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  1. @Someguyonline my monitoring permissions is also disabled but not work on my oppo F11 mobile. 😢
  2. @Someguyonline @Someguyonline @Someguyonlineits already disable brother
  3. Its so necessary so that we can edit artists name, album name and lyrics etc. Please update this one!
  4. Make it possible @andrewilley, it sad for premium user 😥
  5. Hi, I am very happy today because I buy Poweramp's today but I am missing something in this that is "Equalizer for other apps" Yes, is there anybody know that how can I use Poweramp's equalizer for other apps? If that's impossible than we (Lover of Poweramp's) are missing this function in this Buy version. 😥😭 I requested to all team Poweramp's that please make this Possible 😭 We are Waiting for this one 😭😢...
  6. I buy Poweramp today, is there any setting that I can enjoy bass on other apps like YouTube, daily motion.... Is there any way?
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