names with this character. This playlist works completely on my PC using Logitech Media Server.
  4. The Moto x4 does not have absolute volume support. Whenever I connect to my cars from my phone I often have to put the volume on the phone to 100% which then makes the volume adjustment on both my cars to normal settings comparable to radio and CD volume settings. I never use the volume on the phone once I've set it at 100% while bluethooth connected so I don't understand how it gets reduced. I do often use wired headphones and use the phones volume for that, but that seems to be independent from the volume when bluetooth connected since sometimes after a headphone session I can get in the car and not have to turn up the phone volume because it retained the 100%. It would be nice if there was some means to locks the volume at 100% on the phone when it's bluetooth connected.
  5. How can I lock the PA volume to 100% when I'm using Bluetooth output?
  6. If your phone has the Google Play store version of Poweramp you will need to install the Google Play Store on the Fire HD tablet. Here's instructions for how to go about doing this so that the FireHD tablet can access Google Play. https://www.androidpolice.com/2020/07/11/install-play-store-amazon-fire-tablet/
  7. A fairly mellow Alternate Pop listen from 2013...
  8. @andrewilley @maxmp Since there's room in the long press dialog there could be ">>Queue" and ">>Queue Next". ">>Queue" would add to the end of the Queue and ">>Queue Next" would add the selection after the current song in the Queue. This way you don't need to be going into settings to manipulate Settings>Library>Queue> Enqueue Mode to toggle the setting depending on what you want to do when putting something in the Queue. From a usability perspective this seems much simpler than wading through settings for Queue manipulation.
  9. @maxmpbut then if I want to add something to the end of the Queue I have to go back into Settings and shut this option off.
  10. @maxmp Just found the "Play Next" setting for the queue in v879. Not quite what I'd imagined. I can't see going into settings and toggling this setting to play something next rather than adding it to the end of the queue. Seems that a much more useful implementation would be to give "Play Next" as an option when I long press on a Song / Album / Folder / etc.
  11. And now for a little Country/Rock - John Prine / Fair & Square
  12. This has been requested before. There are solutions for your music on Windows 10; The Logitech Media server is also highly recommended by John Darko; https://darko.audio/2020/07/a-short-film-about-the-raspberry-pi-as-music-streamer-and-server/
  13. Do you want to change it or just know what it is originally? If you just want to know I'd recommend running it through TuneXploirer, it will give you the tempo and the key. Works for MP3, FLAC and who knows what else.
  14. I would call this "arena rock" a great sound from 1976.
  15. And to protect yourself from you deleting more files in the future go to Settings -> Library -> Lists and set the Delete Action to off to disable PA's ability to delete files (my personal opinion is this type action should really be done from a file manager and "delete" capability should be removed from PA).
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