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  1. My battery issue seems to happen no matter what screen I'm on so far.    I usally keep in on the Main? Screen (playback) as in the one with the big album cover and buttons.   Is that the main screen?  Many times I don't even look at the screen as i turn on the bluetooth headphones connect and it starts playing and I"m doing yardwork or projects.   

  2. 4 minutes ago, Crericper said:

    So you haven't got any built-in / non-file-based playlists? For me, I only use the built-in playlists. Well, that might've meant it's just when we play songs from any playlist, either file-based or non-file-based, there's a chance to get a power drain.

    Anyone found different situations? (I recommend using SystemPanel to record background usage.)

    My power drain started Wednesday of last week and i didn't alter a playlist till last Monday.   I don't think I had non-file based playlists before that.   Unless some file-based playlists got imported from a different app.  

  3. 26 minutes ago, krazzyvishal said:

    Update over this, the issue doesn't occur if I don't use custom playlists. I'm happy. I hope in some way, it can be fixed. 


    I normally use m3u playlists synced with musicbee.   I however did add some songs manually on the phone to one of those playlists a few days ago.  Not sure if it coincides with the battery drain though.  I think the battery drain was several days before that though.   

  4. On 10/26/2019 at 8:33 AM, maxmp said:

    Unfortunately, at this moment in current Poweramp builds there is nothing to fix - Poweramp build 847 played 24 hours OK - no any battery issue detected. Please check the topic header for useful fix to reduce battery consumption.

    I don't understand why i need to change settings now after not having this problem on this phone with this app.   I haven't looked into changing the settings yet and the CPU is still draining the battery when using Poweramp.   I use bluetooth when i do.   It drained really fast yesterday and today.  I'm going out of town Saturday so if there's no fix that works then I'll have to use a different app on my phone so I won't have a dead phone when I need it the most.   I hope you can figure out what the problem is.   I really don't understand why it just started since over a week ago.   There was an update before it started happening so i dont' know if it was because of the Poweramp update.   

  5. I'm having severe battery drain the last few days while listening to music with the Bluetooth headphones.   I was busy woodworking and should've had at least 50% battery left and then noticed I was at 1%!!!   Today it's doing the same thing.  I rebooted the phone and charged it to 63% and in an hour of listening to music it was back to 15%.   The CPU usage is full blast as well during these times.    I hope this gets fixed soon!!!  thank god I'm not on an out of town trip and needing to use the GPS and hotspot.  

  6. I had my tablet go from 100% to 7% in 2 days while plugged in the whole time.   Looking at GSAM it appears the Poweramp was using about 54% of the battery.   I restarted and still no good.   I shut down the tablet and charged it over night and then started it back up and so far so good.  I don't know why it was doing this out of the blue but at least it's fixed for now.  I have used Poweramp for years and years and never had that happen before.   I see this thread and see others having the same issue.   The tablet is a Samsung Galaxy T S 8.4.   Marshmallow is the newest Android it will take.  

  7. Now that we have skins that are quite customizable, can we have a feature to save profiles or custom skin settings to back up to make it easier to go to our favorite settings?   After skin updates the settings get reset and it's tedious and time consuming trying to get it set back to what I have had it.   And quite annoying.   And a way to back up and restore when moving to a new phone or reset phone?

  8. 11 hours ago, andrewilley said:

    I rather doubt that using both methods gives any advantage. From what I recall of MP3Gain, it works by actually modifying the audio blocks within the file, applying changes in volume throughout the file. It doesn't actually adjust the data samples (so it does not create any further loss or damage the encoded data) but it does make the audio louder or quieter throughout the track, regardless of the playback software. ReplayGain on the other hand merely adds a simple +/- dB value in the header data, which is up to the playback software to interpret and use as it sees fit.


    which one do you use Andre?

  9. 6 hours ago, maxmp said:

    Yes, this was issue with multiple APE tags in the end, with images (there is also valid ID3v2 tag in header, with image too). Added workaround for the next build 838.

    Oh i see the APEv2 tags you're talking about under "tag inspector" in musicbee.   It's the MP3Gain tags.   I'm not sure what's invalid about them though.   I use MP3Gain on all my music.   Also started using the replay gain too.  I haven't decided if replay gain is better than MP3Gain or worth switching 40GB of music over to. 

  10. 6 hours ago, maxmp said:

    @hypomaniac-eric Thanks for the files. Yes "Push" has some invalid block of data (most probably, album art or something like that) which is decoded - but it shouldn't. I will investigate this and try to fix.

