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  1. Is your music that times out encoded in "vbr" by any chance ? Vbr can break seeking with quite some music decoders... try cbr.
  2. I suppose a seekbar on the widget is impossible... due to... widget reasons, right ? (I'd even take multiple %-of-track buttons) A "mark track with thumb up if upvoted" would also be nice.
  3. Will those be supported in the near future ? (Currently milkdrop only afaik)
  4. Also: Winamp has some preloaded. Just install it and extract the files from it's folder.
  5. Requests: **Related to widget:** - Have a widget that also displays the current star rating (as there is no real other way to access it...) **Related to Program itself** - Intents to starrate songs (from 0 - 5 stars) Thats all. Nothing else I really need. You addressed everything else (and made it impossible to delete Poweramp till the day I die comes) On a personal note: You did an outstanding job on Poweramp. Just when I thought you couldn't improve it any more, you went ahead and added visualizers and a "Most Played" Playlist. Simply amazing *bows and takes of imaginary hat*
  6. Hi, really impressed, especially with the "Delete in one shot" tsk. (I've been using Autoinput and opening Poweramp to do it manually so far.) Albeit I had do edit the 01 Delete.tsk to use the "File Delete" option on the %PATH Variable you defined. => permanent deletion (The simple 'file move process" you defined didn't work for me...) One question: As you are so adept at using Tasker and Poweramp: Have you figured out a way yet, to utilise the "Seekbar" in a Tasker Scene and have it reflect the current playtime aswell as allowing for scrubbing ? I can only surmise that KWLP might somehow be able to do it. Or maybe MediaUtilities. https://eastbysouth.wordpress.com/2014/05/14/media-utilities-variables-available/ Thanks for any reply. 01_Delete.tsk.xml
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