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Found 70 results

  1. I am relatively new to Power Amp. I am creating my initial Playlists. I have one Playlist with just over 800 songs, and it will no longer accept new tracks. When I try to add new tracks, I receive the "Done" message, but the tracks are not added. Please help. I was so happy with this app until this.
  2. It would be very helpful when adding to a playlist, if the list of playlists to select from, showed a checkmark beside any playlist the song is already posted too. Would help avoid duplicates.
  3. Please make it possible by default to add an item to the beginning of the playlist. It is completely inconvenient to use sorting every time - after adding the next track. In addition, there are some problems with it: I need the tracks to be displayed in the reverse order of addition, however, when I try to do this manually, some songs change their original positions. For example, after adding three songs, I manually activate sorting in the order of addition (in theory, the tracks should have the same positions before turning on the reverse order), and the second track swaps places with the third.
  4. How can I find an old account of mine? Former name before marriage: Laura M Mallo, Deichmiller
  5. Hi, I saved the playlists i created with Poweramp (v3-build-882-arm64-play; Android 10, stock) and i wanted to use one of them with Sleep An Android app The problem is that it does find the playlists but like they were empty. I already tried using the Poweramp original path; creating a folder on the root of the phone memory called "Playlists" and saving there; another one inside my music folder; also on the music folder root. Always without success. Then i installed JetAudio HD Music Player, created a playlist on the root of my music folder and it worked, even after uninstall the JetAudio. Also, it works with DoubleTwist app. I don't know if it has anything to do with Poweramp saving in m3u8 (i'll ask to the developers of Sleep As Android) or anything related directly with Poweramp. Can anyone tell me what may be the problem? Thanks
  6. Hi I'm new to the forum. Mine is a very simple question. I have a classical music selection for which Poweramp is great. I use the Genre feature, but want also to add a few Playlists. I can see how to add albums to a playlist, but can't see how then to call that Playlist Playlist A, and then start a second Playlist, say Playlist B, and so on. The fact that it says Playlists implies that you must be able to have at least two separate ones, I just need help in setting this up. Many thanks, in anticipation.
  7. v3 build 860 arm-64 Galaxy S10, Android 10, One UI 2.0 Hi All, I believe I have identified a bug concerning playlists. The scenario is as follows: - I have a number of externally created .m3u playlists. - On other music players, such as MusicBee, the playlists are complete and play faultlessly. - On PA, all songs appear correctly in their respective albums/folders and play accordingly. - However, some songs, it seems those with accented characters or with accented apostrophes, fail to show in a compiled playlist which plays faultlessly elsewhere. - The .m3u file log shows each song properly and, as I say, I have no issues with other players. - Therefore, PA seems to have an issue showing songs in externally created .m3u playlists with certain characters. The issue is unique only to playlists and is not replicated across the songs/albums/folders library in general. - Changing the file type to .m3u8 does not solve the problem. I would be very grateful for any guidance and or an appropriate fix.
  8. I'm attempting to use Poweramp my car audio player and am trying to simplify/automate as much as possible. I have several m3u playlists which are in my library folder. They scan and show up with Poweramp ok and work fine. I gather you need to reference playlist ids when using the API, which isn't ideal, so I've tried to ascertain these by trial and error. The problem is, sending the same id will start a different playlist on each occasion. So I have no idea what the numbers I'm sending through are actually referencing. content://com.maxmpz.audioplayer.data/playlists/[number] cmd:20 I'm replacing number by trial and error integers starting at 1. Can any one shine any light on what I may be doing wrong?
  9. Hello there, yesterday I exported my power amp playlists to a folder on my internal storage. Next I copied all my music from my old SD Card to my new SD Card via PC. After inserting the new SD Card to my phone and relocating the exported playlists from my internal storage to the music folder of my new SD Card, the playlists were still visible in Poweramp and they also seemed to be filled with the correct songs, but the songs weren't playable because "the storage has been deleted". Also power amp shows up each and every song twice and registers 29 playlists (correct) and 5700 songs (incorrect, I only have half as much in my music folder). It would be great for me if someone had some time to help me. Greetings Jerry
  10. I'm running the latest (full) version of Poweramp on Android. I have three directories on my SD card: "music", "children", and "books". Now, inside of these directories are a bunch of additional directories that contain albums. Every album has a m3u file inside that describes the directories contents. Poweramp discovers all those playlists and handled the one from "music" correctly, but each of the m3u files on the other two hierarchies creates *two* playlists. One of them is called "foo" for "foo.m3u" and it's broken a.k.a. empty. The second generated playlist is called "foo.m3u" and it works fine. I have forced a full re-scan, reset Poweramps local data, and so forth, but I cannot get rid of those bogus duplicate playlists. These are clearly now artifacts of some previous scan of the SD card, these are generated reproducibly by Poweramp, which points towards a bug in the app. As an example, look at the attached picture. The album "Grimms Marchen" is in the children's folder, and therefore it has a duplicated entry in the playlists menu. "Howard Jones", on the other hand, is a music album and it shows up only once and works fine. Can anyone make sense of this?
