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Allow user to specify if playlists should be made as Poweramp playlists or file playlists

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This applies to both, the stable and beta releases. 

First about my setup
I'm on a Lg-g4 h811
I'm running cm13 nightly (built on 02/18/2016) 
Selinux is set to permissive 
Im using viper4android as a priv-app
I have some xposed modules however none should effect Viper or Poweramp
My Poweramp release chanel is beta/alpha 
my Poweramp version is alpha-build-703-play

My request. 

Allow me to tell Poweramp to make file playlists, instead of Poweramp playlists. 

My reason. 

I share a Playlist between my volumio install, and my Poweramp on android, this way all my changes are mirrored, the only change I make is to the root of my music, via find and replace. 


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The ability to simply allow modifications made within Poweramp to file-based playlists to optionally be written back to the file would cover this one perfectly.

Need to be careful of mass deletions though (such as the ones being discussed elsewhere that are caused by Android updates altering the root path to SD Cards without the user's permission).


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