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Let this be quick, i tried everything, every option, the list shows filenames, which is cool, so does the player ui, but then. The widget, and when I search for album cover myself, it doesn't include the numbers in the song name.

For example : 3000 Miles will show up as miles - artist name

And 2am- artist will show as am-artist


And, I don't how the Id3 tags, I even make sure they are deleted, cause I find them annoying. 

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(moved to Bugs forum)

I see the same thing in both the folders/filenames list, and also in the Player UI, using the latest alpha release, so it does seem to be intended functionality for some reason. Perhaps this might be because a lot of filename-only tracks tend to have a track number at the start, which you wouldn't normally want displayed in the Title field? However I can see the problem with song titles that actually start with a number. For now, I would suggest renaming any files where this happens and you don't want it to with an extra character at the start (e.g. "~2000 Miles - The Pretenders") 


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I know that there is a settling for displaying filenames as titles of songs. But I want to use titles from tags normally. Only when the tag is empty I'd like to see the file name, but the whole file name and not without numbers at the beginning as it is now. I have some files without tags which are named as "number - NameOfAlbum" which is totally OK for me till the player deliberately cuts the number of song at the beginning of its name.

Is there in the program such a setting for displaying the whole file name only when the title in the tag is empty, otherwise use the tag name?

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