  11. Hi all, I'm trying to bounce my Poweramp-generated playlist to my receiver (via BubbleUPnP) and I don't understand how Poweramp creates a playlist, because some of them I can find on my Android phone, and some cannot be found at all but clearly exist in Poweramp, and others seem to contain less tracks than when I view them in Poweramp. Can anyone point me to an answer? Thanks!
  12. Poweramp version and build number: v3-build-852-arm64-play [852004-ce3a07c4] Your device model: LG-H820 Your Android version: 6.0.1 When I try to export my Poweramp playlists I get the following message: "Allow access There is no write access to the files. To enable access in the Grant Access dialog box, select storage (for example, SD card) in the hamburger menu, then click select "
  13. Hello. I have a Galaxy S5. When I press the export playlist button it says 0 playlists exported. Help!
  14. Please specify the following: Poweramp version and build number (available in Poweramp Settings => About): v3-build-826-play Your device model: LG-H820 Your Android version: 6.0.1 Hello, Today I try to export my Poweramp playlists. When I give the export button, it tells me that the export was successful, but when I see the .m3u8 file, the new songs added do not appear. I even rebooted my phone, but all playlists were deleted (even in folder playlists). I went back to making the playlists and tried again to export them, but it did not work. What I can do? Thank you.
  15. Just bought a new Galaxy S10 before my old, pathetic, S6 dies completely, and used Samsung's so-called "Smart switch" to transfer what it could from the old to the new. While the music files seem to have transferred, the playlists did not. I have scrupulously exported my playlists any time I make a change to any of them, after learning the hard way that playlists are not permanent until exported. The old phone had a Playlists folder with lots of m3u8 files in it, so I naively assumed I could copy that folder to the new phone and that would be that. And, indeed, there are now playlists showing when I select Playlists from the Library main menu, but only if I check the Playlists folder in the Settings->Library->Music Folders->Folders Selection->Internal storage sub-menu; otherwise I get the "Does not look like anything to me" message. The playlists seem to function as expected when asked to play their songs. The problem I experience is that I'm shown ALL the m3u8 files, as "xxx.m3u8", instead of just the name of the playlist itself in a single instance without the suffix. On the old phone, the trick was to NOT check the Settings->...Playlists folder, just the folders, like Music, where songs could be found. Otherwise I would be shown all those m3u8 files. On the new phone, not checking the Playlists folder means no playlists at all. I've tried a variety of import strategies to no avail. What's the trick in the new environment? Poweramp Full Version v3-build-830-play Old: Samsung Galaxy S6, Android 7.0 New: Galaxy S10, Android 9 TIA, Jim
  16. At one time, in an earlier release, you would get a confirmation message when adding files to a playlist. The # of files added or no files added message would appear. I no longer get these confirmations. Is there some setting that permits this again. If so, I haven't been able to find it. The second thing I'd like to see is an UNDO when working with playlists. Sometimes I fat finger when adding folders, artists, genres to existing large playlists and would like to UNDO my mistake without having to select and delete hundreds of entries or deleting the playlist, having to re-create it. . That's after I find my mistake by browsing where there might have been placed which takes considerable time when you have created over 100 of these. Thanks.
