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  1. There's a bug when manually seeking. I tap on the seek bar, it goes where I tapped but doesn't seek and then moves back to where it was before
  2. The entire Sony Xperia Z5 lineup has it, from 5.1 - 6.0 in the list there's just the Z5 premium
  3. At least I know about it now, thanks.
  4. I for example keep a pretty large collection of my FLAC's on my SD card. They are not 250mb a piece but around 40 to 80mb a piece. I don't know, unless you have a 2000€ portable android music player and a speaker setup costing more than 6 months in some rental apartment in city center then you probably don't hear the difference. Also not only your setup has to be good, your ears should differentiate it as well. I tried neutron after seeing this post and I must say it's 9/10 functionality and -1/10 out of looks. It looks like crap. Like really. But it had a lot of options, options that I
  5. I voted for Material design but honestly I wish those song ratings could save permanently inside the song once and for all. After upgrading to Android 6.0 I lost them again. Wouldn't be a problem but having 3100+ songs it's gonna be one long process once again.
  6. Installed it and I like it. I hope someone sometime makes visualization that's like those made in After Effects you see on Youtube videos.
  7. But let's say I change ROM every once in a while on my one device and re download it. Can I do that only certain amount of times as well?
  8. Hello I recently upgraded my ROM and some directory names changed and when I backed up the Poweramp's folder in /data/ on my old ROM and pasted it to my new ROM, every setting and thing was there, good. But there's one thing. I had to do full rescan which removed all my song's ratings which I rely on and I tried to edit the file in notepad where all that directory info and stuff is in but notepad only show me some readable text and is not working. My songs are not in /extsdcard/MusicFolder/ anymore but now /sdcard1/MusicFolder How can I change the directory inside that file so I get my ratin
  9. Latest version that I got on 16:06. After updating everything is ****** up now, song orders while browsing and so on. All ratings gone, no way to get them back? Never gonna update again. Totally disappointed because of that screwing up my entire music library on my phone and listen-thru all 2300 songs once again
  10. Hello. Not many people have this view when you open up the player and go to All Songs I guess. I relay much on song's rating and why Poweramp has it's own way how rating works? I mean it does not rating from the music file itself. If I set rating on my PC then in Poweramp it doesn't show up. Why is that? The biggest trouble I had was when I switched phones. I have all my songs on my SD card and pretty much took it out from old one and put it to new and installed Poweramp. Guess what? Song ratings were gone. Then I ended up looking for Poweramp folder with Root Browser on old phone and c
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