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"Fatigued" Bass and Mids Frequencies Oppo A74 5G


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I have a problem with my device.

I mostly use Bluetooth devices with AAC codec,

I've been trying to get a good output sound with my Soundcore Life Dot 2 and Life Q30


but the bass and mids really feel "fatigued", almost dirty and not clear, other apps (Neutron, Onkyo..) don't seem to have the same problem, they output a good and clean sound.


I've tried reaching out via e-mail more than twice but the answers I got did not actually help.


My device is an Oppo A74 5G, my settings are SoX Resampler with the Shibata Dithering option, tried switching between AudioTrack and OpenSL but the situation does not seem to get better.

Also tried turning DVC off.



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