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Found 8 results

  1. This applies to both, the stable and beta releases. First about my setup I'm on a Lg-g4 h811 I'm running cm13 nightly (built on 02/18/2016) Selinux is set to permissive Im using viper4android as a priv-app I have some xposed modules however none should effect Viper or Poweramp My Poweramp release chanel is beta/alpha my Poweramp version is alpha-build-703-play My request. Add fully customizable gestures like gonemad music player has. My issue with the gesture controls is i would like to the currently playing song to a Playlist or go to queue, using a up or
  2. Since swipe down on album cover will open library, it's reasonable to swipe up on miniplayer to return to main UI
  3. Hello i just started using test build 703 and switching between albums by swipe up/down gesture is noticeable less responsive than in v2 build and more often than not it doesn't work at all. When it does work it requires to swipe almost by entire screen while switching between tracks in a playlist works as effortlessly as it did. Is this intentional? And if so is there a possibility to add a setting to revert back to old method? I'm including attachment showing the issue. my device is lenovo moto g5 plus (sku: xt1685) running stock motorola 7.0 ROM Rec-1.mp4
  4. I would like an option to change the direction of the gestures to change songs/lists. For example I would prefer swiping down to go to the next album/folder instead of swiping up. This is more intuitive and similar to flipping through a file of vinyl records. Also swiping down is much easier to do while driving and the phone is mounted on my dash.
  5. I have a Oneplus and it's pretty big. I have a feature request which would take quite a bit of effort to pull off, but I think would be soooo cool to have. Well, I know that more and more phones are built with accelerometers and gyroscopes. I think it would be cool if, to change a track, you could tap twice the top of the phone, and to go backwards just tap twice the bottom of the phone. Other commands could be used based on number of taps and the placement. I have a wire with a track changer on it, but it's not as easy as what I'm describing since it takes a moment to get the controls in yo
  6. Hi Everyone! I would find it really useful if there was an easier way to delete tracks. I think the best way to do this that I could think about is to have a programable gesture linked to deleting, for example, have swipe up delete the track instead of playlist change (you could choose what swiping in any direction would do in the menu somewhere, but have changing tracks\lists the default) The reason for this is that I am a DJ and I sort through thousands of songs on the go and it would be nice to be able to delete tracks without entering the settings tab and confirming. Even better woul
  7. Hello, I have been using Poweramp for a few days and saw that there is an option to swipe up and down to change lists. What does this function do? And how do I use it? I have it on, but can only swipe left and right to change songs. I turned that option off, but it still won't work. I am running the Poweramp 2.0.5-build-488 trial ATT Samsung captivate CyanogenMod 7.1 Thanks in advance, ihavnoclue
  8. Hi, Can you (please) add a feature to add a song to the currently playing list (or the queue) by swiping on it (swipe left to play next, swipe right to play last) while browsing the library? Thanks!
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