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  1. Version 42 is out now. @pauldamo, I hope those pesky fields now display as required. @MotleyG, labels are now visible but still not 100% perfect though. Trying to add a background and coloured line around it.
  2. Although .m3u and .m3u8 playlists are simple text files, correct interpretation on windows also requires a byte order mark aka bom. Try and create another .m3u and set the bom, there is an option for this in settings
  3. in case you did not know, long press the hamburger icon on the navigation bar will bring up the skin settings straight away.
  4. @foosblood24, i have provided a special play button which hides next, next category and track timings. It is also set to opaque so you hardly see it. You could set it to transparent, so you would not see them but pause and pllay would still work. As for colours, at the moment you cannot set any colours as they are self contained artifacts. Perhaps maxmp can share his view on this?
  5. I suspect that as shuffle is on, the new tracks get shuffled but Poweramp ensures it does not play a track twice so you still get shufffle but no repeats
  6. There is a link in Poweramp itself. Changelog, and on the bottom of the release detail, translations, a big thanks to our crowdin translators. The link is on the word translators
  7. I believe the op refers to fpm which is most likely my app Free Playlist Manager. In terms of .m3u export though both free and paid for app produce .m3u files similar to the Poweramp export.
  8. @foosblood24, the paid for $YAPS$ even has a choice of 7 equaliser/spectrums. For example
  9. @MotleyG, I will give it a go. Difficulty lies in identifying which artifact this is. I looked at all definitions starting with ItemText.. but none seem obvious. Although there is apparantly some logic to the naming eg ItemTrack... and Top...for the main ui and ItemText... for the library views I still do not have a clear understanding. Pergaps it will click one day. Any fellow skin developers who can assist??
  10. I believe I finally resolved it. This style had the effect of showing the default black circle with 3 dots. By removing it it seems all is now behaving as expected <style name="yaps_ItemTrackMenu_hide" parent="com.maxmpz.audioplayer:ItemTrackMenu"> <item name="android:visibility">invisible</item> </style>
  11. @maxmp I checked all artifacts with Menu references but was unable to find the menu showing at the lowest level. Can you give me a hint please ? ItemTextAAImage_scene_item_menu ItemTextTitle_scene_item_menu ItemTextLine2_scene_item_menu ItemTextMenu ItemTextMenu_scene_menu ItemTextMenu_scene_search_header ItemTextMenu_scene_header ItemTextMenu_scene_top_header ItemTextHeaderSelectButton_scene_menu ItemTrackCatImage_scene_item_menu ( error: resource com.maxmpz.audioplayer:style/ItemTrackCatImage_scene_item_menu not found. )
  12. @maxmp, still struggling to find the artifacts for the lowest level. (see screenshot with arrow) I think I understand the naming, indicating certain levels and that I am dealing with ItemText... In Itemtext.xml you indicate the levels Special: - header - scene_top_header - scene_search_header - menu == +4 Total: 6 I have overridden <item name="ItemTextMenu">@style/ItemTextMenu</item> <item name="ItemTextMenu_scene_menu">@style/ItemTextMenu_scene_menu</item> <item name="ItemTextMenu_scene_header">@style/ItemTextMenu_scene_header</item> <item name="ItemTextMenu_scene_search_header">@style/ItemTextMenu_scene_search_header</item> <item name="ItemTextMenu_scene_top_header">@style/ItemTextMenu_scene_top_header</item> but to no avail. I would really appreciate your help with this one.
  13. Yes my app directly creates, modifies, etc native Poweramp playlists (and a lot more )
  14. @pauldamo, what does your main palyer screen look like? can you post a screenshot?
  15. @pauldamo, it is the option Select track, album and artist text background Color that also sets the background of the menu. It was implemented after a user requested better visibility of the menu dots.
  16. @pauldamo, strangely enough themenu icon at this level is the same artifact as on the main player screen whereas the menu icons on the other levels are different artifacts. Whatever id do to the menu icon in your screenshot will affect the icon on the main ui.. the background showing is because you have set the dialog background to white
  17. @CDs2Mp3s, the only way to export and restore your ratings is by using my app new playlist manager. Have a look at my website where i explain how to do this. All links are in my signature
  18. @rtillery if there is enough interest I probably could come up with a method to create links between tracks and when you for instance add a track to a playlist, it checks if it is linked. If yes then add those tracks as well. Your other example can be achieved by creating playlists where the title track = "some title track" but not dynamically. Note I am talking about NPM not Poweramp
  19. @mikep47, i have worked closely in terms of maximizing the layout with users who have an auto tablet so perhaps my skin meets your requirement
  20. @rtillery ,yes true if you reshuffle. Sounds like you want those groupings to be permanent, not just for one playlist
  21. Your subgroup could be a separate playlist, merged with a random playlist or simply by selecting songs in any of the library views, create a playlist of eg an artist, and again merge to the random playlist. Merging adds to another playlist so giving you your random - subgroup - random sequence
  22. And I'll try reverting as soon as i work out how. You can get an earlier version of Poweramp on this site. You will need to uninstall the current version which you have not stated. Downgrading without uninstall wiill not work.
  23. For anyone to be able to help you need to post what device and android version you are using. Also the version of Poweramp. Have you tried to revert to an earlier version and see if the issue persists? Anything else you tried to resolve it?
  24. @rtillery it can be achieved with my app where you can either select a number of tracks and "add to playlist(s)) or by creating several playlists and merge those. The merging will append one playlist to another
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