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Android Auto Maps is not announcing directions when power amp is on

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Utterly dissatisfied with this app while using it in the car. Despite being one of the best music players I've used for over eight years, when connected to Android Auto in my car, it fails to announce routes on maps. This issue is absent in other music players like Amazon Music and YouTube Music. It poses significant problems during travel as I cannot check the Android Auto screen. Even when Poweramp is not running or its service is stopped, Android Auto maps remain silent, only working after uninstalling Poweramp

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I assume you mean you are playing music using Poweramp on a phone (what type, Android version, etc?) to a connected Android Auto interface on your car's headunit? Is it a USB cabled connection (which often uses Bluetooth for audio) or fully wireless? What output method are you using in the PA Settings=>Audio=>Output page?

PA can also be configured to allow interruptions or not, via its Settings=>Audio=>Audio Focus page, try changing the Short and Permanent Audio Focus settings. Also see if it works better with Duck Volume enabled or not.


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