    I'm so glad you took notice since i didn't think to tag you in the post.   I'm glad you are figuring it out.   What did you use to analyze the file to look for invalid blocks?  I wonder if Musicbee can fix the files?  If not I can always rerip them.   Probably save these ones for testing purposes of course.  

  11. On 7/1/2019 at 4:06 AM, andrewilley said:

    No, don't re-encode anyway, just upload the exact files that cause the problem.


    here you go.   https://drive.google.com/open?id=1p8XSRIsfO7BgpFm-j-7cWQ-dqTSvULql


    here's two songs.   If i go from "what the hell" to "Push" then when "Push" comes on I hear a data chirp skip sound everytime i recreate the situation.  skip to the end of What the the hell and then let it change on it's own.  "Auto-advance Fading" is set to "No Fading".   So i guess I don't have crossfade on.   it also does the same then when going to the next song after Push.   and so on.   Funny thing is when i skip back to restart the songs it doesn't do this.   

  12. On 6/29/2019 at 5:32 PM, andrewilley said:

    If it is repeatable with two specific consecutive songs, could you upload them for checking?


    Yes i can.   I have to catch them again to see which ones for sure.   I don't know if i need to re-encode them or what.   But I never had a problem before with them in the last several years of using them.   

  13. On 6/27/2019 at 3:32 AM, andrewilley said:

    Have you tried increasing the buffer size? Go to Settings > Audio > Output and find your selected output method for your listening device (speaker, headset, bluetooth, etc). Tap on its Settings cogwheel icon and increase the buffer size and see if that helps. You could also try reducing (or turning off completely) any cross-fade settings.


    thanks for the info.   No I haven't played with the settings but it wasn't a  problem until last feb or march.   and it seems to be certain songs or albums.   I have crossfade on.   I've been using the same default settings on this phone and the last phone with Poweramp.   This doesn't sound like that kind of skipping.   In the past when the audio cut out changing the buffering fixed it.   But this is more like a glitch.   that sounds like a chirp.   I can play through hundreds of songs and no problem but handful of songs or albums has this problem.   

  14. For several months since late winter I have been having problems with some mp3 songs skipping when changing songs on Poweramp.  I don't know if it's the end of the tracks or the beginning.  It sounds like when a CD skips.    I checked the songs on Musicbee on my computer and they're fine.   So I don't know if they're corrupted or if Poweramp has a bug.   But I've went from a GS7 to a GS9+ and resynced everything many times.   

  15. anyone have issues with the music stopping while using the camera to take pictures on the Galaxy S9+?   I've been having that happen lately.   Real annoying.   Not sure if it's Poweramp specific.    Others on my thread on Android Central forums say they don't have that problem with other music players and a few said they don't have that problem with Poweramp.

  16. On 4/19/2019 at 10:06 PM, Bass said:

    Nowadays, i'm frequently noticing that every day when I am opening the Poweramp player, equalizer & tone option is disabled by default even though I have enabled & saved that option at folder level. Screenshot_20190420-083323.thumb.png.e1e749cd1c32cf185a91b0e3cbf52519.pngScreenshot_20190420-083347.thumb.png.19631b724bccdd83cb6fd729669313c1.pngIs this an bug or am I missing any option to set in my device.

    I was having the same problem . I had to save the tone controls in my presets.   I am told that at some point Poweramp V3 was changed so the tone controls are part of the EQ presets.  Also they're disabled when using the internal speaker so if they're not in your presets they don't come back on when using other speakers or the headphone jack. 

  17. I noticed the widget 4x1 is not working right.   Since the update it wasn't changing with the songs.   So i deleted it and re-added it.   Then it worked but then i changed the custom settings and now it won't show the proper background.   It's just missing like it was turned off.   No matter which background setting or even font setting doesn't matter.   It's the same font no matter which font it is except for one of the fonts.   I tried default presets and it wasn't any better.   Is this a known issue?

  18. 1 hour ago, blaubär said:

    The tone settings have been part of the eq presets since V3, I think.

    Ok, then it might be the bug :

    Unless you listen via loudspeaker, then it's a feature 🙂 :


    I only use bluetooth or wired connections.   Tried it now with bluetooth headphones and it was fine.   When i was testing the presets earlier I think i was using the built in speaker.   Could be when I click play but the bluetooth isn't connected yet, that's when it gets turned off.   

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