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  1. @SynekPablo oh,i see.you must be a kind man.thx for your patient explanation!!
  2. @SynekPablowhat do you mean? does it sound better in andriod 8 rather than andriod 6?? i've try migrated PA to sd card,but it seems anriod 6 doesn't support this operation.want to hear your opinion🙏🙏
  3. @SynekPablohi,happen to find your reviews so minute&professional!! my axon 7 had just degrade to andriod 6 from 7,in order to enjoy better sound quality.but then i start to confuse that why the variant display shows 'snapdragon pcm',instead of 'direct hd'(in andriod 7 it was)??i can feel the sound improved now, by the way.
  4. just don't forgot why you start,and locks your eyes only on the spot,we all trust you!!~that's what i would like to tell max!
  5. it seem that root is necessary for the installation.since the pursuit for hires isn't straightfully available,i suppose not to lie and accuse the developer of his hard work.we just deserve waiting cuz we can't help.
  6. i wander how it's hires-playback work,cuz i can't find the selection.i mean stellio~
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