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Hello I have been using Poweramp music player on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (GT-N7100) for over a year now. Started with trial versions, then finally bought it as it was way better than my stock player, it was perfect B) . I was using android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean then.

Recently I've received an update for my Note 2, from 4.1.2 to 4.3 JB and the stock music player was also updated. So, I tried to compare the stock player with Poweramp and surprisingly now the stock player has more punch in sound quality than my Poweramp, I tried over different tests and seems that stock player really got better :blink: .

Those who want to try this, try using "Rock" equalizer preset on both players, normal tone settings, bass/treble normal; as stock player don't have these options. Now, try with different songs and see the difference.


So, how can I make Poweramp to the same level as the stock player now?..in terms of the punch of sound from the stock player.  :mellow:


Thanks :)

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Poweramp decoders quality is the same as for stock recent players (for lossy formats, for lossless it should be bit-to-bit the same by definition). Poweramp, though, has much more optional DSP parameters, which can make sound better (subjectively) or worse, so you can start with some flat presets + bass/tone controls and go from there. You can get sound you won't be able to get from stock players or players using stock decoders.

Some 4.2+ Android ROMs has about +3db attenuation in their decoding for some reason. This can be matched with Poweramp preamp moved a bit up.


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