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  1. Might not be related, but I recently noticed that when the control button backgrounds are set to an Opaque colour, the transparency value of just the central Play/Pause button seems to change slightly when it transitions between states. Wasn't really worth mentioning on its own, but in case it's linked: Andre
  2. Not easily in Poweramp, no. While you can use the Search icon at the top of a Playlist to find the entries, if you select any songs from the results list, the Delete option only offers the normal File Delete functionality, not the facility to remove a song from the playlist. I agree that if the search results all come from a single playlist then it would make sense for Poweramp to show the 'Remove from Playlist, or Delete File' prompt. You ought to be able to do this more easily using the third-party app 'New Playlist Manager' though. Andre
  3. As long as your music is tagged reasonably consistently, the Split Multiple Artists feature works really well. It's not quite so good if you've got a lot of Artist names formatted (for example) as "Artist A and Artist B", because using "and" or "&" as a separator can mess up a lot of legitimate band names too. Single files are easy to change in Poweramp using the Info/Tags > Edit Tags feature, but if you find you need to do a lot I'd suggest a session in a batch editor on a computer is the best solution. I use TagScanner, but MP3Tag is good too; load your whole collection into one
  4. Looks like you need to enable the 'Split Multiple Artists' feature. This will allow Poweramp to treat the semicolon within the Artist's name information as a separator - so instead of seeing lots of entries like "A$AP Ferg ; Artist B", "A$AP Ferg ; Artist C" and "A$AP Ferg ; Artist D", etc you would see individual named entries in the Artist list for "A$AP Ferg", "Artist B", "Artist C" and "Artist D". You can set as many separator symbols as you want to encompass your whole music collection - even including full terms such as "feat.", "ft.", etc. Go into PA Settings > Library > Scan
  5. No, Replay Gain would have to be handled by the player app, not by an external equalizer which has no access to the source file. Abdre
  6. It's not so much a case of what apps the Poweramp Equalizer supports, but more a case of what other apps allow external equalization of their audio output. Andre
  7. Have you got round to reading the instructions in the forum yet? What apps are you trying to use, do they support external equalizers? Otherwise, try: Andre
  8. To make SoundCloud itself support external EQ apps natively, you need to contact the Soundcloud devs and get them up update their code (it's a very simple change). However there are workarounds that may help. Have you run the ADB permissions fix which allows a lot more apps to be set up as Known Players? Andre
  9. @Enrique_Salazar If you bought direct from the website, please contact poweramp.maxmpz@gmail.com to get your registration details updated. However if you bought from the Play Store, you need to have the original Google account that you originally purchased with on the new device, Google purchases cannot be transferred between accounts. Andre
  10. As far as I recall, the Shuffle icon at the top of any Category's song-list view (including the one shown at the top of every Playlist) has always triggered 'Shuffle Songs and Categories' mode. Selecting this mode means that all of the songs in the currently viewed Playlist will be played in random order, exactly as expected. The 'Categories' bit only comes into play to determine what happens next - assuming you have 'Advance Categories' set as your Repeat mode anyway. In 'Shuffle Songs and Categories', another playlist will be chosen at random and then all of its songs will be played in
  11. When doing direct comparisons, make sure especially that DVC is only enabled for app one or the other, trying to have both enabled won't work. There will most likely be differences in the sound between the two though. As I understand it, they each work in fundamentally different ways. Poweramp has all of its audio processing code included within the app itself, so all of the EQ processing is done internally in Poweramp before passing it (via Android) to the output hardware. The stand-alone EQ app is more like a 'front-end' which passes the actual audio processing tasks over to Android's a
  12. A similar Android Auto bug was just reported in another thread, which seems easier to replicate across various flatter Categories. I think it's likely to be related to this report too. Andre
  13. Actually this seems to happen with Android Auto in any Category - Albums, Artists, Folders, Playlists, etc. @maxmp If you go into any category in AA, and tap the Shuffle button at the top of the songs list, PA starts shuffling the first group object in that Category rather than the currently viewed one. Andre
  14. It's not generally a good idea to use both equalizers at the same time. Just disable the stand-alone app from working with the main Poweramp app's output - untick it in PA-EQ > Settings > Equalizer > Known Players. Andre
  15. Try setting the Hi-Res output frequency to 192kHz/24-bit. Also try with DVC on or off. Andre
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