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several artists have a lot of albums, especially live shows, and it would be it would be nice to have a rating at album level.

For example, the "Dave Matthews Band" produced more than 60 "Live Trax" albums, plus other live collections ("Warehouse" ...),

for me it's impossible to remember the ones I prefer, without the possibility to assign them a rating.

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It has been discussed that it might be possible to show a rating for an album based on a sample or an average of the songs it contains, in much the same way as the concept of an album 'year' exists based solely on the data from one of its associated files (which can get confusing if that data is not consistent of course).

Remember though that an 'album' (or an 'artist') doesn't really exist as a physical entity, not in the same way that files or folders do for example. Like all of the tag-generated concepts, 'album' is just a sort of notional construct built up during scanning because several songs have the same embedded tags to link them together. 

And if 'Albums' could display ratings, why not do the same for other implied categories such as Artists, Genres, Years, Composers, etc.


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On 3/31/2023 at 6:03 PM, flyingdutchman said:

@6b6561 i have provided the "rate album" functionality in my app Music Playlist Manager. It updates all tracks of that album with whatever rating you select

Separated ratings are way better, a good album doesn't automatically means that all it's tracks are good the same


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IMHO album rating should be separated from track rating. A album rating shouldn't affect the "Favorite track" list and the same thing the other way around. It should be possible to bring up a list of favorite tracks or favorite albums without one affecting the other.

Up to now I haven't bothered with ratings, so far I have tucked away my favorite tracks in a playlist and been grumpy over not having a good way of favorite marking albums and launching them.

@flyingdutchman thanks, I have never thought about using your Playlist Managed for this purpose, even as I use it daily as an album launcher "Shuffle by Album". Now I have a way to favorite mark albums and an easy way to find them!

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