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  1. If you want it like this all the time just change the album title Album (Disc 1) Album (Disc 2) It should now show as 2 discs.
  2. If you have "Folder.jpg" files in each of your album folders you can embed them using DBPowerAmp on a PC. DBPowerAmp is a Windows ripper/converter application that I use to rip my CD's. It has a utility codec addon called "ID Tag Update" that can take the "Folder.jpg" and embed it in the music files in the same folder. Using the Batch file converter in DBPowerAmp you can do your whole library in one shot. It will go through your entire library and all album folders with "Folder.jpg" files will be embedded into the ID tags of the music files in the same folder and then moves to the next folder and so on. One of my MP3 players is a Sony NW-A45 that only displays cover art that is embedded in the actual music files. So when I put new music on that player I attach it to my PC and use DBPowerAmp to embed the cover art in the music files.
  3. Being December I've loaded my Queue to Genre = Christmas and shuffled. 'Tis the Season.
  4. Interesting. My Moto X4 bluetooth is working fine on android 9 with PA 853.
  5. If you have all your albums separated into their own folders have you considered just putting the album cover in the folder as "Folder.jpg". This will use less space on your phone and will reduce the number of copies you need to do unless you have separate covers for each song.
  6. A very nice product for the PC is Logitech Media Server (LMS). It is fairly comparable to Poweramp and is available for just about any PC OS, not Android. There are 2 components, 1- LMS which serves your music to 2- a client component which is also available for Windows PC's. The client I'd recommend is SqueezeLite. LMS can server to multiple clients simultaniously, these clients can play seperate music streams or they can be synced so that the same music is playing through each client. The server can be found here; http://downloads.slimdevices.com/LogitechMediaServer_v7.9.1/ The client can be found here; https://sourceforge.net/projects/lmsclients/files/squeezelite/windows/ If you would like to have your server and client as seperate devices you can "build" a client using a Raspberry Pi with a HifiBerry DAC to place at your stereo and have the server located in a different spot. The music file is delivered bit perfect from the server to the client and decoded at the client. The client software supports all manner of music files, MP3, FLAC, WAV, Ogg, etc. There are several daughter boards supported for delivery to your amp. If your amp has a built in DAC you can use the Digi+ board using TOSLink to connect to your amp. If you just want to drive some speakers you can use the AMP+ . These boards can be found here; https://www.hifiberry.com/products/ For my own use I built a client with a Raspberry 3B and the DAC+ board which works superbly. I use Poweramp on my phone for yardwork and bluetooth in the car. For home I use LMS / Squeezelite on Pi. EDIT: Forgot to mention that LMS, Squeezelite and the PiCore player software are all FREE
  7. Moto X4 Android 9 PA v853 All my music is on a MicroSD card in my phone. I see this sometimes on individual folders on my SD card. Sometimes when I copy an album (folder) from my PC to the phone using a USB cable and then do a scan the new album is not added. If I then go to file manager on the phone and click a song in the new album (folder) it plays in Poweramp, but the track counter shows --/--. Sometimes if I do a restart on the phone then do a scan the new album (folder) is found and added. On one occasion I ended up shutting down the phone removing the SD card and reinstalling the card fixed it.
  8. I put this in the Pop/Rock genre with a slight bit of a hip-hop feel at times, but it's a great album.
  9. Was scrolling through my albums and hit on this oldie. What a great listen! It generated a lot of controversy in the Christian and Jewish worlds when it was released as I recall, I was 19 at the time. It was initially banned by the BBC as being sacrilegious and was also banned in Russia in 2012 for some time, but I think Putin has since reversed that banning. My personal opinion is that this does a fairly good job of representing the last few days of Jesus' life. Much of it centers around Judas Iscariot and his betrayal of Jesus depicting him much less villainous than the Bible does.
  10. With the setting - Library -> Queue -> On Queue end -> Stay in Queue... You can put a single song in the queue and PA will stop at the end of the song.
  11. I have set A-Z Scroll lists as on, but when the Albums List Option is set to list by Artist there's no A-Z, just a scroll bar. This might be a bug, but I put it in the Feature section.
  12. Since my home main music server supports it I've been adding cover art for the rear cover and stuff like liner notes to my albums. I keep all my cover art as .jpg's rather than embedded to save storage so that even with multiple .jpg's per album folder it uses less space than having the cover art embedded in each track. Would it be possible to add a feature to allow for this additional art to be displayed in the PA UI? For naming I use the standard Folder.jpg for the front cover, Rear.jpg for the back cover, inner1.jpg through Inner"n".jpg for inside pages. A few albums now days come with a .pdf booklet like Elton John & Leon Russell - The Union.
  13. This gal has a fantastic voice and all the music on this album is of her own making. I'd call it Pop/Rock - Indie with a burlesque kind of sound and some pretty sassy lyrics. To get the album out it was funded by her fans through KickStarter. It's at least 4.5 stars!
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