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Poweramp Powered by Tasker


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I listen to a lot of music with Poweramp, often in shuffle all tracks mode, often while driving.
The feature that I missed from Poweramp were:
1. delete in one shot a running track because it did not like
2. delete in one shot an entire album while I listen to a track belonging to it
3. immediately switch from shuffle all tracks to shuffle all track from the artist's current track 
4. immediately switch from shuffle all tracks to album's current track 

I have long studied this blog and in the end I was able to do it all!

The system is simple and uses the following tools:

Rooted Smartphone
Tasker SQLite Plugin
KWGT (as one of the possible users of the Action Tasker)
PEBBLE (another user of Action Tasker)

The method:

1. A Tasker Profile launches an intent that acts as a trigger to retrieve the information of the current track
2. A Tasker Action retrieve many (including the index of the current track), but not all the necessary information
3. Make a copy the Poweramp database files from the root folder "data / data / com.maxmpz.audioplayer / databases / folder.db" in the internal memory of the smartphone
4. Another Tasker Action contains an SQLite statement (using the index of the current track) that acts on the Poweramp database to retrieve all the missing information (in my case, Album code, Artist code)
5. Other Tasker Actions uses the information obtained and other Poweramp intent to do anything and thus realize the one-shot actions that I listed at the beginning of this article (underlined)

Once the Tasker Actions carried out, it is easy to recall them with a system like KWGT or for example my Pebble.

The attached project will give the opportunity to better understand what I just described.

I'm available for clarifications.



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some suspicious text in your xml documents. Apple metadata? 

   Mac OS X                  2  ‘    Ã                                      ATTR      Ã   È  û                 È  µ  %com.apple.metadata:kMDItemWhereFroms   }   F  com.apple.quarantine bplist00¢_\https://mail-attachment.googleusercontent.com/attachment/u/0/?

on the face of it I would not recommend the download

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really impressed, especially with the "Delete in one shot" tsk.

(I've been using Autoinput and opening Poweramp to do it manually so far.)

Albeit I had do edit the 01 Delete.tsk

to use the "File Delete" option on the %PATH Variable you defined.

 => permanent deletion

(The simple 'file move process" you defined didn't work for me...)



One question:

As you are so adept at using Tasker and Poweramp:

Have you figured out a way yet, to utilise the "Seekbar" in a Tasker Scene and have it reflect the current playtime aswell as allowing for scrubbing ?

I can only surmise that KWLP might somehow be able to do it.

Or maybe MediaUtilities. https://eastbysouth.wordpress.com/2014/05/14/media-utilities-variables-available/


Thanks for any reply.


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