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  1. I put this in Alternative Rock, of course Genres are somewhat subjective. Bottom line is it's a great listen.
  2. Agree that there's no alternative on Android. I've been running LMS for my home stereos since 2008 and it's always supported multiple Artist / Album Artist since I've been using it so that's when I updated my tags to take advantage of that support. For on the go music I used a Creative Labs Zen Vision M w/60GB drive with a cassette adapter to use in the car. When I got my Android phone I initially used the Google Play Music app which I found lacking in capability until I found Poweramp which comes closest to the functions I've been spoiled with in LMS for many years.
  3. I'm not aware of any on Android, but Logitech Media Server (which is available for Windows, Mac, most all Linux and Raspberry Pi systems) fully supports multiple artists in both the Album Artist and Artist tags for MP3, FLAC Vorbis or any other format.
  4. I don't totally agree with this as this really comes down to personal preference. In the case of compilation albums like the Time Life series of 60's rock I agree that Various Artists is correct for Album Artist since each CD in the series is just a collection or songs by different artists for each year of the 60's. However using the particular album The Union which is a collaboration between Elton John and Leon Russell I prefer this album with both artists with delimiter in both Album Artist and Artist tags. Of course this is a personal preference and you might choose to have Album Artist set
  5. Do the tracks / albums these missing tracks come from have diacritic characters in their titles? Are the playlists ASCII? If these are both true you should go into the Scanner settings and shut off "Always use UTF-8..." or make sure your playlists are in UTF-8 format.
  6. The only way I know of to do this is on a PC. I know of no way to do it on an Android device. The reason I do this is to create MP3 CD's from playlists that can be used in cars that only have CD players that support MP3 CD's, but don't have bluetooth.
  7. If you use the copy pattern in Foobar2000 that I put in my previous response the songs will have a sequence number in the target folder ie; 01 <song 1 in list> 02 <song 2 in list> 03 <song 3 in list> then you can copy that folder back to your android device and the songs in that folder will be in the order you had them in the playlist.
  8. On a PC this is easy enough with Foobar2000. You can also have it prepend each song with a sequence number so the songs stay in the order they occur in the playlist using %list_index% %title% as the copy pattern.
  9. Would it be possible to add the ability to stay in Queue after the Queue is cleared? I much prefer the Queue vs the "normal" way PA works. When I clear the Queue and PA reverts to "something else" and then I add some chosen music to the Queue I must either finish listening to "something else" or change the Start Playing Queue option or hit the > (next) arrow on the now playing screen.
  10. A great album from 1967 - The Doors / Strange Days
  11. You should try increasing the number of buffers and buffer size settings. This should help out your bluetooth output.
  12. For home use I use Logitech Media Server on the PC (or MAC or Linux). It supports multiple simultaneous renderers that can either be synced or play separate streams concurrently. Renderers can be ethernet or wifi, It has all the capability of Poweramp and more. Stuff like Smart Replaygain so you don't have to manually switch from album to track depending on whether you're playing playlists or albums, supports multiple Artist / Album Artist tagging, SQL Playlists where you can set up stuff like genre(s) + BPM(s) + Year(s), iTunes integration, Tidal and other site streaming integration, multiple
  13. In my Logitech Media Server I have a library of over 24,000 tracks spread across over 1,700 albums and really don't pay attention to the counts of things. I have several albums that have multiple Album Artist tags and really don't have a problem with counts when viewing by album artist. If I go to Elton John and play everything under that artist I get all songs in Tumbleweed Connection, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Duets, Sleeping With the Past and Union and nothing gets repeated when I play. If I go to Album Artist Leon Russell and select to play everything I get Leon Russell and the Shelter Pe
  14. I believe what is being requested has been requested previously. If browsing through Album Artists and are at Jackson Browne and then tap the now playing view It would be a great enhancement that when going back to the Library -> Album Artists it would position at Jackson Browne rather than the top of the Album Artist list. This would be a great feature if all categories in the library would position to the location in that category where you last were in that category.
  15. I understand that track gain and album gain are assigned by some means like DBPoweramp/Foobar2000 is capable of doing and then these tags are used at playback time to apply any volume adjustment if the playback software is capable of using these tags. I do not use the option of having software apply the gain to the actual data, it just adds the album and track replaygain tags. My library has both sets of tags and my home stereo software intelligently uses album gain when successive tracks are from the same album and track gain when playlists are being played. My original question was befo
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