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  1. First of all, is your music properly tagged? Eg mp3 artist, album tags are available?. Secondly, my app will not only create Poweramp playlist but also offers a query tool "smart playlists" that does exactly what you are looking for. Links in signature
  2. When importing playlists that contain songs with umlauts in the file name, these entries are deleted from the playlist. What do you mean by import? Poweramp's import of playlists will import native android playlists. Any external .m3u playlists should be located in a folder that Poweramp can scan. It will pick up your playlist, no need to import. Secondly, looking at your sample, the issue appears to be with the umlaut in the folder name. It displays correctly in my app and i would expect that Poweramp would have no issue. Have you checked the tracks actually exist on your device? and if they exist, carefully check that the full path matches the entry in the playlist.
  3. If you got this from playstore I am mistaken, sorry. You have the official version. I will have a look at your playlist though
  4. Thank you for clarifying. I was not aware of the term, probably an age thing 😄
  5. @maxmp is there any way to ensure skin settinngs can be retained after an update? Is there something that needs to be defined in skins.xml ? or is this something Poweramp could provide.
  6. .m3u playlist do not need to be imported. Just make sure Poweramp is able to scan the folders where the playlists are stored.. when you use the import , Poweramp will import playlists found in the android media database on your device, generally a android music player will use the native media database but some apps such as Poweramp maintain their own. My app exposes both android and Poweramp playliists as well as .m3u playlists that you may have
  7. @Absinthequ, i have had other feedback from sony users with a similar issue. As i do not have access to a test model, it is difficult to resolve. I am working with another user to get to the bottom of this. Perhaps you can send me the skin settings?
  8. And if you want a specific app to create, manage playlists, there is always my app New Playlist Manager. It has a lot of integration with Poweramp
  9. It clearly has an issue. Did you try different skins? I have found that quite a number of skins do not install on Huawei with android v7.
  10. @Daniel Knollwhen you say they do not install, what actually happens. I know i can search for the spec but for the benefit of the forum users, what is the android version. As for how to install, if you have the .apk, just tapping it will start the install.
  11. Yes , you need to uninstall a later version. This goes for all android apps
  12. Embedding albumart is best carried out on a pc. There are plenty of free mp3 tagging tools which allow you to add albumart to a file.
  13. There does not appear to be an arm image available: Chrome OS Repository – https://storage.googleapis.com/chrome_os_emulator/addon2-1.xml Chrome OS System Images – https://storage.googleapis.com/chrome_os_emulator/sys-img2-1.xml All it finds is Pixelbook beta x86, api 25. Where can I find the arm image?
  14. I am confused as well, why spend time on v2? I tried to install pamp v3 on chrome os emulator but it will not install of course.
  15. The important part is to set the navbar background (with the yellow icons). It looks like you have this transparent. The gradient is created from background and towards the midddle the navbar colour
  16. @amber438, @trust, latest version is now on Google Play.
  17. It will be in he next release, this weekend. I have provided the gradient background option for each of the waveseek types. Thanks to @amber438for requesting this. Remember you saw it here first !!!. $YAPS$ The only skin you will ever need.
  18. @amber438 I can do this for you it takes the background colour as start and end. The second screenshot shows the navbar background colour as colour at the midpoint. I think I will stick with this
  19. You can only have a solid colour as background so not sure what you have in mind "light do dark" ?
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