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  1. Andre, Thank you for that! Will do and let you know how Poweramp handles the SD Card upgrade. UPDATE: Thanks Andre - the following step by step worked incredibly well. Whew - what a relief!!!!! 1- Before moving to new SDCARD, a. As a precaution I exported all playlists using PA 3.0 and I also exported all settings, verifying that I had the output files as a backup in case my database got wiped out. b. Using Playlist Manager exported all Poweramp ratings, verifying that I had the output file. 2- Copied old 128GB SDCARD to new 512GB SDCARD and installed the new 512GB SDCARD a. In /SETTINGS/LIBRARY/PLAYLIST I selected the option "RESOLVE PLAYLIST ENTRIES" b. In /SETTINGS/LIBRARY/PLAYLIST I selected the option "FULL RESCAN" All playlist and settings were preserved with the exception of my 1-5 star RATINGS. 3- Using Playlist Manager IMPORTED all Poweramp ratings, which quickly restored 1,000s of songs I had rated with 1 to 5 stars!!!!!
  2. #flyingdutchman and #maxmp; thank you for your responses. Will try and post results here. One question comes up - in version 2.xx the ratings were maintained as 1-5 stars. v3.xx seems to maintain THUMBS UP/DOWN but not the STARS. Is that correct or is there a setting that would show the prior STAR based ratings?
  3. Haven't been on this forum since I last migrated my Poweramp v2 with 10,000 songs, ratings, and playlists to a new phone 3 years ago which took an enormous amount of time and was very frustrating. I recall using playlist manager to get my playlists moved. Going to v3 I lost all of my 1-5 star ratings which were somehow reduced to FAVORITES or not, not exactly what I had hoped for but I have adjusted. Hoping that v3 migrates far easier and that there are ways to preserve all of the tagging I have done. 1- Can anyone provide any updated info or a LINK on the easiest way to move from one phone to another? (Most of my songs are on a micro SD which I would like to either move to the new phone or copy to another SD Card and install) 2- Can anyone tell me if the FAVORITE info is maintained in the ID3 tags or is it hidden away only in a Poweramp proprietary database as before?
  4. On my new Chevy Volt I am blown away by Android Auto with the exception of Google Play Music and would love to see Poweramp Pro supported under Android Auto. Andoid Auto teamed up with Poweramp Pro - as good as it gets. You can expect a huge uptick in Android Auto users. It's the only way to fly except that Poweramp Pro users are stuck unable to use the best music player in the industry and it is a cluster f*&k switching between Chevy's Mylink and Android Auto interfaces.
  5. Theolink, I stuck with my S5 galaxy for fear of having to re-create all my Poweramp playlists and ratings. Your app frees my to switch phones. I will be moving from my S5 to a new S7 now that I can reliably migrate my ratings and playlist to a new phone and I will use your app to do all of the above and post my experience back to this forum. Thanks again for your great app! So glad I did not re-scan but instead waited. Your app came along in the nick of time so that I was able to export my ratings before rescanning.
  6. Theolink is GENIUS!!! Problem solved. Here is what I ended up doing: FINAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR WHAT I DID TO FIX PHONE which I can also use when I move to an S7 soon Exported all playlist from Poweramp Used Playlist manager to export ratings Used DOS (CMD.EXE) to RENAME all *.M3U8 to *.txt Used FAR.exe, (FAR-2.0.1-win) a nice little utility, to replace path to music which only works with .TXTs which is why I temporarily renamed *.M3U8 to *.TXT changing path from /storage/extSdCard/ to /storage/3337-3137/ Far.exe fixed 300 playlists in 10 seconds Used DOS (CMD.EXE) to RENAME *.TXT back to *.M3U8 Deleted all old PLAYLISTS in Poweramp In Poweramp>Library, checked folders to scan including the folder where the newly modified PLAYLIST are located. Created a folder on my phone called Playlist_822. This folder needs to be checked in Poweramp Library Used Poweramp to Rescan all music Used Poweramp to import M3U8 file-based playlist Used Playlist Manager to IMPORT ratings back to songs!!!!
