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  1. I know Max has plans to make some of the buttons under the cover artwork (such as Visualisation and Sleep) user-configurable, so maybe Delete could be supported in those choices. Still dangerous though, not something I'd welcome without a warning prompt, but technically it could be done. Andre
  2. That would be a very dangerous too - permanently delete on a single tap without confirmation, not something I'd want anyway. Andre
  3. It's down to Android how it interprets its lockscreen contents. Or you can pass it over to PA completely, and have the whole PA screen on there, with all controls. Andre
  4. Any version of Poweramp should work fine on Android 6, even the really old legacy v2. The latest release on the website download page is currently build 888, or you can get build 884 on the Play Store. You'd need to use the Play Store version initially if you want to use an already-purchased Play Store licence key, but you can update it manually with a website download later if you wish. Remember you may need to keep an internet connection live on the device for a day or two to ensure the licence has validated and saved. Andre
  5. Poweramp itself does not cast its screen anywhere. There are Android options such as Chromecast and Android Auto that will send audio and a limited interface to other devices, but not PCs per se. There are lots of apps around that will mirror your phone's screen to a PC though, or just use Window 10's built-in 'Your Phone' feature to run an Android app from your phone in a window on your PC: Andre
  6. There are two options, either display the whole Poweramp UI with all features (a few, such as deleting files etc, won't be available until you fully unlock the device), or use the simpler Android lockscreen controls that give you access to playback controls via your regular lockscreen (the look will vary depending on your Android version). Andre
  7. What is the fault message that Bluetooth sends, and does that display on the car stereo, on your phone, or in Poweramp? I assume you are on Android 9 or 10 with a device like that? Does audio work with any other Bluetooth devices (headset, etc)? There are a couple of things you can try. Unpair and re-pair the bluetooth connection and try again. Try using a different AVRCP mode (in Android Settings > Developer Options). Andre
  8. How does bluetooth fail? No connection, no audio? What sort of bluetooth device? Andre
  9. What version of Android does your car headunit run? Some of these devices are really antiquated and are still on KitKat (4.4) or lower. Version 3 of Poweramp requires at least Android 5.0 to run, although for legacy devices you can still download and use the final v2 release (build 588) from Andre
  10. Do you have Settings > Misc > Keep Service enabled? Andre
  11. Sorry, so has what you said before changed now? Andre
  12. @CaptainToes Which brings us back to what specifically are you asking to be added to PA, given that the examples you gave are from studio audio products? Parametric EQ adjustment perhaps? Or the colourful visual representation? Andre
  13. Did you clear/reformat the SD Card too, or was clearing app data and starting again sufficient? Andre
  14. Some devices lock their bitrates to specific frequency settings, which might be what you are seeing - e.g. 192kHz output forces 24-bit, while 384kHz forces 32-bit. To be honest though, 32-bit is little more than an audio marketing gimmick. Even 24-bit gives you the dynamic range of silence up to a hearing-damaging 144dB (louder than being next to a jet aircraft during take-off). See https://www.mojo-audio.com/blog/the-24bit-delusion/ Andre
  15. Yes, I reported this when 888 was released, it does seem to be a general issue. (Post moved from Legacy v2 forum to the Build 888 thread) Andre
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