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Volume limiter


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Hi @ all,


I've used the search function, but it seems nobody requested it before ;) .


I'd like to control the maximum volume available for the music playback and the volume buttons on the phone, with varying levels for each interface (BT, headphone Jack).


I don't want to kill my eardrums, because the Headphones I use with the BT headset (UE Superfi 5 Pro) have a very high efficiency and the lowest volume of Android, as well as the volume increment, are much to high... The other problem, which I guess everybody knows, is the volume buttons going off while the phone is in your pocket. The headphones (Sony MDR-7506) I use with the headphone jack don't have the problem.


I hope this is possible and since you guys helped me so much before  :D, I'm hoping my luck hasn't run out.





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Nobody? Can anybody recommend me an app, which can do the job?


EDIT: As an alternative, I could lower the "recording" volume of all the Mp3's I use with Poweramp, so a damaging level would no longer be possible. Are there any limitations how low I can set the volume (e.g. MP3Gain) without damaging the playback quality in Poweramp? I'm using a different set of encoding for my home media, so these files will be just used with mobile devices.

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If anybody is interested, (after a ton of research) there's an app (from the dozens who promise to do the deed) which solves the problem I described:

Volume Locker can effectively limit the maximum level for each volume "type" (ring, notification, media). In cooperation with an app like SettingProfiles (or Locale), it introduces the option to control different scenarios.

Regards ;)

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You could also use an alternative kernel which allows control of the output amp gain, but that's kinda device specific. I use one on my Galaxy S3, as the default setting introduces hiss in the output stages which you can clearly hear when listening in the quiet of the night (it reduces to inaudible by setting the gain to around 40 instead of the max 64, although I need to turn it back up for outdoor use).


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Thank you for your answer Andre,


but right now Volume Locker suits my needs:


-I can change the media volume while the phone is unlocked

-It is immediately reset when changed while the phone is locked

-VL does not interfere with Setting Profiles


I can counteract problem with the minimum volume via lowering the replay gain with MP3 Gain.


However, this situation will change when I'll switch to my original FLAC files (which won't happen until the generally include USB 3.0 sync ports). The FLAC files have been analyzed by Winamp, ID3 Tags added are:







This mitigates any volume changes based on the different recording volumes , while not killing the range. This works like a charm in Winamp on the Desktop.


Poweramp includes the exact same menu as Winamp, but it doesn't seem to recognize the tags. What is the error here?

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