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  1. Runs smoothly on my Oppo Find 7A now (might be too on other affected Oppo devices). Finally I can install v3 again, thanks again and great job @maxmp!
  2. Great news! v810 finally runs smoothly on my Oppo! I haven't tested again since v806 since I didn't see any specific bugfixes for the Oppo but was just hoping for the best when v810 came out. Thank you and great job @maxmp!
  3. I tried disabling all gestures but still no luck.
  4. Is there anything we can do to help you analyze the bug? Maybe a special build to capture this bug or something?
  5. Unfortunately no, still the same problem.. both 798 and 799.
  6. For me, the bug started from v792. Using stock ColorOS.
  7. Still no luck with version rc-797 build. Any chance getting this crash fixed on next version, @maxmp?
  8. @maxmp Still can't open app in version 795. Here's the log attached. logcat_and_device_info.zip
  9. @maxmp I still can't open Poweramp (Bug in this thread) with new version. I've already sent the log using CatLog via e-mail. Let me know if I should post the log in that thread incase your inbox is swamped
  10. I noticed another Oppo phone user (using Oppo F1) having crashes too when opening the app, so looks like this problem affecting mostly Oppo users. Any logs that we should provide for more analysis, Max?
  11. Same problem with me, using Oppo Find 7a.. previous versions worked fine including 790 and 709.
  12. 1. Oppo Find 7a (X9006) 2. ColorOS v2.1.5i 3. It has almost identical hardware as OnePlus One (as JimJamz mentioned above)
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