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  1. 4 hours ago, blaubär said:

    An Audio CD has a sampling rate of 44.1 kHz, that's due to the definition of Audio CD, otherwise it wouldn't be one, and a normal CD player wouldn't play it correctly.

    Therefore ripping an Audio CD to mp3 yields mp3 with sampling rate 44.1 kHz.

    Poweramp processes this. Then it has to transfer the processed audio to the audio output. But the audio output cannot cope with each and every sampling rate.

    The set of supported sampling rates varies with ROM and audio output plugin, and always includes 48 kHz, sometimes others. Especially 44.1kHz is seldom found, that's the sad fact that we are talking about.

    Thanks .  That's what i thought.   Most my stuff with 48kHz is videos.   I recorded some nature/bird sounds on my phone with 48kHz and converted to mp3 post editing.   I wasn't sure whether to keep them 48 or change to 44.1 like everything else but just kept it since it plays ok.  

  2. 2 hours ago, maxmp said:

    @hypomaniac-eric No, that's common. Most android devices don't have 44.1kHz sample rate or any multiples of it, even if Hi-Res is fully supported otherwise. This is true for Wired/AUX/3.5 output only, as BT or USB DACs (large ones) usually have support for it (still some devices may force resample to 48kHz due to Android mixer fixed on that frequency before resampling again for BT demanded 44.1kHz).

    I just looked at some of my MP3's and they are 44.1khz.   It seems common to me.   are you saying it's not common for mp3's to be 44.1khz or not common for it on android?

  3. 5 hours ago, maxmp said:

    On Samsungs @ Pie - no. There are no 44.1kHz sample rate and multiples via wired 3.5 output - it's not supported by Samsung audio sub-system, it force upsamples to 48khz (or to 192khz for hi-res sample rates).

    44.1kHz (+48kHz and 96kHz) is still possible via BT or USB DACs (these are close to Google/AOSP implementation and have less Samsung tweaks).

    PS Back to Android 6/7 and Galaxy S7 days, the Samsung devices were able to properly play 44.1khz and 48khz on wired 3.5 without resampling. This is now removed from Samsung ROMs (I suspect hardware is still perfectly capable).

    So you're saying the common 44.1kHz sample rate that most if not all store bought mp3's are not supported but it upsamples them?  That seems weird.   

  4. did max do something with the audio for these sound quality improvements people are talking about?  I haven't noticed the improvements but I have a good ear for sound quality.   Of course without a side by side comparison with identical equipment it is hard to compare.   I'm using higher bitrate MP3's.   granted I"m not using 100+ headphones.  

  5. "

    Check that Repeat mode is set to Repeat List, otherwise it won't start the list again. If Repeat is OFF it will stop at the end, or if Repeat is set to Advance List it will move on to the next list, using the following shuffle logic:

    Shuffle Songs will shuffle all the songs in the current category (such as a Playlist, or Album, or Folder, depending on what mode you are listening in). When finished, it will move on to the next category in regular order (such as next playlist, album or folder) and play that shuffled too.

    Shuffle Categories will play songs in regular order, and once finished it moves to a new random category and plays the songs from that in regular order.

    Shuffle Songs/Categories will shuffle all the songs in the current category, and when finished it will pick a new category at random and play that shuffled too.



    So if i want to just shuffle songs in one playlist which one do i want?  The first option then?  When I try to "shuffle songs" it seems like it plays mostly certain artists on the playlist but skips or omits most the others.    does shuffle categories work for playlists?  or Shuffle songs/categories?   There's too many options it's confusing.  I want to just shuffle the dang playlists like normal.   I have so many songs in my playlists and the playlists get restarted, I never see the difference in the other shuffle options how they go to the next playlist.   

  6. 1 hour ago, Absinthequ said:

    I keep backup copies too. It appears to happen at random but it almost always happens everytime I overwrite a file that already exists in a m3u playlist. Sometimes I'll change something in a mp3 tag or better quality file with the same name. It almost always wipes the m3u playlist to 0 bytes after overwriting a file.

