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  1. If your library is structured something like Music\Artist\Album\songs you will see the playing time in both Folder Hierarchy & Folder view just the same as the Album view. I agree that it would be nice to see the album playing time when drilling in from Artist, Album Artist, Genre, etc.
  2. Yes, support for multiple Genres and Genres w/spaces are in the current release. Default separators are ";" and "//", however you can change these separators if you like.
  3. The Mamas & the Papas - California Dreamin'. Kind of a folk rock greatest hits album
  4. What phone? I've had Android Pie on my Moto X4 for almost a year now and there was no effect on sound, negative or positive. Might be some specific tweak in your phone's firmware. Did you try reseting the audio and the set it back up? Seems to be recommended a lot, but I don't recall seeing acknowledgement one way or the other.
  5. If this is hopefully implemented I think the current delimiter of ";" or you can set your own in Settings -> Library -> Scanner - Other - Symbols to split multiple Genres. This will hopefully change to split the multi-entry fields of Artist, Album Artist and Genre.
  6. Any thoughts on getting this implemented. I find it inconvenient when "Mötley Crue" sorts to the end of the "M"'s rather than between "Mofro" and "Mowtown Classics".
  7. Switching back to a little more Blues... Robert Cray - Strong Persuader (1986)
  8. If your files are MP3 VBR you might try this. https://ccm.net/download/download-1815-vbrfix
  9. While we're talking A-Z it would be nice to get A-Z in Albums with List Options set to By Artist. The Artist list certainly would qualify as an A-Z list I would think.
  10. Android 9 Moto x4 The update to 842 removed the PA icon from my home screen and I had to manually re-add it.
  11. This is easily doable on a PC using something like MP3Tag which can do all kinds of mass tag editing.
  12. There is a thread here for translators...
  13. If your new phone uses the same Google play account you would just go to the play store and get both Poweramp and the unlocker and it should install just fine. Don't know if you can export your settings - copy to the new phone and then import. Copy your music and do a full scan and you should be good to go.
  14. Have you tried the current v3 version which is build-841?
  15. Doesn't seem to work this way when using the Queue. If i just finish listening to "Tommy" by "The Who" and have set "Stay in Queue" then go to Library -> Album Artists it goes back to the top of the list, which for me is "38 Special". If it does as you say it should go back to the "W" section.
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