  17. 1) This seems like it would be such a fundamental option, that I am guessing that I am missing something in the settings (there are a lot). If I go to an artist, I click on the "three dot" menu icon and what I would intuitively expect is the option to choose (or assign) a genre for the artist. A genre that would then override any inconsistencies down through their catalog of albums and songs (like when a band of one genre is the anomaly on a soundtrack dominated by another genre). 2) while I figure that the above option is just flipping a switch in my settings, this second (and third) part(s) are me wondering how something related to artist genre would work. For an example, if I have all Bob Marley as reggae, what would happen if I imported Marley tracks from sources that have the songs/albums miscategorized as a different genre? Would they automatically be corrected when they are imported during the next rescan? Or would I have to go back and again assign reggae as the genre of Bob Marley? 3) Sticking with Marley, there are many "dub" versions of his songs and dub is a very distinct subgenre in reggae. So I would manually add a secondary (sub) genre, so it would be entered as:"reggae//dub" So let's say that I started with 2 Bob Marley albums and I set Marley's artist genre to reggae and then add dub to ~10% of the song genres on each album. What would happen to those 10% of songs that were reading as "reggae//dub" if a few months later I realized that I had imported Marley tracks from various sources that had incorrect genres assigned, which may (depending on the answer to question 2) require me to run the artist genre again? Would it change all reggae//dub tracks to simply "reggae," or would it recognize that these songs already have the correct genre (just with an additional genre added)? Sorry if this isn't clear, I can explain further, if needed. I have worked most of my life in music, which later evolved into integrity analysis of databases as the industry shifted on line. Poweramp seems like a perfect player for me, but I just need to figure out some of the nuances of it's various functions. Peace, Ras
  18. it would be nice if you added a function to add artists to playlists, that is, when you add an artist to a playlist, you add their songs, but I would like to add the artist. For example, if I want to create a "Best Singers of 2018" playlist, I add the artists, not their songs. I do not know if it's clear what I meant, but it's a function I really want and have never seen in other players
  19. Hi, My phone is Xiaomi Redmi 5A Prime and I have the full version of PA installed, namely 2.010.588 The issues I am facing have to do with playlists. The first one was that, out of the blue, my songs lost all the tag editing data I have added and appeared as 0kb. This was fixed after I did several soft reboots. The second issue is that after the reboots, my playlists remained visible, but empty. In the past I had exported the playlists as a precaution, but in this case I couldn't reimport them successfully. It is clear to me that I can't restore my lost data, but I would like to understand why this happened in order to prevent it to happen again. So would someone explain to me in simple words (I am in my 50s ?) what is this switching from m3u to m3u8 format? And, since I have in store some m3u8 lists, can those be played by Poweramp? Sorry for the long post. Thank you if you read it to the end and thank you in advance for any help offered.
  20. After build 807 auto update most of my playlists songs disappeared.Playlists with 600,700 and 900+ songs now have dozens or less songs now.Tried get help with Poweramp support but they didn't offered any solution and was of no help.Solved the problem myself checking internal memory (no the SD card one) playlists folder box in settings > library > songs folders,then the M3U8 playlists are displayed on the playlists menu.Then I added these playlists (there were 2 of each,the originals and the copies .1) to each of the matching playlists affected.After that,I deleted the M3U8 playlists and exported the remaining playlists (in settings > library settings > import/export playlists).Finally unchecked the playlists box that I checked before in order the M3U8 playlists not be shown Problem solved!
  21. 1. Add Search to Settings 2. Touch playlist name for go to the playlist home (similar to playing song) and do the same for navigation in others items in library 3. Search in playlists too 4. Restore Info/Tags when press a song in a search 5. Automatic list for never palyed songs and by decade (1960, 1970, 1980, 1990, 2000, 2010, ...) 6. Ignore special characters in sort
  22. Poweramp version and build number: beta-build-793-play (Full Version) Your device model: LG-H820 Your Android version: 6.0.1 Hello, recently my power amp was updated to this new version "beta-build-793-play (Full Version)" and with it appeared a problem when using the random option. When I use the random option with a very large playlist this option does not seem to work. When using it with all the songs it works fine, but with the playlist it does not. Thanks You.
  23. I created several playlists with different number of tracks, but after a while all the playlists are empty with 0 tracks. This problem existed before and exists now. Im tired of have to add all the files again so i get bored of using this feature that is very usuful.
  24. I loaded all my 6,058 songs and 62 playlists - took a LOT of time but they are all loaded. The problem I have is that I select a playlist, select a song in that playlist and then when the song finishes, the next song is from another playlist and the next one after that is from yet another random playlist. I have it set on shuffle, but why can I not operate and play the songs from the selected playlist only? When I disable shuffle, it still does the thing.
  25. Hello everybody, I encountered a problem with importing playlists on my new phone and perhaps you can help me. Poweramp version and build number: 2.0.10-build-588-play Your device model: LG V30 H930 Your Android version: 8.0 Your Custom ROM: none Yesterday I received my new LG V30 and I directly set it up as my daily driver. Everything worked but 1 thing, which is very important to me: I cant import my Windows Media Player playlists. On my previous phones which were LG G4 and LG V20 (both rooted and bootloader unlocked), It worked perfectly fine via the synchronize feature of the Windows Media Player in Windows 10. Just had to select the playlists and click synchronize. Then the songs and the playlists were added to the phone (SD Card) and I could import the new .pla playlists on Poweramp via "import system playlists" option in the options menue. When I synchronize the playlists on my V30, the opposite happens: All .pla files are removed from the SD Card and thus I cant import anything because nothing is copied on my phone/SD Card. The synchronize function even deletes every playlist, which is already on the SD Card. When I insert the Card in my old phones and synchronize it again works perfectly fine and all the playlists are again stored on the Card and can be read by Poweramp. Thus it seems something with the new unrooted phone and/or Poweramp does not work, I have no clue what it can be. I hope someone can help me because these playlists are one hell of important thing for me to use every day :-( Thanks Frank
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