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  1. @ mp Is there any way you can integrate this feature? You could make this function freely selectable. And everyone can choose what exactly should happen with up / down. Then I could switch from one list to the next and back again. That woult be really great if you integrate this function.
  2. Hello! Every time I start the app I get this error message "Detected problems with app native libraries" The message then disappears again, but I notice that the album covers are not downloaded and maybe that has something to do with it? i use Poweramp build-588
  3. I would also need the gesture control function again. Why don't you integrate the function like in Poweramp 2. Simply up / down to the next list and back to the previous list. Then it would be perfect for me again and I could finally update from Poweramp 2 to 3 in my car. So the version is unfortunately hardly usable in the car, because it is not easy to switch from one album to the next while driving. And the function down is now the same as just pressing the cover. So both buttons up and down would be freely available.
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