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  1. @LighSark for what it is worth, my app New Playlist Manager has the desribed functionality
  2. Just released on Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=skins.v3.Poweramp.bigyaps&hl=en Big Yaps, a special skin which some users may find useful. It has some of the extra features you find in the paid app $YAPS$ and It is free Send me some creative screenshots, if I like them I may use them in Google Play (assuming you give permsssion of course)
  3. On the equaliser settings i cannot help but as faik only my skin has the volume slider enabled
  4. There are much more flexible and configurable free skins available. The skins from andrewo only offered limited options and colours. If you really want to go to town, spend two dollars and buy from eithe mixified or flyingdutchman as these are the only two active developers. The rest appear to have dissappered
  5. Message to the yaps community, I will release the next version once maxmp has updated Poweramp.
  6. It sounds like your mp3 tags are not filled in correctly. Use any mp3 editor or even Poweramp itself. Long press on albumart and edit tags. You will probably notice empty fields. Also as .wma is a microsoft proprietory format my advice is to ditch them and convert to mp3 or flac type files. Native android media ignores .wma
  7. @maxmp, I believe the <seekbarOptions tag in skin.xml is being ignored in the latest release V869. Can you verify please. Any options using this tag no longer show
  8. Yes it is related to v869. I will double check my skin.xml for incorrect characters or malformed <page> or other items
  9. Must be the way Poweramp parses the skin.xml. the options are there but not displayed. I am about to release another update so perhaps things will return to normal otherwise it will need to involve maxmp
  10. @MotleyG, I will have a look at your suggestions. In the meantime you can now set separate colors for track and album/artist
  11. In relation to the seekbar, as it happens in the next release you can set the seekbat colour so you can give it any colour from the list. Due probably tomorrow The other is hide Track Meta Information.
  12. @dekatch, the free skin is simply an example, the paid skin $Yaps$ has a lot more options etc and is continually under development
  13. The $yaps$ skin is far more sophistcated. Try it out, if you decide not to buy it, just ask for a refund
  14. I could add either an option or when seekbar is showing, disable waveseek clicks. I prefer the latter. (I hope to add it in the $Yaps$ skin next release)
  15. @Fitzian, you can disable the waveseek to respond to touch. It has a property <item name="android:clickable">true</item> which a skin can set to false so it would no longer react to clicks The default skins have the waveseek and seekbar in one layout. My skins separate the two so the individual artifacts get easier to manipulate
  16. Some skins offer various options, mine for example allows you to select pro buttons, different waveseeks or even different spectrums. It is the only skin with so many options
  17. You do not state it explicitly and you probably have but but make sure Poweramp can scan the folder, settings, library, music folders.
  18. @MotleyG, my mistake , I removed the default for the popup but forgot to remove it for app_default 🤢 <popup name="@string/fonts" defaultValue="" key="yaps_font" summary="@string/fonts_summary"> <option name="@string/app_default" overlapStyle="@style/josefinsans_light" />
  19. Most probably it is because it is a string (eg A,B.C >D..... Z) rather than a number. (1,2,3). so you should type Adiemos instead of 110.Adiemos. Long click on albumart and have a look at the tagging details
  20. @Prostheta, happy to share if have specific issues or cannot resolve something
  21. The best I can do for the main UI. If I set larger navbar icons they get clipped. These buttons, together with the 4 buttons at the top, seem to be constrained by some container. I have not (yet) found how to change these containers
  22. @Prostheta, both miniplayer bar and navbar (inluding icons) can be resized. In fact almost everything can although i have so far not managed to enlarge the li rary category icons.
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