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  1. What type files are they? FLAC, MP3, etc. Bulk type tagging is best done on a PC with a proper tagging App like MP3Tag or on your device with a full blown tagging app.
  2. w3wilkes

    Genre tag enhancemet

    What will happen if you currently have Genres of "Pop/Rock", "Folk/Rock", etc? will these be split to 2 genres? These Genres are pretty standard and if you make "/" as a Genre splitter these genres will be split into 2. Or are you saying that the Genre splitter will be user definable? I think user definable would be superb! Currently ";" works perfectly as my genre splitter.
  3. w3wilkes

    Redundant queue request.

    +1 - This would be a nice feature for not just songs, but Albums, Folders, Artists, etc.
  4. w3wilkes

    Folders - List by Date Added

    Thanks to both of you for looking into this, very much appreciated!
  5. w3wilkes

    Folders - List by Date Added

    Still not working in V828.
  6. w3wilkes

    Sort list by filename

    You need to be aware that the List Options mentioned by Andre may not work (Version 827). An example is while in Folders view you can go to List Options and select to list folders by date added and the list is in folder name order.
  7. w3wilkes

    Folders - List by Date Added

    V827 / Android Pie / Moto X4 - Library Folder View - Select List Options -> By Date added does not work. Folders are sorted by name when By Date added is selected in List Options for Folders.
  8. w3wilkes

    Issue when I sort songs by Artist name

    The problem here is that the hex value for upper and lower case is different. Example is the letter "A" is hex "41" but the letter "a" is hex "61". For title sorting it would seem that case should be the same for all characters so that "A" and "a" are the same. This can be accomplished by or'ing all characters with a hex "20". This would make all characters lower case for sorting purposes so that "A" and "a" would sort in the same collating sequence. This is just a basic example and doesn't take into account UTF-16. It may be that the sorting function @maxmp is using has an option to normalize characters so that case is the same for sorting purposes.
  9. w3wilkes

    Folders - List by Date Added

    V826 - Folders do not correctly list "By Date added" setting in List options. When "By Date added" is selected Folders list in folder name sequence instead of Date added sequence.
  10. w3wilkes

    Lists - A-Z - Albums

    Thanks, hopefully this will be considered!
  11. w3wilkes

    Lists - A-Z - Albums

    I do get A-Z when list option is by Name (which I presume is Album title), it won't give A-Z bar when specified to list by Artist.
  12. w3wilkes

    Folders - List by Date Added

    V825 - Folders do not list by date added.
  13. w3wilkes

    Lists - A-Z - Albums

    This still doesn't work in V825.
  14. w3wilkes

    Folders - List by Date Added

    V824 - Android Pie - Moto x4 @maxmp In the Library -> Folders view I have specified "By date added" - Reverse check box. The list is in folder name colating sequence rather than date the folder was added sequence. The reverse checkbox does work to reverse the sequence by folder name, but I've specified for folders to be listed by Date added which doesn't work. 🐰 Happy Easter
  15. w3wilkes

    Lists - A-Z - Albums

    V824 - Android Pie - Moto x4 @maxmp I have Lists set to A-Z scroll. In Albums view I have set to list by Artist. It has a scroll bar instead of A-Z on right side of screen. I have artists like "38 Special", "4 Non Blondes", etc. Do I not get A-Z because these are numeric? The "Album Artist" list A-Z works fine with these same Artists in the "Album Artist" tag. And Happy Easter