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  1. @Nightshade Ghostaltar lets not use this topic on something unrelatex. Please email me
  2. What i do not understand is why you would need a virus scanner at all on an android device. App are delivered through a commercial store eg google play and are safe. Android is based on the linux kernel, not microsoft. Unless you dowload from dubious sites, there is no need for avg or similar. They just slow things down.
  3. The mere fact the app is offered through google play store means it has been signed by the developer and is therefore safe. Google will also have its own virus scanning protection to ensure apps are safe. Any users downloading hijacked apps from sites such as apk4all may well expose themselves to virusses.
  4. @d3adrock had a look at this app. Seems to me that you can get very close to it using my app $yaps$
  5. @Robert H2 skin designers are not able to apply font sizes to these field but i use scaling to in/decrease text sizes in my skins. The drawback of this is that the screen around it is unaware so you may get overlap or misalignment when setting large or small sizes.
  6. @pauldamoyes, I know. will be fixed in the next release Meanwhile already working on improvements for the spectrums to use as much space as is available
  7. Poweramp does create UTF8 compliant playlist format. That is what the extension ("m3u8") indicates. The BOM is a Byte Order Mark placed at the start of the file, to tell the os how to interpret the content. Can I suggest to troubleshoot , use my app New Playlist Manager to experiment which format actually works (Free version also has this)
  8. @maxmpThe Poweramp api only provides for access the the equalizer settings table, not to the table containing individual eq setting for tracks. It would be great If this access can be provided. I understand the issue around changing track ids but i can resolve this.
  9. yes but you would do this through the settings on the phone rather than a skin setting, correct?
  10. @ballsnaps How minimalistic can it get. Options to hide track timings, track metadata, track title, artist/album title
  11. @ballsnaps yes i can add another option. In fact i will add 2, one for hiding track timing and metadata, another for hiding track and artist text
  12. If you set circle colour to transparent it will be gone. However i do not like it either so will remove it around the metadata field
  13. Did you try and long tap the albumart area and select Album Art option. Poweramp will fetch several albumart art graphics showing their dimensions. Perhaps you can add your 3000* 3000 . There is also an option tp pick from gallery so you could add it that way.
  14. Latest release V33 has a new background. Thanks to Fred Z for the png
  15. Unlikely it is Poweramp at fault. Other players may be more generous when reading tags. However, did you try and edit tags using Poweramp? Long click albumart, select Info/Tags, See if the tags show properly there. You can also edit them.
  16. One approach could of course be to ditch musicbee and create playlists on your device itself. This would very likely resolve your issue
  17. Both options are available in my app, without (default) or with bom
  18. Yes, to ensure characters are interpreted correctly i added a bom (Byte Order Mark) option in my app when creating m3u playlists
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