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  1. @flyingdutchman I've resolved this (in a sense). There is a way to get them back, but not the way they were. I have contacted the developer and given my feedback. Thanks to everyone who offered help!
  2. @flyingdutchman Unfortunately I'm a hedonist who chooses skins almost entirely based on aesthetics, and Luminous Black is my choice based on that. 😶 I guess I'll just have to hope the developer fixes it. Worst case scenario I'll have to go skin shopping again. I'm just relieved it wasn't removed because I've come to rely on that feature.
  3. I'm using Luminous Black skin, and I have it selected as the wave seek bar there, but it's not displaying that way in my app.
  4. I really enjoyed having the spectrum bars in the background of the player control buttons. I liked using them as a visual reference to seek to certain parts of an audio file, and it was also immediate info about the volume of a track. In this update, they've disappeared. Any setting I can use to get them back?
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