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  1. Possibly, but more likely that the song has that image associated with it somewhere. Andre
  2. Artist art is auto-downloaded for use in the Artists view, but it should not be sent as a song cover art image. Andre
  3. As that's a modern car head-unit, does it support Android Auto? What shows on the phone's player display, it should be the same image that's sent via Bluetooth? Andre
  4. CUE files can contain all sorts of extra metadata, but mostly it's just basic stuff like Album Title, Album Artist, Track Title, Track Artist/Performer, etc. All things which should also be saved in the embedded tags within each file (unless the CUE file is generating pseudo-tracks from a long audio file). Embedded tags are a much more sensible solution as they become part of the individual files themselves, rather than needing an external logfile which may not be copied with the audio files. CUE files are just plain text, so you can open them in a text editor and see if there's anything in there that you need, -especially anything that is not contained within the audio file tags anyway. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cue_sheet_(computing) . If you have any concerns, you can include one or two in this thread if you like. Andre
  5. CUE files are only useful in Poweramp when you have a single large audio file encompassing a whole album, for which you want to define multiple separate songs contained within the large file. Otherwise, CUE files that point to a separate file for each track are redundant as the individual files will already be scanned and added to PA's library based on their tags anyway. If you have software that is generating redundant CUE files, either disable that feature or delete the unnecessary CUE files manually. You could also try disabling Settings > Library > Scanner > Parse CUE Files, but that may have other consequences for necessary CUE files. Andre
  6. Great, once you'd confirmed which version of PA you were trying to install, that FAQ would have been my next suggestion. Glad you've got it sorted anyway. Andre
  7. Personally I've always felt that a simple linear A-B crossfade is of limited real-world use. I don't use it at all myself because it only works well if both the end of one track and the start of the next have gradual volume changes anyway. However if either song commences/ends with a bang rather than whimper, a timed linear crossfade never works. For example if a song ends of an abrupt drumbeat or a closing lyric it doesn't make sense for it fade out early, nor does it make sense to fade in a song that starts in a similarly abrupt manner. My own suggestion would be to use threshold values, so the fade crossover point triggers when the outgoing song level drops below a certain dB threshold, and the incoming song is timed so it starts when the song hits a similar threshold level. So for example, if one song ends with a nice long fadeout and the next one starts with an equally gradual beginning, the thresholds would be hit quite a way into both tracks and a simple five second linear crossfade could be carried out which would work perfectly. However if you are going from Queen's We Will Rock You (which cuts-out dead on an abrupt guitar chord) to the Star Wars Theme (which starts with an instantly loud fanfare) then the trigger thresholds would be right at the end/start of the tracks and you would only hear a fraction of a second's fade to avoid losing either the final chord of Queen or the first dramatic note of Star Wars. Andre
  8. I'd hazard a guess that the cached version of the image, which Poweramp stores in a temporary folder using a generated filename based on a combination of the artist and the title, is too long for a buffer or for the filesystem. Linux allows 255 character filenames, but I read somewhere that 127 is considered the 'safe' limit in Android - and even without the artist name or the .jpg extension, that same is already 116 characters. I would suggest for now that you embed the cover artwork into the audio files rather than using in-folder images. Andre
  9. Try uninstalling the old version first. Best to use the Play Store version if you can (currently build 882, https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.maxmpz.audioplayer), or if that does not work try latest download from here on the website (883, https://forum.powerampapp.com/files/file/70-poweramp-v3-build-883-uniapk/ ). Andre
  10. Another Sunday morning and it's really quiet in the forums today, so I thought I'd mention that if you listen in random play a lot of the time, it's great when you hear a fantastic album that you'd almost forgotten about. Thank you Shuffle Gods. Andre
  11. I agree that using a long-press shuffle selector (as and when Max implements that feature) should result in the chosen option becoming the default for that category for the next time you tap the icon. To be honest, I'd like that to happen in the Player screen too: so long-press would allow choosing a new shuffle mode, while single-tap would simply enable/disable that Shuffle. As I almost always use the same shuffle mode, it's a bit long-winded to go cycling through all the options, or choose from a five-item list, every time I just want to turn it on or off. Andre
  12. If you press Shuffle when viewing the Albums category, it will do what you have asked - i.e. randomly play the songs of those albums in a randomised order. After one album is finished, it will then pick a new album at random and play that in randomised order, until all albums have been shuffled/played. The same sort of thing would happen if you choose folders, artists, etc. If it shuffled categories only, then the songs within each album would be played in normal order. If you do want that to happen, just tap on a song title rather than using the overall Shuffle icon, and then select 'Shuffle Categories' in the player screen. Andre
  13. Can you PM Max with the email address you sent the log from, makes it easier to find specific reports. Andre
  14. Not working for me in 883 either, looks like the fix missed this release. Andre
  15. While your BT device is connected, adjust the EQ settings and tap 'Save', then choose your current device from the list and tap Add. The newly saved preset will be auto-assigned for that BT device. Andre
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