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  1. You can actually force this effect with perfect timing of the swipe gesture, but it'd be such a randomly stabbed swipe you'd never do anything useful with it anyway. Andre
  2. Did you try going into PA Settings > Audio > Output > Restore Defaults. Worth a try in case Google is helpfully recovering and old settings from the cloud for you, even on a 'new' install. Also try turning DVC off. If you do have it turned on, make sure Absolute Volume Control for BT is turned OFF in your Android Developer Options. Andre
  3. Does seem odd. If you import the 'problem' settings file again, does the issue always come back? If so, perhaps you could upload it so Max can take a look? Andre
  4. As far as I know, you can get it to sync your music files from your PC to your phone. PA will scan the music from there on. You may be able to copy playlist files over too, not sure. Andre
  5. @calebgilk What do you mean by "somehow my speakers broke down" ? Andre
  6. Assuming you purchased it via the website link, contact poweramp.maxmpz @ gmail.com. If you purchases via a Google account / Play Store then you need the same account on any device you wish to use the purchase on. Andre
  7. Whatever playlist-add operation you are doing is triggering a reshuffle. Check the current/tracknumber display between the Viz/Timer icons and the Repeat/Shuffle icons. I think you'll find the count is going back to '1' - i.e. first track in a newly shuffled folder. Andre
  8. Does this reduction in volume tend to occur during loud (100% peak) passages? If you wind the bass up to full (which is not usually a good idea) you should consider reducing the main pre-amp gain by a similar amount to avoid either clipping (distortion) or volume reduiction (if you have the Limiter enabled). Andre
  9. Just download it from the Downloads tab at the top of the page - https://forum.powerampapp.com/files/category/5-poweramp-equalizer/ Note: that version will only work with website purchased licences (single device). If you bought your licence from the Play Store, you need to use a Play Store downloaded copy. Andre
  10. Turn Auto Update off (in PA Settings > Library > Scanner) and as long as the update hasn't broken any permissions, PA should continue to operate with its existing library database. Andre
  11. @RennoMc Have you tried re-running the ADB shell command? The MIUI update could have cleared that permission. Andre
  12. That is what the Shutdown Intent is for. But not all devices (and especially some of the no-name Chinese Android headunits) use standard intents, hence the PA option to add to that list if you happen to know what your device is sending. Andre
  13. Ah, so you are talking about screen sharing, not audio output specifically (PA can use Chromecast Audio). Andre
  14. Thanks Max, I wasn't completely sure if that option was available via the EQ app too, it's not mentioned on the main 'Buy' web page details. I've just done a clean install on a new device and taken some screenshots so I know for any future questions. Andre
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