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G'day, I've been using android since the first samsung galaxy came out and Poweramp is the only app that i have ever felt worthy of paying for, if it costs money i won't use it but Poweramp is just too good not to have full access to and now it is the only one that i have ever decided to comment on, it's a realy good app, congrats on that but i have two devices, my phone and a tablet and i use only Poweramp on both of them, i had several hundred songs on my phone when i got my tablet so i installed Poweramp and transferred all my songs to my tab, now almost two years later i have considerable my songs on my phone then my tab and as times goes by the diff gets bigger and the only way to update my tab would be to download them one by one and thats just more hassle than its worth.

it would be really nice to see a playlist update feature where i can click on it while my seperate devices are sitting next to or near each other and then the Poweramp apps on devices will link up and the one i use to initate the link will then go through the playlist of the other and find out what songs it has that the other one doesn't have then begin transferring and update the playlist of the lessor Poweramp, that way no matter what device is used to download songs on it will then become a very simple way to keep everything updated. If you could look into the possibility of that and let me know then that would be great.

p.s. being able to play music videos would be great too, i have a heap of them too and the music plays but it would be nice to see the videos without having to use another app.

p.p.s a Poweramp for laptops would be awesome so that we can then use Poweramp no matter what device we are on. Cheers. Sorry about the long post btw

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If you just copy any new songs from one device to the other (or from your PC to both devices) then Poweramp's autoscan feature will pick them up on the new device and add them to the library.

Playlists (if you have generated them within the app) can be exported from one device and then imported to the other, and as long as the same song files exist (in the same folder structure) they should work.

Poweramp will most likely never be a video player, nor a Windows program, though.


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