    I think the bug has something to do with Poweramp detecting a change in your library to a file or folder attached to the playlist. Causing Poweramp to do a scan and activating the playlist wipe bug. 

    I had it happen just viewing the info/tags.   even if i back out without changing anything.  

  7. 1 minute ago, andrewilley said:

    Are these file-based (e.g. M3U files) playlists that got wiped, or internal Poweramp playlists?

    I've just tried what you mentioned, and the following process worked fine for me:

    • Started a Playlist playing and enabled 'Shuffle Songs' mode,
    • Moved forward a few tracks, so it was playing random track 4 out of 36 from the playlist.
    • When into the library and queued up an album (which added 20 tracks to the queue).
    • Waited for the current song (i.e. 4 of 36 in the shuffled playlist) to finish, and the queue automatically commenced as expected (as I have the "Start Queue after current song finishes" mode enabled).
    • Moved through all 20 tracks in the queue, and at the end of the final track playback automatically resumed at track 5 of 36 in the original shuffled playlist. I could use the << button to move backwards through the shuffled list to the previous track 4, 3, etc which indicated that the shuffle sequence had not been re-randomised.


    yes they are file based, synced from musicbee.   I don't use the regular based ones as they eventually get cleared out for whatever reason.   and I get duplicates, the regular ones and the file based ones.  but the regular ones are empty after awhile.   never figured out why that happens.  

  8. Oh I'm so mad.   I went back to the playlist and it's empty!!!!   So I selected a different one and 10 seconds later the music stopped and it was on all songs and the playlist was empty.   So i had to pick a different one again.   and it played.   How many more updates do we need to fix this?  I want to extract the app from my phone and throw it at the wall as hard as I can.   I've never had an app cause such grief in my life.   

  9. 1 hour ago, andrewilley said:

    The "Recently Played" list would probably not be able to return back to the same position after playing a queued track, as the very fact of playing a track would change the contents of that list and force PA to reload it. Non-dynamic lists (albums, folders, playlists, etc) should return to where they left off after any queued items are finished, assuming you have that option selected in Settings > Library > Queue.


    So I tried changing the setting for queue and queued up the song and then when it was done it just stopped.   It did not return to the playlist and keep playing.   I'm so disappointed.   How do I go back to the playlist in the same spot without having to hunt for the playlist and then scroll through up to a 1,000 songs to find where i was?  edit:  I was also on shuffle for the playlist as well.  btw. 

  10. ok now this is weird.   @maxmp  When rotating the screen sideways and back sometimes it changes songs album cover and all.  I didn't have music playing so i don't know what it would do then.   But when rotating from vertical to horizontal in back it sometimes shows a different song either vertical or horizontal.  I have no idea how or why that happens.  

  11. 9 hours ago, andrewilley said:

    In Poweramp, that's called the Queue. While you are listening to your normal music playback (for example an album, an artist, a folder, etc) just search for a song, or look through your Library, and then long-press on something you want to listen to next (could be a single song, or tick multiple songs, or choose an album title, etc) and tap Add to Queue.

    You can set the queue to operate in two ways, either for the first queued item to start playback immediately, as soon as you add it to the queue, or wait until the currently playing song is finished before the queue starts playing. See Settings > Library > Queue to adjust.

    Once the queue is finished, normal playback will resume from where it left off.


    Oh I must have missed something.  I tried queing a song up many months ago but it left the playlist and went to que for that one song and then i had to go back to the playlist all over again .  I never used que till that one day but not used to the layout of it all.   How do you switch from que back the recently played playlist without going through the list of playlists all over again?  

  12. 25 minutes ago, andrewilley said:

    Tap Menu > Help to be shown again the help info that is displayed to new users.


    I'll look again.   I couldn't remember if it had one.   or if it shows how to revert back to the "old look".  I just looked it doesn't go as far as some apps do and doesn't show the settings in the skin section.   The ones i see alot on some apps are animated to "walk" you through different parts of the app.  Probably a headache to code those. 

