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  1. 8 hours ago, blaubär said:

    The tone settings now are part of the equalizer presets.

    When was that changed?  I just tested it and no matter which custom preset I use it turns it off.   So it must have changed at some point and my presets didn't get updated to have them turned on. 

  2. Since last February or March I have noticed when changing EQ presets that the tone controls keep getting turned off.   I don't know if it's related to changing skins or what.   It happens on different skins and presets.   I am not sure what is going on.  I was wondering why my headphones lacked bass yesterday.  

  3. On 4/24/2019 at 11:37 PM, hypomaniac-eric said:

    don't know if it's fixed or not in the 826 build but has anyone noticed the last few builds that at the beginning of some songs there's a glitch in the mp3 file?  I"m on shuffle when i notice it.   makes me think my mp3's are corrupted but when going back and listening to the same songs again it's fine.  And fine on the computer.   

    Also I noticed it today on my tablet as well.   

  4. don't know if it's fixed or not in the 826 build but has anyone noticed the last few builds that at the beginning of some songs there's a glitch in the mp3 file?  I"m on shuffle when i notice it.   makes me think my mp3's are corrupted but when going back and listening to the same songs again it's fine.  And fine on the computer.   

  5. On 4/11/2019 at 4:05 AM, hypomaniac-eric said:

    Seems there's a bug in the playlist list and when I tried to click the mini player it often disappears now causing me to click a different song.   So annoying!!!!

    I narrowed it down to the Yaps Alternative Skin.   With other skins it doesn't do this.   

  6. I haven't noticed if Poweramp is using too much battery on my new Galaxy S9+.   I updated to Android 9 Pie shortly after getting it.   But when I go into settings or Device Care it keeps telling me Poweramp is using too much battery so i had it fix it one time and then Poweramp kept constantly closing out when using it.   So I had to undo that setting.   I don't know what's going on.   

  7. 8 hours ago, KOB said:

    I have a funny issue

    Volume up will bring the volume to 0 1st. Than start to increase. 
    This only after opening for the Poweramp for 1st time.

    Galaxy 8 with android 9

    Thank you 

    I've noticed that.   When connecting to bluetooth I start turning up the volume then it goes to 0.   Maybe I do it too soon but I never had this problem before.  

  8. 16 hours ago, blaubär said:

    Correct, you don't need high-res for mp3. At least IMHO.

    Personally I use high-res for mp3, but only because on my S7 with Oreo it's possible to set the sampling rate to 44.1Khz, which is the sampling rate of my mp3-files, and so I don't need to resample.  

    You could try high-res with the defaults settings enabled, Maxmp seemed to suggest that that would give the best possible sound quality.


    Thanks for the info and help.   

  9. 46 minutes ago, blaubär said:

    There are known issues with Android Pie on Samsung. You've got Pie ? Maxmp suggests hitting the Reset to Defaults buttons in audio output and thereby setting it to the ( high res ) configuration that works best.

    Yes it updated to Pie after I got it.  I was surprised Pie was out for it already.   I thought I would have to wait another year the way the carriers take so long.   

    Isn't the high res for the high res files though?  I'm using mp3's.    So this problem is well known?


    update:  I check the settings and high res was selected for wired and bluetooth so I switched them over to the regular output and so far it sounds fine.   I don't think I need the high res settings since I'm only using mp3's right?

  10. I just got a new GS9+ the other day going from a GS7 and I have noticed my bluetooth headphones now sounds muffled at 4kHz and above and the treble knob is next to useless.   I'm using the same preset i used for my headphones on the GS7 but to make it sound better I have to turn all the 4kHz and higher sliders up all the way.   Is the sound quality that bad?  I was afraid of the last Saturday night concert i went to killed my hearing but listening to  my other bluetooth headphones on my computer they still sounded fine.   So I guess it's not my ears.  

    Is the sound quality worse on the GS9+?

  11. i noticed today while washing the car the music goes off like 7 times!!!   I had to dig my phone out and click play and one time it stopped as soon as i put it in the holster.   Each time it's not on the lock screen anymore either.    It just closes out.  Is that bug back with the new version?  It didn't do it the whole time I was at the gym with the same bluetooth headphones.   

  12. On 2/20/2019 at 2:12 AM, MortTheBeast said:

    Confusing... as far as I was aware, the Volume Leveling done in MediaMonkey Gold should carry over... yet the volumes seem wildly different in a lot of the files. So I should try using MP3 Gain and should see better results?

    You could try MP3 Gain.   that is compatible with all players.   But sometimes some spikes or peaks in the volume will throw off the Volume Leveler or MP3 Gain.   When that happens you have to switch to constant gain for that song or songs instead of by album or song.   I have had that issue where some songs are too quiet or loud like that.   

  13. 35 minutes ago, ako673de said:

    Yes, but works only with mp3s. That's no more than 5% of MY collection... 

    why do you say that?  I use it for AAC's too with the AAC add on to the program.   Is that what you use?

  14. I have been using MP3 Gain since around 2004 or so.   Works great and the songs will be normalized no matter which player you use.   It just changes the tag adding the normalization values and doesn't alter the sound portion of the file so no sound quality is lost.  

  15. 1 hour ago, Suntonk said:

    So i recently upgraded my phone. i re-downloaded Poweramp and i Severely dislike the new UI.
    are there any skins to revert it back to the previous versions.
    if so how do i install it since i cant find any articles on how to install skins

    Funny you post this when the newest thread to the forum under yours is for the Classic Skin.   Yaps Classic.   



  16. 49 minutes ago, maxmp said:

    @hypomaniac-eric What is in Settings / Headset/Bluetooth / Last processed commands?

    Note that cracked Poweramp versions have “Trial period ended” message removed, but they don’t remove corresponding pause action.

    I bought Poweramp from the play store back in 2012 or so.   I never used to have the random pausing problem till the V3.

  17. today the player paused with bluetooth three times in 5 mins.   the 2nd two times it did it during the same song.   not good when trying to wash the car and have to stop to go push play.   or the other day i just got into the tanning bed and then it paused so i didn't get to listen to music while in the bed.   So disappointing.   I don't know why it's pausing on its own.   It's done if off and one through several versions.  

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