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  1. I was just repeating what I said in my initial reply, which you then questioned. As I've said, Poweramp is designed to be a pure music player. If you want a general media player there are lots out there you can try. Personally, for video I use MX Player (which does not index and play music files as far as I know). Horses for Course I guess, rather than trying to be a Jack of All Trades (to horribly mix two metaphors). I've just checked, and you are right that for some reason overall running time is not included in just the drilldown album level for two specific categories, Artists and Album Artists - although it is present in the top level view for both of those categories. It also works fine in Folders, Albums, Albums by Artist, Genre, Composers, Playlists, etc. That definitely needs addressing as a glitch though, as it's meant to work everywhere. Thanks for the reminder. Andre
  2. That is not a feature in PA v3. It was in v2 when player controls for the current song were embedded within lists , but that was before the miniplayer bar at the bottom of list screens was introduced. Andre
  3. The clue is in the product description I guess: "Poweramp Music Player for Android". Sorry, but there are no plans to turn it into a general media/video/etc player. Oh, and Album Length (plus other category lengths) is already supported in category lists by default, and you can also display it in the header info at the top of each song list (Settings > Library > Lists > Headers with Meta). Andre
  4. There are dozens (hundreds?) of bizarre tags available, I doubt PA will ever use them all to be honest. Andre
  5. Too many options for a poll, it's unlikely to give any sensible results as people will want many of them. And no point in including things that have been stated that will never happen (such as Video playback). Andre
  6. Just use the Stay in Queue option, but make sure Repeat is turned off (or to Advance List) in the main Player screen. Andre
  7. At the moment, Poweramp does not support multiple artist names for one song (so the entire name "Ed Sheeran ft. Justin Bieber" would be considered one unique artist name, just like a multi-word band name). In the longer term, it is planned to allow separating multiple artist names in the same way you currently can with Genres. The default is to use ";" or "//" as separators, but that is already user-configurable - simply using "&", "/" or "," is not such a good idea as those exist within existing group names such as "AC/DC" or "Crosby, Stills & Nash". Andre
  8. It does sound a bit that way, but I see why it would be useful to you now. Andre
  9. After Pie has been installed, it might be an idea to reset all the Output methods back to their defaults, as the appropriate settings might now be different. Settings > Audio . Output > Restore Defaults. Andre
  10. Stopping playback (rather than just pausing) would probably reset the shuffle list, yes. You could try making 're-shuffles' less common using the new experimental option in Settings > Library > Lists > No Reshuffle. Andre
  11. You haven't got any Visualisations turned on have you? Otherwise, I'd take it up with the head-unit manufacturer. Andre
  12. Search for milkdrop presets on the web and install them in the folder /Android/Data/_com.maxmpz.audioplayer/milk_presets/. You may then need to do a Rescan of presets in PA Settings > Visualization. Which alpha version by the way, the code may not be as sophisticated in early releases as it is in more recent releases. Andre
  13. The whole point of that feature in the Player screen menu is to show the currently playing song, but within a different category view (i.e. within a folder, an album, or the artist's other songs). Thus it has to go to a songs list rather than a higher album/etc view. If you want to go up another level though, just tap the Back button. Andre
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