  13. @maxmpI got a brilliant idea!!!  Many apps have mini tutorials or guides that pop up showing you or walking you through, new changes or how to use the app on first install or update so you will be guided.   Perhaps max should do that so people can have their hands held to find the options to change the seek bars and stuff since people don't look and find the options before getting mad.  Lots of apps do this now.  I'm not sure the proper term for the hand holding or guide.    I don't really need the hand holding myself but it could be useful to some people.     I hope I explained it well. 

  14. I posted in the wrong thread.  didn't realize there was a new thread again.   here goes.   I found a new bug.   twice now i added a song from a playlist to que and then go back to the playlist within a minute and the playlist is empty.   Last night it happened the first time,  then resynced the phone with musicbee last night to get it back and then today it cleared out again on it's own.   So i got it resynced again this evening and tried added a song to que to see what happened and yes it cleared out as expected.  time to resync again :(

  15. On 12/26/2018 at 3:29 PM, FabioGnecco said:

    this is the only issue i have with PA... thought it was my phone or something else
    is hard to explain how it happens to Max, because i can't reproduce this bug everytime i try to ! it just happens lol

    hopefully this will get a fix soon or later

    are you saying it will play the song two times in a row after resuming playing?  I think I have noticed that a few times.   I wasn't sure what was going on.   I just click next to the next song.

  16. 10 hours ago, NetoPinheiro said:

    I've just updated from 813, and even after a clean install the same problem, the sound is crackling, nothing strong but with good years... :$


    Funny my sound on my laptop started crackling when watching shows on Netflix or Youtube or MSNBC and then i get on my tablet to play something, I think it was on Poweramp and it did the same thing.  I was like what the heck.   I think a Chrome Browser update for the computer must have did something.   It followed me to my tablet.  I haven't noticed Poweramp doing that on my phone and i had music playing a lot today.   But the bug where the music quits putting out sound happened again on my phone and my tablet.   Yesterday i was playing nature sounds on my tablet and then when i woke up it showed it was playing but there was no sound.   Today i was listening to music on my phone and when it changed songs the sound went off.   The progress bar was still moving.   time was still ticking.   I had to turn off my bluetooth speaker and back on again.   This bug has been around for several versions.   I can't believe there's so many bugs on V3.   Was V2 this bad?

  17. On 12/3/2018 at 4:42 AM, pauldamo said:

    I just transfer straight to my SD card using es file manager, and just use groove on pc.

    What do you do about updating your playlists with syncing them if you just copy straight across?  One reason why i like iSyncr or Musicbee is it only syncs what changes and deletes what needs to be.   If you do it manually you would loose track of what songs need deleted to save space if the songs get deleted from the playlists.   or if the songs need updated on the phone after editing tags or artwork. 

  18. 17 hours ago, andrewilley said:

    If you create relative (rather than absolute path) playlists then they will work on any device as long as the folders structure within your device's particular music location remains the same. The Windows/Linux "\" vs "/" delimiters does not matter, both will work. Then you can drag and drop with ease.


    all these years i never could figure it out.   I tried awhile back and couldn't get it to work.  How do you do it?  I once tried to export a playlist with itunes to a folder but it didn't do the playlist and all the songs.   

  19. 21 hours ago, pauldamo said:

    I just transfer straight to my SD card using es file manager, and just use groove on pc.

    If you do that how do you transfer the playlists?  I never drag and drop directly because then i wouldn't be able to use the playlists from the computer and making them on the phone is too tedious.  

  20. 21 hours ago, andrewilley said:

    I would email and ask what's going on (I assume there is no phone contact point, I don't use them?)

    I'm going to move this discussion to a separate thread in the Chatter forum though, it's not really build 811 related.


    I would email them but there's no email address.   And thanks for making a seperate thread.   I hate to bother the other thread with this issue.   I wasn't sure if i posted a seperate thread in the first place people would take notice.   I posted a tweet on twitter after not logging into twitter for many years.   Not sure if they got the tweet and I doubt they would respond.   I don't see the tweet on the musicbee twitter just on mine.   I'm thinking the mod is the owner so if he don't like me for some reason then he won't respond anyways.   After all I wasn't even contacted with a warning, explanation, or anything.  

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