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Found 5 results

  1. While i'm driving a car im using mojietu roidmi 3s to play songs in my car (it doesn't have a mic). When someone is calling to me while i'm listening songs i have to switch phone call to the loud mode (idk what's the name of that in english) and the song keeps playing but not from the car speakers but from the main speaker from my phone, from where i should hear the other person who is calling me right now. I checked and tested every single Poweramp setting about phone calls but none of this works. To normally answer the phone i have to pause the song first then call back to that person, it starts to annoy me.
  2. Album art is not displayed when connecting to the car via Bluetooth. My car is kia sorento hybrid 2021. Please tell me how to set it up.
  3. I drive a 2015 Corolla, and with my previous android phone, I had control of Poweramp via the steering wheel, skip track, scrub, etc. However, since I switched to an S22, these controls no longer work. Is this a known issue? Is there a setting I forgot to change? I'm connected by Bluetooth. Thanks
  4. Hi, I am running an android (OREO 8.0) car head unit with Poweramp installed for my music needs. Unfortunately the steering wheel controls no longer work after updating the app on the head unit however they did work before the update. I updated it from a much older build (I know as the new build has a new layout) and it is now running PA build 797. Its a bit annoying as this is the reason why I purchased PA. Is there any advise or workaround to get this working again? Let me know if I can provide you with anything to assist troubleshooting the issue. I have performed an uninstall of the app and a reinstall which had no effect. Cheers.
  5. Hi, Started using the Poweramp trial. I'm looking to purchase if these two items can be addressed/resolved: 1) When using Bluetooth in my car, the heads up display shows the song title, the file name and the length of the song. Can this be changed to show song name, artist and album instead? 2) The now playing list does not show all songs in queue (Stops at a set number) and does not adjust as it moves down the list. Any ideas? Thank you!
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