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Write song rating in it's file and Repeat X times


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Not many people have this view when you open up the player and go to All Songs I guess.



I relay much on song's rating and why Poweramp has it's own way how rating works? I mean it does not rating from the music file itself. If I set rating on my PC then in Poweramp it doesn't show up. Why is that?


The biggest trouble I had was when I switched phones. I have all my songs on my SD card and pretty much took it out from old one and put it to new and installed Poweramp. Guess what? Song ratings were gone. Then I ended up looking for Poweramp folder with Root Browser on old phone and copying the app files from old phone to new one to get ratings and album art. It worked. Then I had trouble updating and it rewrote that whatever file hold that info. I lost every rating I had on songs. So had to cycle through all my songs ~2000 all the way over. 


Why is it working like that? There should be some kind of option to back up that whatever file that contains that information if it can't work in other way so it can actually write rating to the file itself so Windows or whatever thing you use to listen music can recognize that it has X star's rating.



And also what about Repeat X Times option? So you can chose to repeat song, for example 2 times in a row and then move on.

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I have also lost my ratings before. There should be a way to backup, export, and import ratings and/or move the ratings to the ID3 tags in a batch process. This would help those off us who are moving to newer non-rootable devices like the Samsung Verizon S5. I too have over 2,000 meticulously cataloged rated and equalized songs on my 3 year old Droid that I need to migrate to my S5!  Help!!!!!!!!!


When will you have a way to support the us Samsung S5 users? This would appear to be a very important and growing user segment. Please advise with a date if anyway possible.

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