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  1. Max has posted 80+ messages to the forums, and at least 3 or 4 test versions of the app, since the end of April. This is compared to a couple of posts a year prior to that, and a two year gap between test releases. He has always said the he prefers to actually get work done rather than frequenting forums or social media though. He did try to subcontract some modules a couple of years ago, and it didn't end well. He admitted that he's a capable programmer, but not exactly cut out for team management and liaison duties. Andre
  2. Sorry, I completely missed that you said you were using Android 4. Unfortunately that isn't supported in 790, all of the material design builds and the final v3 will require Lollipop or above. 704 still worked on older versions of Android, and I thought 709 did too, but perhaps not on your version? The original v2 of Poweramp will be retained as a legacy product for anyone using KitKat or below. Andre
  3. Max did acknowledge that scrobbling wasn't working properly in the betas, and also that he didn't consider it a priority. However he did says that it would be fixed in v3. Andre
  4. I have banned the offending user for a month and removed the posts discussing his activities and PMs. Thanks for the information everyone, and for your patience. If he learns how to behave in polite company he can come back, otherwise it will be permanent (and I gather this is not the first forum he's been banned from). If anyone spots any additional "sock puppet" accounts of his, please let me know and I'll remove those too. Andre
  5. Try uninstalling and re-installing and let it re-scan. Don't restore your settings and playlists before testing though, some people have found the old settings data can cause problems. Andre
  6. andrewilley

    Album Art in Lists

    This is already supported in the new v3 interface, such as test build 790. Andre
  7. andrewilley

    Poweramp default to EQ OFF

    It should remember your EQ off status by default - but perhaps by having any preset saved for Bluetooth, that will be overriding and switching it back on. Andre
  8. andrewilley

    Poweramp default to EQ OFF

    There are presets that can be saved for different output devices (and even specific tracks if you want) so you might need to turn it off and then save that as the setting for Bluetooth. Andre
  9. andrewilley

    Poweramp alpha build-709

    Then it's presumably nothing to do with the duplication of titles, but the second set of files isn't reading correctly. Are the files that are not showing metadata in regular ID3 format, or using some other tagging system? Long-press on one of the songs in PA's library and view is tag info to see if it managed to read anything. Andre
  10. And your device, Poweramp version, ROM version, etc? A couple of things you could try (especially if you are using one of the v3 test releases): Uninstall and reinstall the app (without restoring any backed up settings to start with) Reformat your SD Card and copy all the contents back again (do this with the phone off) Check for any folders or filenames (or tags) with unusual characters, occasionally some extended ASCII characters can cause issues. Andre
  11. andrewilley

    Any existing Poweramp alternatives?

    Remember that beta 790 is not feature-complete, it is more of a user-interface test platform. Album View is available in it, but most of the other missing library features will return soon in the next release. 709 has everything complete, but with the older interface style (although I agree scrobbling can be patchy, I doubt Max has paid much attention to it with all of the other more important stuff that needs doing though). Andre
  12. andrewilley

    Auto Start / Resume

    You could try creating a Tasker (or similar) task which runs a few seconds after device startup to send a MEDIA_PLAY command (or issue a command to Poweramp's API). Andre
  13. andrewilley

    Poweramp alpha build-709

    In case it's a tag-reading issue, could you try temporarily removing the album that works OK from your scanned folders (pop it into an unscanned area for now) and do a Re-scan and see if the other album now shows correctly, or if it is still missing tags. Andre
  14. I remove personal, rude or offensive comments, general discussion comments are fine. Pure ETA requests are moved to a different thread. You are on moderated pre-approval anyway, and your content is often about 50/50, so think yourself lucky that most of them got though. And if you're not happy with that, you can always find yourself another app or forum. Really, please do... Andre