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  1. V3 skins can do this. Mine certainly does ! There are options to hide almost everything on the main screen
  2. @hypomaniac-eric as i understand it, as each option has its own unique key/identifier, you will be able to retain your presets. For example, in my app to set the colour of a navbar icon has the key yaps_navbar_icons_color_red.
  3. @Mercury, the extra parameters are to ensure skin settings are preserved so this works too. Just create an empty stable-ids.txt and saved it somewhere. The <somewhere> path is then reflected in your gradle file. The double \\ is to ensure the \ is interpreted correctly. the first \ is the escape character to indicate to treat the following character as an ascii char additionalParameters "--stable-ids", "F:\\Android\\Android\\APK\\Poweramp\\stable-ids.txt", "--emit-ids", "F:\\Android\\Android\\APK\\Poweramp\\stable-ids.txt", "--package-id", "0x80", "-I", "F:\\Android\\Android\\APK\\Poweramp\\Poweramp-v3-build-842-uni.apk"
  4. @hypomaniac-eric, the skin sdk has recently been updated and thanks to @Mixified for pointing out the new method. I have now implemented this too
  5. @andrewilley i have no idea how to ensure settings are kept. Especially when a new feature is introduced, you will find the skin reset itself.
  6. How did you try it out?
  7. Looks like it still uses the background. I will fix this
  8. @pauldamoissues have been resolved in the next release
  9. This works aaptOptions { additionalParameters "--package-id", "0x80", "-I", "F:\\Android\\Android\\APK\\Poweramp\\Poweramp-v3-build-842-uni.apk" } Where f:\... etc is your path
  10. Get the latest pa version 842 and put that somewhere . Now reflect the full path including the filename in the gradle build for example: aaptOptions { additionalParameters "--package-id", "0x80", "-I", "F:\\Android\\Android\\APK\\Poweramp\\Poweramp-v3-build-842-uni.apk" }
  11. @watersport203, my app new playlist manager exports and imports Poweramp ratings but is also able to update your popm mp3 tags with the ratings you have in Poweramp and vice versa
  12. @maxmpsorted, as always thank you
  13. It turns out the icons shown above each individual library category (eg all songs, albums etc) is the same icon as the icons shown in the library top view. Remains 1. the search icon - it does not have the same style applied as other icons in Poweramp ( com.maxmpz.audioplayer:colorIconPrimary) - went through all the xml files and did not find any reference to it - at the category level eg Genre, Rock, it changes to white but no icon style com.maxmpz.audioplayer:colorIconPrimary 2. the different style of the ItemTrackMenuItem also at the eg Genre, Rock level @maxmp can you confirm/comment on the 2 points above
  14. Solved the menu icon However, the com.maxmpz.audioplayer:ItemTrackMenu is used on the main albumart where I set background transparent BUT also in another scenes where you select a category such as genres, rock In my view this level should also display ItemTrackMenu as in the other Library scenes where the background is set An example is shown in the rhs screenshot
  15. Some help requested I have been trying to find the artifacts indicated in the screenshots by red arrows so I can apply a background In merge_item_header.xml NOTE: buttons are invisible in their default style/default scene (e.g. for style ItemHeaderShuffleButton), visible in *_scene_header, and again invisible in *_scene_menu, but optionally positioned differently in *_scene_menu (attached below line2, instead of bottom of view) for better animation to/from layouts with large item size, like scene_item_menu Within the xml the other buttons can easily be identified and applies styles found in style-item.xml <!-- Header --> <style name="ItemHeaderButtonsBg"> <item name="android:visibility">gone</item> </style> <style name="ItemHeaderButtonsBg_scene_header"> </style> <style name="ItemTextHeaderButtonsBg"> <item name="android:visibility">gone</item> </style> <style name="ItemTextHeaderButtonsBg_scene_header"> </style> <style name="ItemHeaderShuffleButton" parent="BlackListIconOnlyHeaderButton"> <item name="android:drawable">?shuffle_24dp</item> </style> <style name="ItemHeaderShuffleButton_scene_header" parent="BlackListIconOnlyHeaderButton_scene_header"></style> <style name="ItemHeaderShuffleButton_scene_menu" parent="BlackListIconOnlyHeaderButton_scene_menu"></style> <style name="ItemHeaderPlayButton" parent="BlackListIconOnlyHeaderButton"> <item name="android:drawable">?play_24dp</item> </style> <style name="ItemHeaderPlayButton_scene_header" parent="BlackListIconOnlyHeaderButton_scene_header"></style> <style name="ItemHeaderPlayButton_scene_menu" parent="BlackListIconOnlyHeaderButton_scene_menu"></style> <style name="ItemHeaderSelectButton" parent="BlackListHeaderButton"> <item name="layout_consumeSpace">reset_horizontal</item> </style> <style name="ItemHeaderSelectButton_scene_header" parent="BlackListHeaderButton_scene_header"> </style> <style name="ItemHeaderSelectButton_scene_menu" parent="BlackListHeaderButton_scene_menu"></style> The shuffle, play and select buttons are defined here but how about the search icon, category label such as All Songs and the menu item Additional points: - the search icon does not apply com.maxmpz.audioplayer:colorIconPrimary but does have "stroke" applied - the search icon in the right hand screenshot has a different style applied (this is at the "2nd" level eg, genres and then list a genre) - searching the toolkit for "search" lists a few drawables, where search_stroke_selector.xml is used on the navbar. No other references are found where these drawables might apply. Can any of the other skin developers ( @Mixified ?) point me in the right direction or failing that @maxmp?
  16. I will try and set the same background as the other icons
  17. @pauldamoyes, I can reproduce it. I will try and hunt this one down. I suspect other skins behave the same.
  18. In addition to w3wilkes post, make sure you export any playlists you want to keep. As for ratings, Poweramp will not preserve these. Only my app is able to export and import these.
  19. @pauldamo checked it out but all 3 grid options look as expected ie text below albumart. By the way nothing was changed in this area , @amber438 unfortunately no
  20. Playlists are stored in the Poweramp database. You can back these up by exporting them as .m3u8 or .m3u playlists
  21. The rating is written to the Poweramp database, not the mp3 tags metadata of the track. That is why i developed functionality in my app to do just that
  22. Uninstall and reinstall will also require the license to be re applied. I struggle with space on my phone and my strategy is to uninstall app such as youtube or any other manufacturers app. It will create more space without it getting removed. I then update my favourite app manually. This works .. so far
  23. @Snowplow Floater the space above normally shows the 4 buttons. I agree, display could be improved but hiding an artifact is one thing, rearranging the layout after that is quite difficult. Yes, track counter, play buttons and seekbar need to be spaced properly. Please get in touch by email so i can communicate more easily
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