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  1. andrewilley

    Import Playlist missing songs

    Try a Full Rescan. Also worth checking the contents of the .M3U file in a text editor in case something is different in the format between the earlier and later entries. Andre
  2. andrewilley

    Is there an easy to understand shuffle FAQ anywhere?

    Correct. The 'Shuffle Just Songs' option shuffles all of the songs in the currently chosen playback category (which could be an album, an artist, a folder, a playlist, etc, depending on what category mode you are listening in). Similarly 'Shuffle Just Categories' would pick a random album/artist/folder/etc and then play all of its songs in order, then pick a new album/artist/folder/etc at random and play that. For more detail on this subject, please see : Andre
  3. andrewilley

    Shuffle play list

    If you are really talking about a Playlist now (such as one brought in from an .M3U file, or a list of songs you have built up within Poweramp) then simply start it playing from Library > Playlist > (playlist name) by tapping the Shuffle icon. Or if you want to start with a particular song in the playlist before continuing randomly, tap on the song title and then once it has started playing set the Shuffle icon in the Player screen to "Shuffle Just Songs". PA will play all of the songs in the chosen playlist in random order before moving on to the next playlist (or you can repeat the current playlist forever if you prefer, use the Repeat icon to choose). Andre
  4. andrewilley

    Import Playlist missing songs

    You do not need to 'import' file-based playlists, using that feature would just re-import old Android system lists. Instead, copy your newly modified Playlist file (i.e. the .M3U file) to any location that Poweramp is configured to scan. If the automatic scan does not pick it up, do a manual Rescan (or even Full Rescan if necessary). Andre
  5. andrewilley

    Shuffle all songs reverts to search list.

    I tried with a more common search term ("the") but can't duplicate your results. I searched for "the" and started playing one of the resulting albums unshuffled, which showed as track 1/14 for example. Then I turned Shuffle mode to 'All Songs', and it kept playing random songs 1/5320, 2/5320, 3/5320, etc. It went past song titles and album titles with "the" in the title without changing ordering. Andre
  6. As these are one-off playback requirements, I'd just add all of the tracks from the albums to the Queue (long-press on each album title in turn and tap "+ Queue") and just let them all play. Then at the rest stop, add the 2 extra albums to the Queue in the same way (the tracks will be added at the end, so they will play after the currently queued items are finished). You can remove or re-order the tracks after adding if you wish. If you want that sequence of songs to be more permanent and available again in the future, add them to a Playlist instead. Andre
  7. Yes, the paths saved in the Playlist files will be different - easy enough to fix with search&replace in a text editor though - but the actual playlist names should still be recognised and shown in PA, even if they appear to be empty when opened. Have you tried a FULL Rescan? It's also worth checking that the location is definitely enabled (ticked) in PA Settings > Library > Music Folders first, even though it does sound correct from what you've said. Andre
  8. andrewilley

    Poweramp Build 830

    Actually I just had it happen to me. Not sure if it's 830 or my relatively new Pie phone though. While testing something else, just after the screen went to sleep music stopped playing with the message that "Poweramp was killed" when I woke the phone. First time I've seen that (and I use my phone every night for listening to music with the Sleep timer enabled). Andre
  9. andrewilley

    Shuffle play list

    'Playlist' (which you first mentioned) is a specific term referring to a defined list of songs from your music collection in a particular order, often saved in a file with a .M3U extender. Playlist is just one possible category of playback though; you could be listening to an Album, or a Folder, or one particular Artist, or a musical Genre... or a Playlist. In your case above, I suspect you were asking about shuffling all of the songs within the currently chosen playback category (such as Artist or Album) not shuffling the songs within one Playlist. Andre
  10. andrewilley

    Pitch knob

    To answer the original question: No, Poweramp does not have a separate Pitch control. However as @blaubär rightly says, it would probably not be very complicated for the dev to add one if he felt there was actually enough demand for it (most the code is probably already there inside the Tempo feature in order to pitch-correct during faster or slower playback). No need for any further argument about this, it's a Feature Request. Dynamic Range Compression (sometimes called companding) is something completely different, and is also not supported as a user setting in Poweramp. It's a processing technique where the extreme points of high and low volume are smoothed out to make the overall output run at more of an equal volume without any sudden loud (or quiet) bits. Useful for night listening, or radio stations use it to make their overall audio output 'seem' louder or more equal than it really is. Also very much akin to dynamic normalisation in some apps. Andre
  11. andrewilley

    Is there an easy to understand shuffle FAQ anywhere?

    If you want to listen to each album by an artist, but with the songs played in random order within each album: Library > Artists > (tap on your chosen artist's name) > (tap on the first album title that you'd like to start with) > Shuffle icon If you want to listen to all music by an artist (regardless of albums) in completely random order: Library > Artists > (tap on your chosen artist's name) > All Artist Songs > Shuffle icon Alternatively, if you know where you want to start, you could also just set any song playing in either the Artist>Album list, or the Artist>All Artist Songs list, by simply tapping on the song title, and then use the Shuffle icon in the Player screen to enable Shuffle Songs/Categories (or just Shuffle Songs). Andre
  12. andrewilley

    Can't disable the equalizer anymore

    Long-press on a preset in the Presets list, then tap 'Assign'. You can then assign the preset to somewhere else, or unassign it completely (which keeps the setting saved, but does not automatically load it it for any particular song/album/device). Andre
  13. andrewilley

    Help: Poweramp cant locate music

    A few people have reported similar issues with build 830 from the Play Store on Android Pie. Try downloading the same version (830) from the Downloads tab here and install that. If that doesn't work, try rolling back to 829 instead (you'd need to uninstall first, but given that you haven't set anything up yet there would be no need to backup settings/playlists in this case). Andre
  14. Or embrace it, it's a very powerful feature if you use it right. You just need to remember that it is designed to be a temporary interruption to your normal listening, not your regular playback mode. Andre
  15. Agreed, the PA Queue is not meant for regular playback, it there there to enqueue a few specific songs that you want to listen to away from your normal playback. 'Normal' playback categories in this case would be listening to an Album, on an Artist, or a Folder - or for user-defined sequences, a Playlist. That is how Poweramp is designed to work; other players may work differently of course, and that's their prerogative too. You can however adjust some of the Queue's behaviour in Settings > Library > Queue. One option that might prove useful here is the 'On Queue End' feature, which can be set to stop/repeat the current Queue rather than automatically returning to the previous (regular) playback category. Whether PA then repeats the same Queue or just stops completely at the end is then controlled by how you set the Repeat mode icon in the main player screen. That option would also have the effect of stopping playback (after the current track) if you clear the Queue completely, as PA will handle that as a queue-end scenario. Andre