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  1. @6b6561 Poweramp is fine now, just needed a bit of a buffer boost. I do have a lot running on my phone as a lot is synced between my phone and my PC/devices as well as Plex, but raising the buffer worked. Yeah, data loss can be devastating. I have loads of work and design resources, I have them backed up in multiple places, just in case. I image my system and my phone twice a month (both done automatically with Acronis True Image.) It's actually cool to know there are other music enthusiasts here, obvious I know, but as well as other tech knowledgeable people who actually backup. The amount of people I know who don't is staggering and makes me cringe when they say, No mate, don't back up anything. I'm like, are you nuts?
  2. @andrewilley Haha, no, no competition. Poweramp is working much better so thanks. I'm ex Microsoft so backing things up is kind of ingrained in me. Also use NAS here too, and cloud backup. I don't mind the Lockdowns, but here it seems no one cares about the rules, so infection rates are high. But it looks like things are getting worse. Hope you're managing OK in Tier 2 and that it gets better in your area. It's a weird time. Stay safe and thanks again.
  3. @MotleyG Haha, nice. I've only just started copying things over. Collected CDs since the 80s and I've been digitizing them all. Still many to go. Copying some over now and hoping to hit the 10K mark in about 30 mins. Nice too see I'm not alone with my music obsession and that Poweramp can handle a massive catalog and as where I live (Merseyside, UK) has been put on the highest lockdown, so I'm going to have plenty of time to convert the rest of my collection. @andrewilley Since I upped the buffer, it's been perfect, so thanks a lot for that! Still might try the 'Migrate to Android 10' option. Hope it doesn't do any damage. Going to back up the SD Card anyway (I back it up every month, backups are important!) but hopefully it will make Poweramp more compatible with Android 10. Thanks a lot for your replies. Mike.
  4. @andrewilley Thanks for a quick response. I have a Samsung Pro 1TB SD, boasts 100mb/s for both read and write, and it is fast. Copying files to it via AirDriod over Wifi is super fast. Most albums are copied in seconds. But I can give it a format if the other things you mentioned don't work. OK, so I increased the buffer to 'huge' on my wired and Bluetooth options and will see how this works (though as I'm typing, it's cutting out less, so that's good). Also, the Storage options are as follows (Screenshot) ; I didn't see the 'Migrate Data to Android 10' option before (probably as I tend not to poke around tooo much.) Would it be worth converting? I do always backup my settings before any changes, but with some, they can be permanent. This looks like a permanent setting. Thanks again. Mike.
  5. Hi, I'm using Poweramp v3 build 882 arm64 [992004-437be3ab] 64 bit. Android 10, LG G7+ ThinQ 6gb Ram. 256gb Internal (194gb remaining) and a 1tb sdCard (841gb remaining) I just have a quick couple of questions. Is there a file limit on how many songs/folders can be added to Poweramp? I have recently spent months adding my CD collection to my PC and converting them to .mp3 and flac for some, as during a pandemic, we seem to have a lot of time to kill. So I decided to add the converted music to my phone too. So far there are 465 music folders and 8897 songs. My problem is that with adding so many, the app seems to use more ram, and a lot of the time songs cut out for a second or two. So the question is, can the playback cache (or other setting) be raised/changed or is there a way to have seamless playback with a large number of files without them cutting out? This happens both on a wired set of headphones and bluetooth. Anyway, thanks and I've used Poweramp for many, many years and I love it, so thanks for a wonderful app. M
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