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  1. My app shows the Poweramp id when displaying playlists in list view. I added this a while back specifically for tasker use
  2. @andrewilley, i appreciate the feedback. On the alignment issue, as i have limited test devices, it is likely that for some, the alignment is not quite correct. I always advise users to get in touch and send me a screenshot and details of their device. Remind me of your device please
  3. @andrewilley, good to see an example. I will give it another go . In your example the text is attached on the left hand side. As my text is centrd, it cannot be attached either left or right so perhaps that is the issue. I will experiment some more. If it works with left side attached, then I will make this available as an option By the way, Poweramp uses the same hide/show logic for artifacts that are visible by default. It is thus a concious user action to hide.
  4. @andrewilley, I fixed the albumart ratio issue. Tried to move the menu below the albumart and to the right of the track title and album artist. I agree, it does look better but unfortunately in that position it no longer responds to clicks. I think it is because it appears to sit outside its layout container (which is the albumart) and the layouts underneath take over ie sliding for transitions. There is something called z-order to ensure the menu sits on top but this too had no effect. For the moment I reverted back to default top right hand side. I am sure you are aware of the option to hide both rating/like/unlike and menu and that the menu is available anyway by clicking albumart
  5. Latest release now has some of the features requested by @andrewilley and additional colours requested by Eric mesocyclone (Some of the suggestions such as logic with hide options, background for TopSubAAButtons and moving og menu are on the todo list) - font overlock - set playbuttons background colours - text background on some library scenes - improved display of albumart in library and additional orange colours as requested by eric ps. on the display of non square albumart, I have not found anything specific, even in the latest api release so perhaps you can upload an example for me to work with. Anything is possible, you are only limited by your own creativity
  6. @andrewilley, 2 of the selected fonts are .otf instead of .ttf. The .otf appears to be unsupported by Poweramp. (Over;ock is fine) Can I suggest you have a look at https://www.dafont.com/ Perhaps you find your preferred font there.
  7. To your point in the Play Store by the way, I don't think having a wide range of available options is a bad thing per se. The problem comes with the ease - or otherwise - of accessing a lot of options without presenting the user with a dauntingly long list of possibilities. Maybe dividing some of them into drill-down categories might help? e.g. clickable subsections for Fonts/Sizes, Element Visibility, Foreground Colours, Background Colours. @andrewilley I would love to be able to add main menu headers and submenus just as in any app but sor far this is not possible for skins. Perhaps @maxmp will implement this in the near future
  8. @andrewilley have a look here https://www.fontsquirrel.com/, see if there is anything that gets close. We can experiment of course. Try a few and see which one looks best in Poweramp I have added the necessary to set the background of both app default and Poweramp pro buttons Vertical artwork does not seem to be displayed correctly, The last api update was 29 days ago. I wil need to go through its changes and see if there is anything relating to albumart. Navbar icon sizes, you now have the ability to set from 8sp to 32sp in steps of 4 so 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32
  9. @MotleyG, @andrewilley, if it is available under a free license i will add it
  10. @andrewilley, thank you, I am on the case!! As for the font, it is certainly one of the many choices in the paid version
  11. @hrolf1713, yes I agree. that the issue as described by mapmp also exists on the Top playing screen itself although other scenes have a lot more text eg the libabry view. The themes you are referring to, do you mean skins?
  12. @andrewilley, I moved the TopSubAAButtons (as they are known in the skin sdk) down a little. The over;lap often happens when the text size selected is probably too large for the device On the albumart corner, the paid version has your subtle corner. I will work on the other items
  13. @andrewilley, Thank you for this feedback I will try and deal with each of the points. - the front albumart has the subtle corner option but is not carried through to text boxes which is a nice idea and will implement - "and the opaque/etc background chosen for the title/artist/etc fields in the Player screen also" yes, noted - "Are the Pro Button icon-background colours adjustable by the way", yes the full range of colours is available in both free and paid version. -"the vertical spacing in the Player screen for the Title and Album/Artist is messed up on my Galaxy A70 screen", will fix this - "place the three-dots icon on the far-right beside the Title text box? ", yes I can implement this and see what responses are. Note that I will in the first instance apply changes to the paid version. Over time they will end up in the free version. Working on 2 app simultaneously takes too much time.
  14. Looks like a screenshot from my device !! Yes, users request different features. This was a request from one of the forum users.
  15. I removed the post for the moment Whilst posting this I realize it may have something to do with the package name
  16. Thank you @maxmp and @hrolf1713 here is the answer you were looking for
  17. @hrolf1713 i had a look at this but was unable to make it work. The blur attributes are only available in TopListWidget which is used on the main screen. Perhaps @maxmp can enlighten me whether it is possible or not to show the aa blur throughout the app scenes
  18. @Roddo i will restore the show/hide for the volume slider. As for the size of play buttons, as this is basically a cut down version of $yaps$ , the sizes are the same. I may make these configurable in the future. Thank you for posting
  19. My latest release of the free skin completely replaces the previous one. It is actually the paid for version but with some options removed or options reduced. The colour palette is fully available though.
  20. And you are trying to play thhis using Poweramp or some other method? Poweramp and any decent music player should recognise this type. Perhaps try and rename it by removing the 8 from .m3u8 so it becomes .m3u
  21. @MotleyG, nice screenshots, wrong thread though. This is the paid app, not tge free one. Thank you for posting though
  22. A few qyuestions for you. What do you use to export? Does the end result have a .m3u extension?, what does it look like when you open it up with a text editor?
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