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  1. Why would they not want you to have the best sound possible for their services? I know people that don't know the difference between the crappy earpods and stock headphones vs good quality headphones or earbuds and no equalizer but audiophiles like me want to make the sound sound better. I have the official Youtube Music listed in PEQ. what is the current list of apps that are supported with PEQ?
  2. No because that looks too complicated. Looks like hacking I don't feel like doing. Is there not an update to make Amazon Music work? Or Youtube Music Vanced? I don't understand why it's not working when regular YT Music works with it and Spotify. I wanted to listen to Amazon Music but the sound sounds boring without the equalizer working. i already uninstalled the global eq i had but it wasn't as good as this one but it worked for the other apps.
  3. I noticed the equalizer wasn't working with Amazon Music. I can't find it in the settings. Will it be supported soon? Or how can I make it work?
  4. Thanks. I finally found them last night. They are pretty cool. You did a good job on this Skin. I had no idea how to make it look like that till seeing your screenshots.
  5. How do you do those kind of border colors? I looked in the settings and can't find how to do it in these screenshots.
  6. i can't stand the constant interruptions from notifications either while listening to music especially during bike rides and workouts. especially with constant messages from group chats, but i figured out how to silence those thankfully. and then have the same issue on my windows computers. getting like 5 notifications in a row whenever i get back on the computer. gone are the days you can listen to music in piece.
  7. so what do you use to play music on your computer then if you don't use Musicbee? I find Musicbee to be more full featured and much better then iTunes and WMP. and totally customizable beyond belief.
  8. Weird Musicbee says it does and i readded them too. I don't know what the problem is. I use the Musicbee wifi sync app. Also the same ones on my phone show up on Poweramp and are embedded according to Poweramp. Update: the sync settings on Musicbee was set to "do not sync artwork" i thought since it was already embedded it didn't need synced. update: i deleted songs and resynced and now it's ok. what i don't understand is some mp3's had embedded album covers but not others before redoing it. Do you use Musicbee?
  9. i have an album "Bird Sounds" for all the bird sounds on my phone that i use when trying to bird watch. each species of birds have their own embedded album covers. if for some reason it gets changed in Poweramp then it will be an issue if it changes it for 80 or more sounds. then it would show the wrong cover for the species.
  10. I tried full rescan and rescan resolve playlists. Neither works. Can get album covers on other music apps. Here's two songs. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WxpuzrDvwUC2yy_6nb2rxP-nuQpeVJIz/view?usp=drivesdk https://drive.google.com/file/d/1X2AznJkGo0iDHvC-aW0cR_BKDGPrKlG1/view?usp=drivesdk
  11. not sure. i hadn't looked. I've been using Liv Dark and now $Yaps$ but it is fine. so perhaps Liv Dark is the problem?
  12. I add them in the tag window. either through Musicbee if it finds them or manually download the covers and add them in musicbee. there's nothing wrong with the mp3's. The covers are embedded. i even tried readding the covers and resyncing my tablet after deleting the Mp3's form the tablet but not good.
  13. It shouldn't be. If it does it should be on embed covers. But i think i have it turned off since I do my covers manually in my library. They synced fine on my phone and show up ok in Poweramp on my phone.
  14. not sure if it's been fixed yet but the album art setting button in the album art selection window is in the wrong spot and i can't click on it.
  15. On my tablet recently new albums synced from musicbee doesn't have any album covers even though they're embedded in the mp3's. i deleted them and resynced them but still no album covers. when i go into the album art to select one, embedded doesn't show up either. what is going on? What can i do to fix it? I tried clearing the album art cache.
  16. Did something change in the settings with the new EQ app and this Poweramp Player update? I notice that when i turn the volume up or down on my phone the bluetooth devices volume also changes. it wasn't like that before. I did reset my phone recently and restored Poweramp settings from backup. GS9+
  17. what about having it work with XPlayer? or KM Player?
  18. Can you also add the option for the background colors to work on the main screen instead of album cover colors? Thanks.
  19. thanks for adding the green background. How do you make the whole play button change colors other then the outline?
  20. I love this skin and it's gradients. Is it possible to have lighter background colors? They're all so dark they are hard to see the colors. I love the navy blue pale. perhaps more colors that are that light? Green is my favorite color so if there was lighter green that would be nice.
  21. Have you tried Musicbee? It's similar to Media Monkey but free and has lots of settings to customize the UI and everything. Even theater mode and you can customize that too!! it has a spectrum analyzer and VU Meter. shows lyrics and you can search for tags in the program. I converted from itunes to it a few years ago. Won't go back. It also has a app that is buggy that you can do wifi syncs as well. he's having problems figuring the app problem out.
  22. how do you get those shortcuts and icons?
  23. @maxmp I think i might know more about the EQ bluetooth devices bug. I resaved a EQ setting as the same name and overwritten it, then after that when reconnecting my bt device i then had two of the same device under the bt settings for that EQ preset. So I deleted the eq preset and then saved a new one under the same name and was back to one BT device for that preset.
  24. Thanks for posting. I haven't heard a response from Max yet. Surely he knows about this issue by now.
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