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  1. I am quite confident that you can achieve something pretty similar using my skins. No album blur, whitebackground, hide ratings,like,unlike, hide menu, hide waveseek, use wire frame play buttons, scale album art down below 1
  2. @diguitar, latest version was released yesterday. Remember $YAPS$ only
  3. @missmelliss01, it tried to create a skin with this feature a while back, but gave up in the end as it seems as if the album art container is fixed to the left.
  4. The next release will have an option to set the volume slider horizontally or vertically or hide alltogether
  5. Yes, albumblur is a standard feature which can be switched off and replaced with over 100 different colours or a range of patterns using my $yaps$ skin. In addition there are more options to show/hide almost everything on the main ui as well as selecting different play buttons. ( not sure why it does not get a mention in theabove post?)
  6. You can use my app New Playlist Manager (free or paid) to verify your Poweramp ratings. At least this will confirm your assertion. Select Criteria and then pick ratings from the list of options.
  7. @MotleyG, yes it would have to be something like that. There is just not enough room for everything
  8. @diguitar, I assume Playhead is the seekbar? Yes the volume slider can be positioned as in your sceenshot. I do not think there is an equivalent to the "now playing" Not sure what this is
  9. Updated the website with screenshots http://www.theo.klinkweb.nl/poweramp_skin.html
  10. Sounds like you could find my app useful, it allows you to merge playlists (either keep or delete the merged ones) and shuffle the newly merged one Or as i just noticed, do it like @6b6561 suggests
  11. You could try New Playlist Manager which has an option to copy or move a playlist. So instead of marking up, add to playlist and when moved, remove the remaining. You can even rate a playlist in one go
  12. @andrewilley, what is meant by "adaptive", is it material design colours? my app has a range of md colours so could easily add more
  13. the only active skin developers at the moment afaik are myself and mixified. Did you try these?
  14. I checked this out but cannot see any error. I agree it behaves differently though <style name="set_5_library_text_scale_factor"> <item name="library_text_scale_factor">0.5</item> </style> <style name="set_6_library_text_scale_factor"> <item name="library_text_scale_factor">0.6</item> </style> <style name="set_7_library_text_scale_factor"> <item name="library_text_scale_factor">0.7</item> </style> <style name="set_8_library_text_scale_factor"> <item name="library_text_scale_factor">0.8</item> </style> <style name="set_9_library_text_scale_factor"> <item name="library_text_scale_factor">0.9</item> </style> <style name="set_1_library_text_scale_factor"> <item name="library_text_scale_factor">1</item> </style>
  15. the seek thumb gets its colour from the navbar icons, left and right part can be set independently, Thumb height and width increased also coming up new buttons
  16. @andrewilley, yes, i agree on both points. I will add a feature whereby you can also set the colour of the elapsed section.
  17. @james_uk, funny enough after i got my new phone, i did get this message popping up when connecting on my bt earphones. It no longer does so but whether it was Poweramp doing this or the phone itself i do not know. I have been unable to restore the function
  18. Did you try and use a file explorer to navigate there?
  19. @anniebody, i must say as a newbie you are making an "entrance"
  20. There are 4 buttons below albumart, the first one is to switch the visualiser on, try and find it by tapping or back button. You can then switch it off
  21. @andrewilley, unfortunately, this would probably result in the first record returned used for the playlist.
  22. @BingBadaBoom, although maxmp explained the last folder and trackname are used to match, my app simply uses the trackname. It does not care where it is located. It will check this name against the android media database and if found then it will add it to the new android playlist. If this does not work there is an issue with your tracknames.
  23. @Hrynkiv, translations depend on voluntary contributions of users. There is a translations project so perhaps you can join that and supply the Ukranian language
  24. You could try the import facility on New Playlist Manager (or Free New playlist Manager), It will import "foreign" m3u playlists and create new android playlists which you can then export as .m3u again. It also creates a log file so you can check afterwards
  25. so if separated, skin developers would be able to use the 2 fields. Max could provide the artifacts but continue to use the concatenated version
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