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  1. Why is it when ever i use the music search for songs that i know are in my library i get nathan ? [nothing]
  2. Every so often the yahoo notification sounds will appear in my library by no action of mine other than being used.
  3. Hello. Is it Poweramp or my tablet that tries to correct my spelling when filling out ID tags. Poweramp ? If so how do I disable it?
  4. It turned out to be the launcher . Why it didn't dawn on me from the get go is a mystery . Funny thing is it was oposite of what you suggested even funnier is I had used this launcher for almost a year with no issues. Thank you so much for your time. Rudy
  5. Hi, I tried both . For a short time the old one remained in place. (Less than a week)
  6. Why is it my Poweramp icon disappears from my home page in my galaxy note 10+ when I power off ? Thanks, Rudy E.
  7. Is it possible Poweramp player can filter out duplicates ?
  8. I just registered Poweramp, Now I can't use bluetooth with the app at all. Did everything I know to get it to work . No dice. This is a first for me . I never even heard of such a thing. All my other apps play fine using bluetooth.
  9. Wasn't aware of that many builds thanks. I was thinking more of the looks and none of the skins are doing it for me.
  10. when is Poweramp going to come out with upgrade or at least a new look ?
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