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  1. Hello Andre, thank you for your answer. I've tried these options already, but they don't allow the scenario which I would prefer. The problem that I have with the repeat/rating/shuffle option, is that it either shows everything or nothing. Since I'm rating my music, I would really like to only display the rating stars. The repeat/shuffle buttons are not used by me and just serve for accidentally hits. It would be really great to be able to select which buttons are displayed or not. I agree with you on the battery/clock request . I will just display the status bar instead. It would have
  2. Hi @ all, would it be possible to include an option to further customize the lockscreen and notification (like the widget menu)? I checked the search function, didn't get any hits. Since I've begun to rate my music via Poweramp (and porting it into the files when home) while commuting, I would really appreciate to modify the lockscreen and/or notification screen. Especially the lockscreen would be awesome. Some ideas: - hide randomize/loop buttons (I totally don't need these and often press them accidentally) - hide player buttons (gestures work really well, would just need a tap for p
  3. Thank you for your answer Andre, but right now Volume Locker suits my needs: -I can change the media volume while the phone is unlocked -It is immediately reset when changed while the phone is locked -VL does not interfere with Setting Profiles I can counteract problem with the minimum volume via lowering the replay gain with MP3 Gain. However, this situation will change when I'll switch to my original FLAC files (which won't happen until the generally include USB 3.0 sync ports). The FLAC files have been analyzed by Winamp, ID3 Tags added are: -REPLAYGAIN_TRACK_GAIN -REPLAYGAIN_TRAC
  4. If anybody is interested, (after a ton of research) there's an app (from the dozens who promise to do the deed) which solves the problem I described: Volume Locker can effectively limit the maximum level for each volume "type" (ring, notification, media). In cooperation with an app like SettingProfiles (or Locale), it introduces the option to control different scenarios. Regards
  5. Nobody? Can anybody recommend me an app, which can do the job? EDIT: As an alternative, I could lower the "recording" volume of all the Mp3's I use with Poweramp, so a damaging level would no longer be possible. Are there any limitations how low I can set the volume (e.g. MP3Gain) without damaging the playback quality in Poweramp? I'm using a different set of encoding for my home media, so these files will be just used with mobile devices.
  6. Hi @ all, I've used the search function, but it seems nobody requested it before . I'd like to control the maximum volume available for the music playback and the volume buttons on the phone, with varying levels for each interface (BT, headphone Jack). I don't want to kill my eardrums, because the Headphones I use with the BT headset (UE Superfi 5 Pro) have a very high efficiency and the lowest volume of Android, as well as the volume increment, are much to high... The other problem, which I guess everybody knows, is the volume buttons going off while the phone is in your pocket. The he
  7. Hi Maxmp, thank you very much for the support. Do you need any more details from me? I tried to PM you, got an error: "The member maxmp cannot receive any new messages"??
  8. Thank you for the reply. I didn't find a option for file uploading or an email adress, so I uped to Depositfiles. The file is named mounts, mount was not to be found. http://dfiles.eu/files/ken5umexs
  9. Hi guys, I recently bought the Sony Xperia Tablet S (16GB 3G) and did the very smart move to update it to the Firmware 6b... The plan is to store the music on the cheap (sort of, at least) 64GB SD card. ES file manager recognizes it and all music files are accessible. But Poweramp doesn't find the SD card. I only get a warning message in the music folder selection: Some storage is not mounted (which it is). The problem seems to be, that Poweramp only sees the internal storage (sdcard1) and not the external (sdcard2). Is this solvable from the app end? I (and many other Xperia Tablet S owner
  10. Hey guys, could you implement a feature, which allows the user to create a shortcut to an options selection. In my case, i would use it to de-/activate the headset buttons. Sometimes they get pressed accidentally, which can be annoying. Thank you very much .
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