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Issue with HI-RES Output and Bluetooth DVC

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Hi everyone,

I recently discovered a few problems related to HI-RES output, and these issues manifest differently on various output devices.

    1.    Bluetooth DVC cannot be enabled: Despite enabling the “Disable Bluetooth Absolute Volume” option in Developer mode and restarting Bluetooth, Poweramp still indicates that Bluetooth Absolute Volume is enabled. Consequently, Bluetooth DVC functionality is unavailable. This issue is specific to Galaxy Buds Pro 2; other headphones (tested with Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro) do not exhibit this problem.
    2.    HI-RES output failure when DVC is enabled: Enabling DVC in the audio settings results in a “HI-RES output failed; using default output” message, and the output mode switches to OpenSL ES. Disabling DVC allows normal HI-RES output (excluding a specific scenario described below).
2.1. Following the scenario in point 1, Galaxy Buds Pro 2 cannot enable Bluetooth DVC, and when using HI-RES output, it still encounters the error mentioned in point 2.
2.2. After receiving the error in 2.1, checking the audio information reveals that the device is using HI-RES output, and the volume control shows “no DVC for Bluetooth absolute volume.”
2.3. Switching to Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro, enabling “Disable Bluetooth Absolute Volume” replicates the situation in 2.1, while disabling this option results in the scenario described in 2.2.

HI-RES output settings: 44.1kHZ/48kHZ, 16-bit/24-bit

Device Information:

    •    Phone Model: Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
    •    System Version: One UI 6.0 / Android 14
    •    Software Version: Build 981 (981004-ed39e1a4)
    •    Output Devices: Speaker/Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro 2/Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro

I’m attaching an audio output log and a screenshot of the error page captured during the occurrence of 2.2 for further investigation.

Thank you for your attention to these issues.

13:47:20.626 build-981-uni

Device: samsung samsung SM-S9180 dm3qzcx kalama "qcom" dm3q UP1A.231005.007.S9180ZCS2BWL1 [arm64-v8a, armeabi-v7a, armeabi]


kalama is_snapdragon

Snapdragon Android 12+

samsung band


OLD changelist=1222469

USB can handle Hi-Res - sdk=34

>>>OK flags=0x11611c600000000





















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@DorodoroOne 1. You can disable that auto detection by disabling “no dvc for the absolute volume” option. This will only disable the absolute volume detection.

2. If hi-res output fails, you can use AudioTrack or AAudio outputs for the BT. Both are capable of LDAC 96khz.

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