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Eliminate Swipe Right to Exit App


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Hi There -

Professional UX Designer for Android apps here...

I KNOW that Android says that the right swipe is to go to the 'top of the stack' and NOT a back action... And all the Android docs say that right swipe when at the top of the stack means to exit the app...


For users it has become the defacto 'back button' on most applications. (I have tons of user testing data I can show you if you don't believe me).

So it's EXTREMELY frustrating when I reach the 'top of the stack' and accidentally exit.

Can you pretty please eliminate the right swipe to exit function?

K thanx bye!


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YES... I was so bummed when Android removed the physical buttons in order to make things more like iOS.

And keeping up with Google'S annual flavor updates of Material Design is MADDENING... SMALLER DEVELOPERS CANNOT KEEP UP WITH THESE CHANGES!

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