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  1. Do you want to change it or just know what it is originally? If you just want to know I'd recommend running it through TuneXploirer, it will give you the tempo and the key. Works for MP3, FLAC and who knows what else.
  2. I would call this "arena rock" a great sound from 1976.
  3. And to protect yourself from you deleting more files in the future go to Settings -> Library -> Lists and set the Delete Action to off to disable PA's ability to delete files (my personal opinion is this type action should really be done from a file manager and "delete" capability should be removed from PA).
  4. I did it by changing Folders to sort in date added order so that my Albums stay listed in Album Artist order. The little glitch is if I update an album with new tags or a re-rip the copy from my main library on my PC changes the folder date to now. The only way I've worked around that is to remove the SD card from the phone and do the folder copy on the PC after I've changed the modified Date/Time to the original date these albums were added to my library. I use the "Bulk file changer" utility to backdate the folder / files to their original dates. For just file tag changes I use MP3Tag with the setting to not change the modified date on the file.
  5. I continue to use LMS for my home. I have a Boom and a couple of Duets along with some Raspberry Pi's with HifiBerry DAC's. The other beauty of LMS is Music files are delivered either via WiFi or ethernet bit perfect from the server to the renderers and decoded by the renderer. For HiDef I don't have to worry about some OS upgrade or change affecting HiDef since it is decoded at the renderer. I will say that for my phone Poweramp comes closest to LMS from a function perspective. The new Material skin for LMS makes the interface more like Poweramp. The biggest difference from a function perspective is LMS works like the Poweramp Queue without the other PA play method. It wouldn't bother me at all if PA had a setting to make all playback work through the Queue and give the ability to Add to Queue next or the end of the Queue which are all doable in LMS along with the ability to rearrange via drag and drop.
  6. Logitech Media Server (LMS) fully supports multiple Artist and Album Artist along with multiple Genre. Multiple vorbis tags, MP3 or about any other media file type tags. LMS runs on just about everything except Android and is free and open source. For the home stereo this is my goto since the renderer is separate from the server so I can drive multiple stereo's from a single server and play different streams at each renderer or sync 2 or more renderers and still play separate streams on the un-sync'd renderers. Control can be done from any browser on your network or dedicated control aps available for Android and iOS.
  7. +1 How about multiple Genres and TBPM with shuffle so that it can easily be used to set a walking or running pace.
  8. What a great time these days were. Listening to some great songs from 1965...
  9. I think Andre's description is right on the money.
  10. I presume this doesn't apply to bluetooth connections, like the car stereo?
  11. I'd recommend Logitech Media Server. It's a pure server and then you can add any number of clients. Clients can simultaneously play their own stream from the server or clients can be sync'd so that you have multiroom / areas sync'd perfectly. Clients can be either ethernet or wifi attached to your network. Each client can have it's volume adjusted individually. Free client software is available for Windows, Linux and you can also build a client on a Raspberry PI with a DAC daughterboard and all of this software is free. There are Android and iOS clients for a fee in their stores. The whole system can be controlled from a web browser on any device on your network. The "Material Skin" in a browser on your phone is very similar to Poweramp, there are also control apps for Andriod and iOS in their respective stores and are quite affordable. It supports multiple Genre, Multiple Artist, Multiple Album artist tags. Supports just about any audio format you care to throw at it with full Hi-res support dependent on client hardware along with all tag formats for whatever file type.. Your music files are delivered bit perfect to the clients which do the decoding, The server is available for just about any platform except for Android and iOS, so any Windows, Mac or Linux variant platform is supported. It also has an active community. I have no skin in their game, but I use it for my home stereo systems and haven't seen anything that compares.
  12. Interesting that The Beatles, Bad Company, Mark Knopfler, Elton John / Leon Russell, Jackson Browne, Fleetwood Mac, Great White, AC/DC, The Carpenters, etc. would not be considered Mainstream in some circles.
  13. What I've done on my compilation albums is each track has the Album Artist = Various and the Artist = <track performing artist>. Then the albums like your example show a single entry per album when viewing by Genre. And your example is a great album.
  14. 10 from 6 - Bad Company - 1973 to 1981. I'd give it 4 of 5 stars. Interesting that the album is supposed to be 10 songs from their first 6 albums however, look closely and you'll discover that there are no songs from the Burnin' Sky album so it should properly be called 10 from 5! What were they smokin' when the folks at Atlantic Records put this together??
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