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  1. Since I believe that @maxmp has built his own database I do not think PA would be limited by what android does. To me, the support for multiple Artists / Album Artists is the biggest thing missing from PA's music organization functionality.
  2. As far as I know there will never be a desktop app for PA. A very nice product is Logitech Media server and client. It runs on just about anything other than Android and the cost is FREE. It can be controlled either through a web browser or apps that are available on both Android and iOS. The web interface has a couple of skins of which the material skin is very similar to PA. It's what I use at home on my main stereo system. I've written about this before;
  3. +1 - This would be great for Bluetooth! I'd like to lock Bluetooth at 100% max volume in PA and use the volume control on the Bluetooth attached device.
  4. To actually initiate a scan - Settings -> Library -> Either Rescan or Full Rescan. To manually set which folders get scanned - Settings -> Library -> Music Folders Also in Library there's a Auto-Find Music Folders option.
  5. Support for multiple Artist / Album Artist would be the Bee's Knee's. Use the same delimiter that's specified for multiple Genres. This would correct an issue for those of us that have tagged multiple Artist / Album Artist that is supported in other software on platforms PA doesn't support. I have several collaberation albums like "Union - Elton John;Leon Russell", "Raising Sand - Robert Plant;Allison Krauss", etc. As it is now these show up as Artist / Album Artist "Elton John;Leon Russell", "Robert Plant;Allison Krauss" which is a separate Artist / Album Artist. I would really like these albums to show up under each of the Artists / Album Artist.
  6. Wow, what quick turnaround, Thanks!
  7. Listing Albums by Artist (or Album Artist) is the way albums are displayed in a brick and mortar store. My take on the Album list is it should default to listing by Artist (or Album Artist) and should also have A - Z honored for listing by Artist (or Album Artist).
  8. Agree, Start Queue after current list should be reinstated.
  9. +1 - to all 3. 2a + 2b should be considered bugs.
  10. Funny thing... Our grandson, who's 10, wanted an MP3 player for Christmas. We had one that doesn't get used because we now have all our music on our phones for when we're away from home. Since we had the original box and all the stuff for the MP3 player we wrapped it up for him for Christmas. I bought a 256GB MicroSD card and put all our music on it and I asked him what his favorite songs were. He said "Monster - Skillet" and "Blue - Eifel 65". I'll admit I'd not heard of either band. Well, being an album type person I bought both the Skillet - Awake and Eifel 65 - Europop albums that have his favorite songs and put them on his player too. Yesterday I put both these albums on while we were running some errands. I might listen to Eifel 65 again sometime, but "Skillet - Awake" is a right fine album that I've spun up a few times now. I'd give it a full 4 of 5 stars! Oh, the grandson is tickled with his "new" MP3 player!
  11. Settings -> Library -> Lists - Scroll down to Filename as Title and toggle to Off. Side question... How many apps do you have manuals for?
  12. I would agree that this would be a very nice feature. I'm typically an album type person so an option here to set this to "Recently played Albums" would be wonderful. As an aside, another place where this would be nice is if I could set "Recently Added" to show recently added Albums. If you click on "By album" in the List Options of Recently Added I get a list of songs, but they're not recently added songs of recently added albums, appears to be who know what??
  13. You could use an app like TeamViewer to do this.
  14. Jumped back to 1975 Pop/Rock, Fleetwood Mac / Fleetwood Mac - a solid 5 star album.
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