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Fully customizable gestures

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This applies to both, the stable and beta releases. 

First about my setup
I'm on a Lg-g4 h811
I'm running cm13 nightly (built on 02/18/2016) 
Selinux is set to permissive 
Im using viper4android as a priv-app
I have some xposed modules however none should effect Viper or Poweramp
My Poweramp release chanel is beta/alpha 
my Poweramp version is alpha-build-703-play

My request. 

Add fully customizable gestures like gonemad music player has. 
My issue with the gesture controls is i would like to the currently playing song to a Playlist or go to queue, using a up or down swipe 


Tl;dr: add fully customizable gesture controls. 

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YES!!! I join this!!! Please add gestures (and multitouch gestures) support! I use my smartphone as AUX-player in my car, and there is a BIG problem to fast change a current track playing position when I drive.

Please add FULLY customizable gestures! Any action MUST be able to be activated by gesture!!!

P.S. I have already asked for this feature many years ago (three times), but... I still hope.

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  • 3 years later...

Reviving a very old but still very valid request. Is there a plan to add custom gestures for PA? Specifically I was looking to have a double tap in the UI to show/hide the volume slider. Also desirable are the next/previous album or folder with swipe up/down gestures. I am sure many users would have there own requests for custom movements as well. @maxmp is this still in your planned features?

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Poweramp UI is based on actual “physical” item(s) manipulation, not just gestures. Meaning the gesture must have a feedback as a dragged/manipulated (in the real time) track or some item or other object. 

Overriding actions can’t be applied here, but different UI patterns may be used.

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4 minutes ago, andrewilley said:

I guess the object in these cases would be the album art itself. Left/right/up/down swipes actions could be chosen from  a Settings menu, plus tap/double-tap/long-press actions. 


Correct @andrewilley. Using the album art is what I was referring to. Currently only swipe left/right for track change has intent.

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3 hours ago, andrewilley said:

@maxmp Yes, those are the actions that I think people would like to be able to customise to their own ideas (along with tap/long-press/etc).


Long press is also used already, it replaces the track menu button especially if that is hidden. But a single tap and swipe down seem to do the same, so one of those can be repurposed.

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I would also need the gesture control function again. Why don't you integrate the function like in Poweramp 2. Simply up / down to the next list and back to the previous list. Then it would be perfect for me again and I could finally update from Poweramp 2 to 3 in my car. So the version is unfortunately hardly usable in the car, because it is not easy to switch from one album to the next while driving. And the function down is now the same as just pressing the cover. So both buttons up and down would be freely available.

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@ mp

Is there any way you can integrate this feature? You could make this function freely selectable. And everyone can choose what exactly should happen with up / down. Then I could switch from one list to the next and back again.

That woult be really great if you integrate this function.

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