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  1. Presumably it is starting when Bluetooth connects? Does it start playing, or just opens the app screen? Take a look in Settings > Headset/Bluetooth for starters anyway. Andre
  2. You have tried removing the SD Card and re-inserting it I assume? There have been a few reports of this sort of issue with Android Q (10) beta versions due to changes Google have made to file access methods, but not with Android 9 as far as I'm aware. Andre
  3. PA for some reason cannot see your SD Card and thinks it has been unmounted. Does it work for other apps? Has your Android version updated recently? Andre
  4. When viewing the Recently Added songs list, tap the three-dots menu icon and in List Options you can choose how the list should be sorted (including by filesystem date, or date added to library). Andre
  5. Yes, if you have excessively large images (over 1000x1000, I seem to recall?) then I'm pretty sure PA will scale them down to reduce memory consumption. Mine are mostly 500x500, although a few are a bit larger. Andre
  6. Just enter your friend's email address as the account, and make sure they use the same account details on their phone. They will get the confirmation email, so let them know to expect it. Andre
  7. Normally Albums appear first in the search results. I wonder if you've got them disabled in the Search List Options ? Tap the three-dots icon in the search screen and use List Options to choose what type of results you'd like to see, and in what layout. Andre
  8. As I said, that's by design. There is a background process to allow audio playback while you are doing other things with your device. It does not need the main player interface to be loaded in order for it to continue. Just press the pause button, much easier than messing around with swiping things away from the recent tasks list. Andre
  9. What skins are you trying to use? As long as you are using v3 skins with the v3 app (or v2 skins with the v2 app) then I've not come across any major issues. You obviously can't use old v2 skins with v3 of the app though, as the interface layout, icons, controls, textual content, etc were all completely updated for modern devices - that would be a bit like expecting an old VHS tape to fit into your new DVD player. Certain Huawei ROMs had problems with loading some specific v3 skins a while back (thread) but I think that has been resolved now, could that be your issue? You don't give much info to go on... Andre
  10. Press the play/pause button in the app or the Status Bar Notification. If you just exit from the user interface by pressing Back or Home, playback is meant to continue in the meantime while you do other stuff (there is a service which runs in the background to ensure this). Andre
  11. Very odd, must be something strange with the way your sync software is writing the file back so PA is seeing it as a new item. Does a FULL Rescan (bottom of Settings > Library) make any difference? Andre
  12. How large are the images in question? PA caches artwork up to a maximum size (it would eat too much memory to cache huge images for every song). Andre
  13. The above are now added to the Knowledgebase FAQs list. Andre
  14. I think notifications, rings, etc still occur, they are just silent. You would need to disable the ability for calls to be received at all, I guess putting the phone into Flight Mode would do that. Andre
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