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  1. Nevermind, I got it. Used "krow.dev.scheme" to fetch the proper intent (by experimening), then read out "/data/data/krow.dev.scheme/files/default.realm.managment/log_b" et voilĂ , done) Then execute it like this: sudo "am broadcast 'intent:#Intent;action=com.maxmpz.audioplayer.API_COMMAND;package=com.maxmpz.audioplayer;i.cmd=1;end'"
  2. So, these "API_Commands" Poweramp has, that are typically called via Tasker, suchas: Sources:stackoverflow.com/questions/19769716/how-to-send-string-intent-extra-value-from-command-line _reddit.com/r/tasker/comments/97y70u/how_can_i_this_shell_command_change_to_intent/_gist.github.com/burinov/d617be5eadc60d4021e3de6841e04c7c _stackoverflow.com/questions/49542964/reform-tasker-intent-to-shell_vogella.com/tutorials/AndroidBroadcastReceiver/article.html-stackoverflow.com/questions/17717728/how-to-broadcast-intent-with-extras-through-adb-shell I've been wondering: How can they be called via "shell" broadcast ? sudo am broadcast --el "cmd 1" -a com.maxmpz.audioplayer.API_COMMAND am start -a com.maxmpz.audioplayer.API_COMMAND --es "cmd" "1" doesn't work (error "bad component") Neither does using am start -n com.maxmpz.audioplayer ..." or am start -a android.intent.action.MAIN -n com.maxmpz.audioplayer/.PowerampAPIActivity --es "cmd" "1" or even am start -a "android.intent.action.VIEW" -c "com.maxmpz.audioplayer.API_COMMAND" --es "cmd" "1" help at all... PBMC in conjunction with the (now defunct?) "Poweramp Shortcuts" does it like this (not a shell cmd, obviously): #Intent;action=android.intent.action.VIEW;launchFlags=0x4000000;component=com.mohammadag.powerampshortcuts/.MainActivity;i.PowerampAction=6;end Anyone here who got this to work ? PS: I don't want to use tasker. I'm trying to keep a minimal setup on this device, and if I can call api actions with shell then that is more than enough.
  3. Is your music that times out encoded in "vbr" by any chance ? Vbr can break seeking with quite some music decoders... try cbr.
  4. I suppose a seekbar on the widget is impossible... due to... widget reasons, right ? (I'd even take multiple %-of-track buttons) A "mark track with thumb up if upvoted" would also be nice.
  5. Will those be supported in the near future ? (Currently milkdrop only afaik)
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