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Inconsistent album Play / Enqueue behaviour.

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Inconsistent album Play / Enqueue behaviour.
To Reproduce:
Open app and clear queue.
Enqueue an album to queue by long-press in the Library-Albums screen. (album1)
Play another album by long-press in Library-Albums screen. (album2)
Advance to next track.
I expected it would play every track from album2.
Instead it will play album2-t1 then advance to album1-t1 and continue playing the queue:
If this is the designed behaviour, I find it confusing and distracting.  It is worse when I launch the app, play an album and I find that after the first track I am suddenly listening to a playlist from the day before.
I am enjoying the app for many other aspects, but this is very distracting.
Thanks for your help.


2.0.10-build580-play on Android 5.0.2 on Motorola Moto G

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There are three options for enqueueing songs, found in Settings > Folders and Library > Queue:

1) Play immediately (the currently playing track will be abandoned, and the item/s you have enqueued will start playing immediately)

2) After current Song (queued item/s will start playing only after the current song has finished). This is the mode you are referring to.

3) After current List (queued item/s will start playing only after the whole of the current list has finished. This could be a whole album, a folder, an artist, etc depending on what playback mode you are currently using). I think this is the mode you want.


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