  7. I will let you know how this does and report back. Very exciting to hear as I have purposely not re-scanned my music hoping that by leaving the PA Database intact someone would have an answer. I am your perfect test case!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. In regards to the sdcard getting renamed in Marshmallow update the following link: https://talk.sonymobile.com/t5/Xperia-Z4-Tablet/Third-party-apps-can-t-find-SD-card-after-Marshmallow-update-on/m-p/1105433#M1609 states: Re: Third party apps can't find SD card after Marshmallow update on Z4 tablet ‎2016-03-17 02:16 PM As JonC says, in Android 6.0, the path has been changed to /storage/xxxxxxxx, where xxxxxxxx is the serial number of the SD card. Third-party app developers should always use APIs provided by Google to access the external storage. ****************************** On the XDA Developers forum at http://forum.xda-developers.com/s7-edge/help/how-to-rename-external-sd-card-t3358234 there is apparently no way to create a symbolic link or added mount point that used the old sdcard name for Samsung which was another way I thought I might be able to salvage all my work. I was really hoping that after a month and a half that Max might have developed a plug-in tool that would address this problem and it is so flipping annoying that there has been no response from him.
  9. Mine is setup as are 95% of 6.0.1 as external storage which is consistent with add-on SDCARDS. To setup the SDCARD as an extension of the internal storage is flat out not recommended by most at this time. As external storage they will always have a number such as mine so nothing unusual about my 6.0.1 SDCARD naming. Still hoping to identify a way forward here. Best might be if PA 3.X imported ratings imparted by Theolink's playlist manager. Another way would be a Misc tool called "my SDCARD has been renamed" which prompt user for <PRIOR SDCARDNAME> as well as <NEW SDCARDNAME> which would then allow PA's database to SEARCH AND REPLACE old SDCARD REFERENCES with new SDCARD REFERENCES. I just prey for a solution!
  10. Very interested in this resolution as I am the one whose S5 phone automatically updated from 5.1 to 6.0.1. I had my SDCARD removed for the update thinking I might safeguard my songs. After the update I reinserted my SDCARD and none of my 8,000 songs were able to be found owing to the new naming convention that 6.0.1 uses for the SDCARD. What I got instead was a "FOLDER IS MISSING" - TRY FULL RESCAN?" I am holding off on doing a rescan which I suspect will wipe out all my ratings, EQ pre-sets, and playlists. Did you do a full re-scan and if so were your ratings etc.lost? Hoping to find a way forward with this app that does not involve days of reconstructive work.
  11. In my case I had a Samsung S5(Verizon) that advised it was going to install update from Lollipop 5.1 to Marshmallow 6.0.1. I removed my SDCARD containing 8000 songs during the upgrade as I had seen done by some users during previous upgrades with success. Meanwhile the folder containing my songs was located in a directory /storage/extSdCard/my_music in Lollipop 5.1 and my database thinks they are still there (see screenshot) but Marshmallow has renamed the SDCARD to /storage/3337-3137/my_music so the app is saying that the folder is missing when it should be smart enough to follow the new naming convention for the SDCARD used by Marshmallow. If you have other devices that upgraded to 6.0.1 were their songs located on the SDCARD and was the app designed to handle that change in the naming of the SDCARD? I did not want to do the re-scan and risk wiping out my database as I am not rooted and have no backup. What do you suggest?
  12. Andrew - at least you appear to care. Thanks for reaching out. Whether there is one developer or many, I have to imagine this is the single biggest unaddressed bug threatening this application. The forum is full of people needing a way to migrate their work from one phone to another or from one OS version to the next. If I were advising I would have Max place his full focus on this bug versus any other development objectives currently underway. If he fixes this he's got an app that is otherwise excellent - unfortunately without it many of us have reached our boiling point and are not going to waste our time any further, and we are mad enough to raise an outcry. It truly seems that the developer is unwilling to fix this major flaw after years of requests. MAX ARE YOU LISTENING and do you care?????
  13. Poweramp is an app where all of one's data and hard work will be lost in every switch to a new phone or the more insidous case where Android pushes out an update and all the data is lost - when one least expects it and MaxXP and the developers arrogantly seem to want to make excuses as to why a solution cannot be provided rather than to address this MAJOR BUG and instead places his development efforts on everything BUT securing your data. Improvements such as little UI mods are worthless if one's data is lost repeatedly. I have suggested several no brainer ideas in this thread. If I was Max I would get someone who understands like Theolink to help. Concluding that this app is fatally flawed if it loses it's data randomly and without notice after a user spends days to fix only to get hosed again. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on ME!
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